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Issue 1 Volume 1 of this new magazine has just hit the (cyber)stands. And,
don't be too surprised, you're free to download a copy too of this 78-page
publication. Some of the articles in the first issue:

  	o File formats; format wars (Marco Fioretti)
  	  File formats: the past, the present, a possible future

  	o XML: The answer to everything? (Kay Ethier, Scott Abel)
  	  This article weighs the pros and cons of XML for some
  	  applciations (publishing) and explores why it is the
   	  best possible solution for many programming and
  	  publishing needs.

  	o Free file formats and the future of intellectual
    	  freedom (Terry Hancock)
  	  Information as property may be served by closed
  	  file formats, but the freedom of information
  	  requires free formats.

  	o Creating the Free Software Magazine (Tony Mobily)
  	  A long path that takes us to the very beginning
  	  of this project.

  	o Mac OS X: Welcome to the jungle -- a look inside the
  	  Mac OS X software ecology (Chris J Karr)

  	o The magic of live CDs (Harish Pillay)
  	  What are live CDs, and how do they work?

  	o Every engineer's checklist for justifying
  	  Free Software. It's not just about 'no licence fees'
  	  (Malcolm D Spence)

  	o Smarter password management (John Locke)
  	  How to handle your passwords without getting lost

  	o The content tail wags the IT dog (Daniel James)
   	  Without hardware and software, there would be
  	  nothing for digital media to be created on, or used
  	  with. And yet the content industry attempts to tell
  	  the far larger IT industry what it can and cannot do.

  	o Motivation and value of free resources. Wikipedia
  	  and Planetmath show the way (Aaron E Klemm)

  	o It's all about freedom (Christian Einfeldt)
  	  Freedom is free software's competitive advantage.

  	o The Commons (Dave M Berry)
  	  The Commons as an Idea -- Ideas as a Commons

  	o Let's not forget our roots (Free Software is not
  	  just about cost or stability; it's a movement that
  	  mustn't forget the principles which made it possible)
  	  Tom Chance.

A PLANT NEEDS WATER TO GROW! Free Software Magazine -- by subscribing you will
be supporting a magazine which believes in Free Software. All our articles are
released under the GNU free documentation license, enhancing existing
information on Free Software.

Download your copy today from
Subscriptions open!
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