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Re: <nettime> double-plus-unfree digest [byfield, elloi]

> You have to use your imagination.  Film viewers don't need support
> contracts, but they might like to have more of a say in the sorts of
> films that get produced, and they might be willing to pay for that.  I
> certainly would.

The payment is the crucial problem for un-labelled content. Currently only the
big ones can handle the cost of charging for the content and more-or-less
effectively manage piracy problems. It is too expensive for small content
creators to charge for it, and their ability to sell the 2nd copy after the
first one is sold and replicated is nearly zero. If you think that
freedom-fighting avangarde p2p networks will not copy quality content from
independents think again. This is why the business model for small software
publishers evaporated. Especially for good software. And everyone is trying to
get into service model ... but that's a different rant.

The independent micropublishers will flourish when (a) it becomes as easy to
charge/pay for content as it is to put a coin in parking meter (forget credit
cards, secure web sites and related complex & expensive schemes), and (b) when
copying unpaid content becomes prohibitevely expensive in any juristiction
(meaning technological, not legal barriers.)

I find it nauseating that the current freedom fighters are fighting for freedom
for masses to view/copy media outlet crap for free in the guise of freedom of
thought, freedom to program etc (the last time I looked p2p traffic was 100%
corporate media content ... no political manifestos or banned books there).
That it the sickest phenomenon of the Internet age. Good thing I'm not into
conspiracy theories.

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