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Re: <nettime> In Praise of the Segue

It's just a phase in shortening of the attention span of the masses ...
eventually it will boil down to the single jingle, a single tone (2-3 notes for
the more classically educated ones.)

I mean, who is going to listen to the whole song?

Plan on starting sub-song indexing.

In the end, all there is are ring tones.

> The cultural changes wrought by the iPod and the MP3-trading movement are 
> now well known, but here's something to add to the list: It seems that 
> radio listening habits--or at least online radio listening habits--have 
> been deeply affected as well. At a recent staff meeting at WFMU (where I 
> do a regular music show), the station manager shocked most of us by urging 
> all DJs to change the way our archived programs are accessed over the 
> internet. Instead of the default format, where we offer just a single link 
> to each two- or three-hour show, he strongly recommended that we make our 
> archives accessible by individual song. The newest generation of music 
> listeners, it turns out, is almost completely song-oriented, and is far 
> more likely to click on a radio archive to hear a specific tune (as found 
> on our online playlists using a search engine) than to sit through the 
> entire show, no matter how brilliant the whole may be.

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