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There is already a huge problem with bias and misinformation in the
mainstream media. But the ugliness has been amplified recently.

In the past few days  a small blip regarding state sponsored domestic
propaganda in the NYT and the alternative media has erupted. The problem is
centered around the practice of fake news being issued via government video
news releases to mainstream television media outlets. the hunt for WMD
perhaps the most famous of the fake stories. The video news releases often
plays without letting the viewer know that a  government agency or
corporation created the content.. Since most american's get their news form
tv this is a big problem...

A democracy now broadcast on Monday March 15 is perhaps the most interesting
place to start investigating the matter:
State Propaganda: How Government Agencies Produce Hundreds of Pre-Packaged
TV Segments the Media Runs as News

fake news is now replacing the already biased "real " news. here are a few
articles that will help us see what is happening.

To learn  more about this not so surprising but totally out of control
practice start here:

The Age of the Fake

Administration Rejects Ruling On PR Videos GAO Called Tapes Illegal

The Propaganda Czar from Paris + Texas

- its happening in the uk too...
The Ministry  of Defence in the Control Room
Did  the BBC Broadcast Fake News Reports?

So what can we do about it? Check out this petition and let everyone know
what is up.

>From the freepress site:

Stop News Fraud
The White House is infiltrating local news broadcasts with taxpayer-funded
covert propaganda. At least 20 federal agencies have produced and
distributed fake news stories touting Bush administration policies. Last
Friday, the Bush administration told government agencies to keep on
producing the bogus broadcasts -- even after Congress' Government
Accountability Office declared these "video news releases" to be illegal.

Together we forced an investigation of pundits on the government payroll.
With your help, we can force Congress, the Federal Communications Commission
and local broadcasters to crack down on covert propaganda and keep fake news
off the air.

 Once you've signed the petition, Free Press will let you know in the coming
weeks about others in your area working to forge "citizen agreements" with
local TV stations to ensure broadcasters always identify their sources.

WANTED: 250,000 Americans to Fight Fake News & Government Propaganda

> The Bush administration has produced look-alike news propaganda clips and
> then persuaded television stations across the country to air them
> uncritically and, often, uncut. As many as 20 government departments have
> produced fake news which stations broadcast as though they had produced the
> segments themselves
> http://news.independent.co.uk/world/americas/story.jsp?story=619654

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