jamie king on Wed, 16 Feb 2005 23:30:17 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> fwd: shivers of sharing, sunday 20th feb, RFH

... passed to me by an acquaintance... could be an interesting way to
share your (obviously one hundred percent public domain) stuff with
others. you can forward far and wide apparently, although i've no idea
what will happen if a hundred frenzied filesharers turn up at the RFH
mid-sunday. hmmm...  better go down there and have a look...


-----> snip

SHIVERS     ~ of ~       SHARING

20-FEB 2004        floor 5.5 RFH



People meeting to share their
media -- music, film, text,
images, by any means available.

We shiver with the pleasures of

Bring your stuff and give it to
others. Turn up empty handed and
leave with a diskful. Bring a
treasured something to digitise.
Or just come for the chat and see
what's going on.


SoS happens in public spaces. The
venue for next weekend's SoS is
the mezzanine above the fifth
floor of the Royal Festival Hall.


Nearest tubes: Waterloo, Bank.


SoS London takes place every
second week, or thereabouts. This
one is on Sunday 20th Feb at


Any of the following are useful;
DVDs, CDs, hard disks, flash
drives, portable removable media
of all kinds. Firewire cable,
USB2 cable, fast ethernet cable.
Laptops, especially equipped with
802.11*G* wireless. DVD Writers,
CD writers. Indelible marker
pens. CD sleeves. CD cases.

But none of this is necessary.
SOS is generous, loves you, and
will be happy to burn you a DVD
containing enough media to last a
fortnight. Just bring some love.

For more info, turn up Sunday.
(The shiversofsharing.org domain
is not yet live, wait.)


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