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Re: <nettime> closure of Media Lab Europe


As someone who has been involved with all this for quite while, I'd offer 
that the "model" for the Media Lab was already obsolete in US in the 1990's -- 
which is why they tried to expand into "less mature" geographies by using the 
Internet bubble to bootstrap themselves into Ireland, etc.  When that bubble 
collapsed -- as I suggested it had to throughout my early involvement with 
nettime starting in 1996 -- they had no chance.

More constructively, you might consider the distinction between finance and 
industrial capital that I introduced in the open session at nettime's final 
"convention" in 1997 in Ljubljana during an exchange with Peter Lamborn Wilson 
(aka Hakim Bey.)   

For a fuller discussion of some of the implications of this distinction and 
the relationship to the various phases of a Kontradiev "Long Wave," you might 
want to read Carlota Perez' 2002 "Technological Revolutions and Financial 

In the current "synergy" phase (2005-2020) of building out a new 
"techno-economic paradigm" -- when industrial capital takes over from finance capital -- 
who needs the Media Lab?


Mark Stahlman
New Media Laboratory
New York City

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