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Attn: Chairman/Director,

Dear Sir,

I am Ms. KIMAEVA LIOUDMILA, a personal secretary to Mikhail Khodorkovsky
the = richest man in Russia and owner of the following companies:

Chairman CEO:  YUKOS OIL (Russian Largest Oil Company)

Chairman CEO:  Menatep SBP Bank 

  (A well reputable financial Institution) with its branches all over
the = world

I seek your partnership to accommodate the sum of US$4.2M for us. My
Boss got = arrested for his involvement in politics in financing the
Leading and = opposing political party (the Union of Right Forces, led
by Boris Nemtsov and = Yabloko, a liberal/social democratic party led by
Gregor Yavlinsky) which = posed treat to President Vladimir

 Putin=92s second tenure as Russian president before he was re-elected
On = March 14, 2004. You can catch more of the story on this

The fund (US$4.2M) in question was approved by the Government of Russia
for = payment of various YUKOS OIL contractors/suppliers to prevent them
from = loosing the money

 they invested in the numerous contracts they executed for the above
firm. = The Government had already concluded plans to freeze all the
accounts in my = boss name (Mikhail Khodorkovsky) both corporate and
personal before I = connived with the Accountant General of YUKOS OIL
(who is also my partner in = this transaction) to raise a memo stating
that YUKOS OIL owe contractors the = above amount which was finally
approved for payment after some deliberations.  =

Actually, we have paid all our contractors both local and foreign
because = they agitated for their payment when they had that my boss was

YOUR ROLE: I will present you / your

 Company as one of the contractors we are Owing so that you can stand as
the = beneficiary of the above quoted sum or part of the fund according
to your = financial strength or the strength of your company. I will
arrange for the = documentation which the payee/corresponding bank will
need to transfer the = sum to you. I have decided to use this sum to
relocate to American continent = and never to be connected to any of
Mikhail Khodorkovsky conglomerates. The = transaction has to be
concluded as soon as possible. You will be rewarded = with reasonable
percentage of the total sum for your partnership and = assistance 

Can you honestly be our partner on this transaction? If yes do reach me
or = write at the following email:

Thank you very much

Best regards,                                                                 =
 Ms. Kimaeva Lioudmila

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