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<nettime> RE:view the base case (?) of Re: RHIZOME_RAW: rh:zome Subject (# of texts)

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 @ 21:55:44 -0600, jimpunk wrote:
>Subject: <nettime-ann> 	[link] SCREENFULL ( D:gest)  <title>todos 
somos screenfull</title>

this SCREENFULL ( D:gest) formatted nettime-ann includes an ann of the 
"rh:zome Subject (# of texts)" project. a few hours before this ann 
went thru nettime-ann i sent the following [msg/txt] [thru/to] the 
platforms + listservs that the "rh:zome Subject (# of texts)" project 
addresses, i.e. Rhizome.org + o-o as well as related systems, i.e. the 
rhizome-list Yahoo! Group:

"On Feb 19, 2005, at 1:20 PM, jimpunk wrote:

announcing the "rh:zome Subject (# of texts)" project. as of the 
writing of this [msg/txt] "rh:zome Subject (# of texts)" includes the 
the following features:

"rh:zome Subject (# of texts)"  includes a txt msg: "PLEASE DO NOT 
CL!CK"  as an alt tag to a code snippet that self-referentially links 
to the "screenfull stadium rock net.art" show @: 

++ includes links to:




that utilize del.icio.us profiles to [promote/distribute] projects + 
pieces. LaBoiteEnValise in particular relates to earlier threads on 
Rhizome.org about the remixological, newMedia, digitalArt, Duchamp + 

++ screenfull Splash scrs 3, 2 + 1. -> do these Splashes reference 
Rhizome.org's alt.interfaces "a series of alternative interfaces to 
Rhizome's archives of text and art." (0) ?

++ links to + appropriations of blogger.com + feedburner.com imgs + 
functionality, the most participatory of which allow comments to be 
added to the work.

all of these elements combine to create a highly self-referential loop 
through process or loop back test that {branches|bounces} off of 
Rhizome.org threads, discursively hyperthreading to multiply, connect, 
decenter + circulate the subject of "rhzome-subject-of-texts". as such, 
"rh:zome Subject (# of texts)" functions rhizomatically as rhizomeness 
is described by Gilles Deleuze + Felix Guattari in A Thousand Plateaus: 
Capitalism and Schizophrenia as quoted by Rhizome.org in Rhizome.org's 
About Us. (1)

this remix of the "PLEASE DO NOT" threads traces back to the ongoing 
"PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ART" project by trashconnection as sent to 
RHIZOME_RAW from www AT trashconnection.com. trashconnection's "PLEASE 
DO NOT SPAM ART" positions spamware as artware + allows usrs of the 
"PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ART" system to construct + send spam msgs as an 
ongoing + open process. the "PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ART" posts handmade 
spam msgs to addressees selected by the usr of the system + also CC's 
those msgs to the o-o Mailing List. the o-o Mailing List is described 

" o-o is an experimental mailing list for net art and it's theory. Also 
for providing information about electronic art, technology and events."


title: >>>> info o-o
dvr: o-o
uri: http://www.o-o.lt/post/

o-o, which "PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ART"  connects to via 
[CC'ing/porting/piping] data to, also features a
"spam.it option" that can be used (anonymously or w/any available 
identity including 01's own) to fwd msgs to various related other 
platforms + listservs that address newMedia art theorypraxis, such as 

while i love the horizontal spread of the "rh:zome Subject (# of 
texts)" project + the ethic of appropriating [+/or] remixing while 
porting [+/or] piping a conversational data set from 01 src to another, 
i wonder if the flatness of "rh:zome Subject (# of texts)", in terms of 
the engagement it presents as options, doesn't close the feedback loop 
to closely to the surface. "PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ART" remains open to the 
abyss of spamware as a system that can be utilized artistically. the 
o-o Mailing List multiples those options while also targeting specific 
discursive platforms such as Rhizome.org. the Rhizome.org "PLEASE DO 
NOT" threads function as a playfull insider's games for those [in/on] 
the Rhizome.org platform who are familiar w/trashconnection's "PLEASE 
DO NOT SPAM ART" project + announcements. will "rh:zome Subject (# of 
texts)" open this system? will "rh:zome Subject (# of texts)" further, 
widen, deepen [+/or] flatten the conversation? + while these questions 
circulate, looping through these networks, awaiting remailing, 
expansion + comment, i also wonder if "rh:zome Subject (# of texts)" 
offers or mobilizes critique of the systems that are @ play 
with[in/out] of the project, or if such an intention exists in this 
mutual recursion... (?)

// jonCates

(#) referents:



title: alt.interface
dvr: Rhizome.org
format: various
uri: http://rhizome.org/interface/



title: About Us
dvr: Rhizome.org
format: php, txt + img
uri: http://rhizome.org/info/index.php "


title: the base case (?) of Re: RHIZOME_RAW: rh:zome Subject (# of 
dvr: // jonCates
format: [msg/txt]
date: 2005.02.25 7:15:59 PM CST

// nfo sent [thru/to] tingleTangled interwebs via:
// jonCates
edu: http://www.artic.edu/~jcates
collab: http://www.criticalartware.net
projs: http://www.systemsapproach.net/
blog: http://newmedianowandthen.blogspot.com/

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