porculus on Tue, 22 Mar 2005 13:32:39 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Pain and Opportunity

> Who said this?
> "Anytime there's pain, there's opportunity, there's
> revenue attached to solving that pain."
> 1. Kim Polese, former CEO of Marimba
> 2. Marquis de Sade, Paris, France
> 3. Carver Evans, personal injury attorney, Los Angeles
> 4. Dengyo Daisi, Tendai Buddhist sect leader, Tokyo Japan

anyway it couldnt be sade cause he could believe in no way to any
'reversibility' of any value, especialy 'pain' one. telling this would be
simply an act of faith for him i.e. a too great abomination.. er at a pinch
it could give some fleeting pleasure, because in sadian 'economy' a beating
of a DIY pining butterfly is far worthy than any naturlich massive tsunamy
destruction. sade was pretty talkative er rather scribbling on that er
perhaps..yes..cause he was in prison but it's there a quite other lacanian
reversibility ..a disgusting french swamp one never see any getting
back even schwarzy..so i stop there & get a ride with my whipping bud
foucald..er where pain could be a common value except in the christian mode
? many christian gnostic even believe all 'down the age earthling money' was
the blood of christ even, the even symbol of the humanity pension found..you
know the one all dead american need for paying all their beer in heaven..&
now you quite understand why mad max do so much bleeding the christ, cause
australian hope it remain some beer in heaven for them too..he though it was
mathematic..and now what for baudrillard, he sees there will be no more beer
at all for him (he doesnt care of other french, all for him)..so he talk
about 'reversibility' about terrorism haaa yes this very old tricky thing. a
terrorist would be a great trader who would deal on a spiritual global
market of ground zero stock echange reversibility (er i dont know if he say
that already but tomorow he would do, it's proctological)..anyway we all
know why foucald say we must charitably whipping each other befor diing it's
for our good but i am able to report also his last saying befor diing 'plus
i dont like beer at all'..he was simply a saint..beside i made his portrait
with his small smile hopping selling it for some million of euro with a
porculus proctological code book..but no one want it, so i give it for
free..it wouldnt even do a $ nor a drop of beer in your paradise..c'est la

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