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<nettime> FW: [MediaAct] RIP: Dirk Koning

> http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=2929195
> WoodTV Channel 8 (Grand Rapids, MI)
> February 10, 2005
> Dirk Koning, Founder of Community Media Center, Passes Away
> A pioneer in the Grand Rapids community has died.
> The Community Media Center has given a voice to countless
> opinions and personalities, through radio, television and
> other media. Now, the voices that come from the facility are
> tinged with sadness.
> Dirk Koning, the founding director of the Community Media
> Center, died early Thursday morning at the age of 48 from
> complications after a heart procedure.
> He was the first and only director the 25-year-old center
> has ever known. He was well known for his efforts in
> promoting community media. His drive came from a belief that
> everyone should have a chance to be heard.
> "Dirk believed, strongly believed, that it was really
> important, critical, that regular people had a voice in
> popular media...not just writing a letter to the editor, but
> to be on television, be on radio, be on the popular forms of
> media, that media belonged to the people. And that was
> something he believed deeply in," said Chuck Peterson of
> The Community Media Center includes GRTV, WYCE-FM and other
> media outlets. It is also a training ground for those
> interested in learning how different media work. At any
> given time, some 150 volunteers will be at the facility
> putting programs together for public access.
> Koning's mission of building community through media
> extended well beyond Grand Rapids.
> "He was very well known nationally and really
> internationally as of a missionary for community media,"
> said Peterson.
> A missionary, some say visionary, whose death leaves a large
> void in the community.
> "We all do the work...we're all committed to continuing. But
> Dirk, as a person, there's no way to replace him," adds
> Peterson.
> Koning leaves behind a wife and two children.
> Copyright (c) 2005 WorldNow and WOODTV. All Rights Reserved.
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