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<nettime> Schmiede05

I am organizing an annual festival in Austria (June 9th ? June 19^th 
2005) that is going to cover many of the topics that I read on nettime. 
The Festival is called ?Schmiede?, in Hallein (close to Salzburg) 
Austria, and is more of a community gathering/workspace than a festival. 
The Schmiede is a cultural research and development network. It 
concentrates on the act of creating, networking, and communication 
rather than the finished pieces. The Schmiede is a *playground for 
motivated developers and networkers *working together to create an 
atmosphere of progress and development. It is our aim to create a place, 
where ideas and projects can be tested, improved and presented, but 
where there is also space for a discussion about the meaning and content 
of projects, developments and work ethics in general. The Schmiede05 
hosts 7 labs: Concept Writing, Audio, Visual, Programming, Performance, 
Djing and Guerilla Marketing. However, there are also projects from 
architects, engineers ... that applied for Schmiede05.

People can register projects till 15. June and can sign up for existing 
projects till 15. April. Website:

The Theme of the Schmiede05 ?The Silent Revolution?:

*People have the right to have visions and perspectives!*

The Silent Revolution is not supposed to be a revolution, instead of 
fighting against an established system we try to open up new 
alternatives for individuals. We do this by creating a community of 
potential collaborators, by giving them the infrastructure they need for 
an realization of their projects, by bringing professionals that give 
them feedback on their projects, by including projects in our media 
channels, and by helping them on the way to get funding for their projects.

This year we are also going to concentrate on some aspects of the system 
that we see as obstacle to our mission: copyright, patent law and 
distribution channels. I dont want to say that they don`t offer use and 
help individual and companies alike in certain situations however, they 
are and can be used as ?tools? by people having enough control over 
them. Generally speaking, we think it is better to understand your 
limitations to increase your alternatives, to be more flexible and less 

*There will be seven labs:*

*Concept Writing: *In the beginning there is the idea, but many never 
pass its formulation. This lab will discuss potentail projects and ideas 
and how they can be formed into a clear concept. This lab will also be 
used to discuss the content of existing projects.

*Audio Production:* Three professionaly equiped hardware studios and 
several software studios garantie high level possiblities for all 
participating artists.

*VJing: *Is a new and rising artform. This lab will rise discussions and 
cooperations to create new dimensions of spectacles.

*Guerilla Marketing:* What we need is a new form of advertisment! In 
this time of data overflow standing out becomes one of the most 
important aspects of our labor. Guerilla Marketing provides many 
possibilities to enable high effect for unkonventional ideas with 
relativly low financial expence.

*Performance:* Our cooperation with the Sommer/szene /Salzburg will 
allow new impulses for our media artists. Fresh Performance art will be 
produced between the Sommerszene?s renowned dance and performance artist 
and our media artists.

*Programming:* This is the interface of all labs. This lab produces and 
supports solutions for the diverse problems our festival and the world 
produce. Competent programmers guarantee a solid foundation.

*DJing:* this lab will discuss the meaning of a DJ as a performer, 
communicator, filter und cultural art form. Farther weight will be put 
on technique and performance oriented development. *

*The Conferences:*

Together with the AK OeGB Hallein the Schmiede05 will host a conference 
for two Right Livelihood Award winners.

*Seikatsu Club Consumers Cooperative Union (Japan)*

The Seikatsu Club Consumers' Cooperative (SCCC) of Japan is a unique 
organisation of its kind, combining formidable business and professional 
skills with strict social and ecological principles and a vision of a 
community- and people-centred economy which provides a radical 
alternative to both socialist and capitalist industrialisation.

SCCC traces its foundation back to 1965 when a single Tokyo housewife 
organised 200 women to buy 300 bottles of milk to reduce the price. 
Since then, Seikatsu's growth has been exponential. It now has about 
230,000 family members, who are organised into neighbourhood 'Hans' or 
local groups of between five and 12 members each. The Club now buys in 
bulk a very wide range of products for its members; it has introduced 
large-scale conservation projects and influenced its suppliers to 
provide healthy and non-polluting products.

*Rajni Kothari (India)*

Lokayan is a dialogue for the consolidation of democracy, for exploring 
the possibilities and principles of coherence within the explosion of 
democratic assertions, for equity and people's control over natural 
resources, women's empowerment, cultural plurality, health and 
well-being for all.

Lokayan, meaning 'Dialogue of the people', started in 1980 as a forum 
for interaction between activists and concerned intellectuals through 
meetings, workshops, working groups and lectures. Professors Rajni 
Kothari and D L Sheth provided the organisation's overall leadership 
during the initial phase. They were followed by Shiv Visvanathan and 
Vijay Pratap as chairpersons, with Suresh Sharma, Harsh Sethi, Smitu 
Kothari and Vijay Pratap as conveners at different points in time.

Lokayan's interactions involved a large network of intellectuals, 
non-party and mainstream political party activists. Through these the 
Lokayan programme has sought to evolve a systematic critique of the 
established models of development and the state, and also to promote 
political action drawing upon the large variety of micro-initiatives 
that are engaged in the struggle for a just society. The aim is to build 
a body of knowledge, opinion and concrete strategies of intervention at 
the 'macro' level that will promote a decentralised democratic order and 
enhance respect for the cultural and social diversity of marginalised 
sections of society. The thinking, values, aspirations and experiences 
of these people provide the basis for alternative cultural, economic and 
political thinking, helping to unify the various movements for 
egalitarian change.

Details about the whens and wheres will be announced on <> in April.

*For right now the schmiede05 will host three further conference days:
*?continuity and creativity? organized by Alexander Bielowski on 
Saturday 11. June, 2005.

Invited Speakers:

Dr. Kim H. Veltman
Dr. Arturo Colorado Castellary
Dr. Guntram Geser
Dr. Nadezhda V. Brakker

The list of spreakers will be confirmed on 
<> in April.*

During the second week there will be two conference days:

?Copyright / Intellectual Property?
we will atempt to host an objective discussion on the relevance and use 
of Intellectual Property.

we will focus on community building, community maintenance, community 
tools and community marketing.

Details and an exact list of spreakers will be posted on <> in April.

Workshops and other events will be posted on 
<> in April or May.


_Guests05_ *

A complete list of the guests will be posted on at 
the end of march.

*Audio Guests: *
Eddy meets Yannah (Zagreb,
(supported by: Carhartt,
Fresh und Vegas (Bad Company, London,
I-Wolf (Vienna,,
Dkay (Vienna,
Martin Leitgeb, Pruce und die Rhythmbreakz crew (Salzburg, )
Marco Zinz aka DjSors (Vienna,
Novak (Los Angeles,
Sebastian Schlachter Delgado, (Vienna,
Walkner Hintenaus (Linz,

*to be confirmed:*
Baby Mammoth (Mark Blissenden, UK,
Tom Middelton (Global Communications, London) (supported by: RBMA,
Torsten de Winkel (New York,

*Visualists Guests: *
Walter Frisch (Salzburg,
Gunnar Lindner (Bildstrom, Salzburg, )
Andreas Koller und das Strukt Netzwerk (Salzburg,
Ross Paterson (YuVA Motion Printers, Glasgow,
Michael Svec (Vienna,

*Djing Guests:*
Felix Fuchs ( Vienna,
Brendan M. Gillen (Detroit, Interdimensional Transmissions 
( und Ectomorph (
(supported by: RBMA,
Keyser & Shurikan (Budapest, Crate Soul Brothers,
(supported by: Carhartt,
MaBaSZa (Vienna,
Pruce, PreciousK und die Rhythmbreakz crew (Salzburg,
Uwe Walkner, (Linz,

*Programming Guests: *
Michael Hackl and Plankton Labs (Innsbruck,

*Concept Writing Guests: *
Chris Bauer, (Tirol,
Wolf Hilzensauer, (Salzburg,
Herwig P?schl, (Salzburg,
Michael Stollhofer, (Salzburg,

*Guerilla Marketing Guests:*
Peter Hofer, (Salzburg,
Dominik Mayer, (Salzburg, ,
Walter Frisch (Salzburg,

*Performance Guests : *
Depart, Leonhard Lass und Gregor Ladenhauf (Wien,

Bernhard Loibner, (Vienna,
Marnix de Nijs, (Rotterdam,
(there will also be guests from the Sommerszene for this lab 
( <>) )

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