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<nettime> Open Secret - Datamining the NSA

Hello Listen(er)!

After the so called NSA-Hack, which was in fact investigative journalism 
supported by text and data mining, quintessenz presents the next step:

An evolution to an art project in cooperation with David Bovill (artist in 
residance at the MQ Vienna) which will be launched on April 1st at the 
Electric Avenue, MQ Vienna, 19:00.

*PIS - Public Intelligence Service*
Out of the fire of corruption, greed and intrigue we bring forth a panacea, a 
balm for our future generations. No longer need anyone feel helpless in the 
face of power or corruption on a massive scale, we have created a first 
generation remedy. A social machine for the resistance of disinformation and 
the creation of positive projects. Sustainably financed in order to avoid the 
possibility of external corruption, the Public Intelligence Service has been 
set up to monitor those that watch - us.

*PI - The Source*
Our services aim to be pragmatic, simple and effective. Our first suite of 
products are based on the archive currently being researched by the 
quintessenz "Datamining the NSA" (1) project. We have taken this archive and 
created out of it a number of products, the first of which are launched today. 
Future projects aim to take similarly disfunctional media debates, processing 
these with the aim of deriving constructive social outcomes.

*PM - Public Media Machine*
Building on the research and analysis of the datamining tools used by 
companies and intelligence services worldwide, we have started an open 
source project to create the world's most advanced distributed media machine. 
The purpose of this publically owned shared computational resource is to 
connect securely and efficiently news sources with factual information and 
opinion leaders such as journalists, politicians and strategically selected 
online resources. This high-tech project is to be built following the same 
principles and success of Wikipedia - gathering intelligence sources from 
open sources and using software and social filtering to establish the highest 
levels of quality control available. * We wish to thank the Los Alamos 
Research Centre for their technical support for this project - check open 
source project and name of org *. PIS aims to finance this project through 
the worlwide sucess of its first commercial product - PI (secret water).

*Pi - Secret Water*
PI is both a fragrence and a homeopathic remedy for stupidity and corruption 
of all kinds. Working with artists in Vienna, we have created a machine, a 
unique purification system to first distill and then detoxify (render 
harmless) all forms of secrets - official, commercial and personal. Bottled 
and manufactured at the MQ in Vienna, and using the latest and most advanced 
open source technology, we have developed the worlds first working prototype 
for homeopathic knowledge transfer.

We have taken 10,000 emails and 2 gigabytes of additional technical 
documentations from the 'Datamining the NSA' project (which for obvious 
reasons we are not allowed to publish), encrypted it to protect the identity 
and personal information of the people involved, shredded it irreversibly 
using advanced algorithms and electromagnetically transfered this information 
to pure Austrian spring water.

This product can be used, as indicated on the instructions, for a variety of 
purposes - whether treating institutions or places of work, or for personal 
use. While not guaranteed to enhance your personal intelligence, purchasing a 
sample of PI - Secret water online or at the new headquaters of the Public 
Intelligence Service at MQ in Vienna, is guaranteed to make a useful 
contribution to the public intelligence of our planet. Each bottle of PI - 
Secret Water comes complete with the latest results from the "Datamining the 
NSA" project, and a unique private certificate giving you secure access to, services and partner sites. This certificate is a new free 
service from the Public Intelligence Service launched today - Public 
Intelligence Authentication.

*PIA - Public Intelligence Authentication*
Cryptography is important for privacy. Secure open source cryptography tools 
have been available for a number of years, however there has been no 
widespread adoption of these tools by the ordinary internet user. This is 
about to change. The Public Intelligence Service is launching today a freely 
available open certification authority. This service allows groups and 
individuals to communicate and collaborate securely, and in confidence. Prior 
to today users have had to pay heavy fees to take advantage of the sort of 
technology that companies, and international agencies take for granted. This 
technology is the basis of secure communication, financial transactions, and 
voting on the Internet. It is the technical foundation for any reasonable 
form of public intelligence. Certificates can be obtained and verified from 
the following domains and

*Mission Statement of the Public Intelligence Service*
The aim of the Public Intelligence Service is to create a publically owned 
shared intelligence resource for the open society. We are inviting projects, 
individuals and agencies to contribute to the creation of this shared 
resource. There have been a number of projects that have emerged 
spontaneously and independently around the globe with similar aspirations. 
The time and general climate is right for such an initiative. We are inviting 
partners from anywhere in the world to join and invest time and resources in 
this project. We offer a safe haven for whistle blowers, secrets and the 
development of strategic initiatives on behalf of the open society.

We offer and develop real services and products, directed by our partners, 
within the terms of our member agreement as detailed openly on our web site. 
The Public Intelligence Service is registered as a Limited Liability company 
under UK law. Membership is free and open to any individual or organisation 
that subscribes to the member agreement and mission statement as listed on 
the web site -


q/research team - biometric division

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