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<nettime> FWD: Unholy alliance: IPR and Christian conservatives

>From the NCUC list, NCUC being the Noncommercial Users Constituency
(of ICANN) list. Devout Christians have developed such a reputation
for being mobilizable that we can surely expect them to be used as
fodder for all manner of creepy agendas. The only limit is whether
some connected cynic can find a way to cathect his or her agenda with
a Christian political staple (e.g., "life," "children," etc.); and,
I suspect the connection machine that is the US electoral process,
will sideline that limit.

With a little luck, they'll start to develop "mobilization fatigue"
and lapse back into a more traditional quietism.


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Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 08:30:22 -0500
From: Milton Mueller <mueller@SYR.EDU>
Subject: [NCUC-DISCUSS] Unholy alliance: IPR and Christian conservatives

Note the spurious link between P2P file sharing and child porn that is asserted
here. If anyone doubts there is a link between free expression and copyright
issues, check this out

>>> <actionalert@cc.org> 3/30/2005 2:41:26 AM >>>
President Roberta Combs                        Tuesday March 29, 2005
Christian Coalition on Side of Hollywood in Today's
Supreme Court case (M.G.M vs. Grokster)

Christian Coalition Seeks Reduction in Distribution
of Child Pornography and Other Obscenity on the Internet

Washington D.C. -- Christian Coalition of America is part of the coalition 
-- including many entertainment companies in Hollywood -- participaating 
in a "peer-to-peer" (computer to computer) file sharing case ("M.G.M. vs. 
Grokster") argued at the Supreme Court today.  The reason for Christian 
Coalition's involvement in this partnership is to stop the proliferation 
of child pornography and other forms of obscenity being distributed by 
file-sharing companies such as Grokster.  On the other hand, the 
entertainment companies are trying to stop the massive stealing of 
copywrited material on the Internet. Both of these problems cause great 
damage to the morals and principles for which America stands.


Christian Coalition of America President, Roberta Combs said, "Christian 
Coalition will support any effort * even by Hollywood * if that effort 
results in eliminating child pornography and other types of pornography 
that are on the Internet today.  We hope the Supreme Court rules for 
morality in America and against these file-sharing companies which 
contribute to the smut flooding America today."

The Christian Coalition of America is America's largest Christian 
grassroots organization with more than 2 million supporters. The 
organization's website may be referenced at: http://www.cc.org

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