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<nettime> The Journal for Patterns Recognised

The Journal for Patterns Recognised
from: http://www.socialfiction.org/JPR.html

The Journal for Patterns Recognised is a new journal
dedicated to the study of distorted pattern
recognition. We can recognise sheep in clouds, faces
in 4 well-placed rocks and a tree in a mathematically
produced set of lines. This ability to recognise
familiar objects in formlessness is said to be the
engine behind imagination. Therefore we understand
pattern recognition gone wrong as the well from which
human culture, roughly defined as the framework of
socially accepted interpretations of the real, flows.
Small wonder that in the long history of research into
speculative modes of knowledge practised by writers,
artists and revolutionaries of all sorts, methods for
experimental pattern recognition have always been
important (i.e. cut-ups, scrying, generative walks,
hallucinatory substances). The Journal for Patterns
Recognised seeks to widen the understanding of these
methodologies. Only in our own time, the fundamental
importance of pattern recognition for cognition has
come into full view, consequently we can only now
place the phenomena centre-stage in the history of

The editors of The Journal for Patterns Recognised are
currently looking for material for the first edition.
All genres and mediums (literary, scientific,
historic, sociological, psychological, artistic,
texts, images, diagrams) are welcome. Deadline: half
march 2005.

The Journal for Patterns Recognised will be published
online as PDF at socialfiction.org. When Submitting
material you commit yourself to print at least 5
copies of the journal and distribute them among your
friends and peers.

The Journal for Patterns Recognised can be contacted
via: info [at] socialfiction [dot] org 


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