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Re: <nettime> Re: nettime-l-digest V1 #1560

> Look. That is never going to work. I mean- right now you can download 
> all of my music for free and no one does it. Upping the price to 5 
> cents would mean that less zero people download my music. I would 

It's not supposed to work. You don't understand the business model here.

Pro-free/democracy/birthright-to-kitsch-content anti-label/publisher rant
provides decent income to a small number of freedom celebrities.

Their ideology is simple and appeals to those who crave for consumer goods:
they should get things for free because the current technology makes it so easy
to be free. That's it. You didn't see these freedom fighters in phonograph
record or CD days. Somehow then it was not ideologically cool or popular to
have records or CDs for cheap or free. I didn't see anyone championing that
cause then.

So the whole thing is a temporary parasiting in revolutionary mindspace on the
publishing technology gap.

The reality is just nuisance in this context.

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