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> Thailand to build tsunami attraction
> The Thai government has unveiled plans to build a simulated
> tsunami attraction in the region worst hit by the disaster
> to draw tourists back to the area.
> Authorities have spent $4 million to prove to 1,000 media
> and travel agents the nation has recovered after waves
> ravaged its shores, killing at least 5,300 people, following
> the December 26 earthquake in the Indian Ocean.
> About 15 Australians died in Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Khao
> Lak and Krabi, the west coast areas worst hit in the Boxing
> Day Tsunami.
> Phuket's world famous Patong Beach - now stripped of its
> beachfront shops - was thrown open this weekend for a beach
> bash complete with fireworks to show the island was ready to
> move on.
> Speaking on behalf of the Thai Prime Minister, Tourism
> Authority of Thailand Governor Juthamas Siriwan told the
> international delegation about large-scale plans to
> re-market the region to foreign and local tourists.
> Authorities would open a tsunami memorial museum complete
> with a simulated tidal wave in Khao Lak, the region made
> infamous by post-tsunami photos of bodies and debris
> floating in the water.
> It would firstly educate everyone who comes to Phuket to
> make them aware of how these kinds of things happen, Ms
> Siriwan told reporters at a conference on the island.
> And at the same time, because tourism is an enjoyable
> product, we would alsoI like to (use technology) to make the
> museum more attractive and interesting by making a
> simulation of a tidal wave.
> I talked to the architect and they say they are going to
> make something like that so maybe this will be the next
> Universal Studios of the tsunamis in Khao Lak.
> She said the region would now be remade as an exclusive
> beach resort for wealthy couples and families.
> The government will concentrate on making Khao Lak even
> better than before, Ms Siriwan said.
> Patong would be redesigned as a modern beach city with
> hotels and shops no longer on the beachfront.
> We don't want to repeat the same mistakes again, she said.
> Kamala beach, a badly damaged strip of coast neighbouring
> Patong will be developed into a traditional culture hub
> while Phi Phi Island, largely wiped out by the wave would be
> returned to a paradise island for relaxing".
> A tsunami early warning system based on marine monitoring
> and SMS warnings would be in place later this month and
> lifeguards would be installed on all tourist beaches.
> She said regional airports and roads would be upgraded and
> international tourists would be offered complementary
> domestic flights to encourage people back.
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