tliacas on Mon, 7 Feb 2005 18:43:17 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Where's the real debate on fair use, copyright, piracy?


I'm working on a project which deals with the issue of intellectual 
property, file sharing and debates around all of the above.. Would like to 
hear your opinions.

Here's the thing-

I'm personally in favour of the free distribution of more and more 
information to more and more people but I wonder if the speed at which our 
culture is moving will not erode the current ecology built around 
information. By this I mean the existing system in which creators of 
quality works are motivated to some degree by the compensation they will 
receive for time spent researching and creating and where the industries 
which profit from the distribution of these creations are also the 
providers of this compensation. If this system collapses, is there an 
interim vision that would ensure the creation of quality content other 
than "everyone's a creator"?

My scan of the current "debate"- if you can call it that- reveals a rigid 
polarization.. industry reps and lawyers playing a knuckle-rapping role 
and lefties (myself included) trumpeting the new dawn of free information 
for all.

But what of the middle ground? What do we do in between the present (where 
we all enjoy content which has market value) and this envisioned utopia 
(where content will presumably be produced and distributed outside the 

Is this a public debate (or Dialogue) that we should be having? If so, why 
does it not seem to exist anywhere?

Tom Liacas.

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