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<nettime> BBB & Al Pieda Strike in Arizona, Texas, & Alberta; and more...

"Al Pieda" Targets Ann Coulter
Conservative author survives creamy stage-left attack

OCTOBER 22--Meet "Al Pieda" disciples Phillip Edgar Smith and William=20
Zachary Wolff. The Tucson men, both 24, were arrested last night after=20
throwing custard cream pies at author Ann Coulter during her speech at the=
University of Arizona. Portions of the pies connected with the=20
conservative commentator's face and shoulder, according to this police=20
report, which quotes Smith saying that he and Wolff were "throwing the=20
pies at her ideas not at her." Cops also noted that a post-arrest search=20
of the assailants turned up "pieces of paper (propaganda) involving=20
Coulter's name and the explanation of 'Al Pieda.'"

Videos and more info at:

Agent Tofu Cream, Al Pieda / BBB Tucson


On December 6th, 2004, the Biotic Baking Brigade of Austin, Texas placed=20
its first nomination for the Canary Awards of 2005 upon the face of John=20
Aielli, host of KUT=92s morning show, Eclecticose (Austin=92s NPR affiliate=
This honor was bestowed in order to illustrate the dangerous consequences=
of consolidating power into the hands of the few. Twenty years is a=20
lengthy amount of time for anyone to hold a position=97particularly one tha=
involves four hours of access each weekday to the airwaves of a city.

Quite simply, we intervened to save the listeners of Austin, Texas from=20
having to listen to John Aielli be seduced by the illusion of his own=20

John Aielli was nominated for this honor because he continually exploits=20
the very pedestal upon which he sharpens his creative teeth; by bolstering=
the financial agendas of groups whose lifestyle and product positioning=20
spectacle continue to dull our senses, John Aielli and his morning show=20
continue to stifle the very mechanisms which afford the reception of his=20
programming privilege.

Furthermore, John Aielli trounced across the divide which necessarily=20
segregates our audio experiences from our visual experiences. By=20
intentionally disengaging from our collective folklore and showing his=20
face on the south capitol steps to lead a =93holiday sing along=94 it is on=
natural that an involuntary muscular contraction of the wrist occurred. We=
are all only so fortunate that it was a cream pie and not a bowl of warm=20
gravy which too was present to assist in John Aielli=92s nomination.

Cast your vote for the 2005 Canary nomination pool today at=20, or, as always, take matters into your=20
own hands!

November, 2004
Alberta, Canada

2 members of the Ballot Baking Brigade (BBB) were arrested today after=20
consuming portions of their ballot. After consuming, the members of the=20
brigade were handcuffed and escorted away in police vehicles. They were=20
forced to remove their shoelaces, belts, and necklaces before they were=20
put in a holding cell.

"Today we experienced the criminalization of dissent. People should have=20
the right to do whatever they want to their own ballot," said Casey=20
Pritchard, one member of the BBB. "We are hoping that our actions today=20
will open up a discussion about the current state of democracy in=20

Corporate donations in elections, the increasing role of corporate=20
lobbyists in making political decisions, the alienation of people from the=
democratic process and a winner take all system are just a few of the=20
issues the group hopes to get the public to discuss.

"We are hoping that by eating our ballot we can start a discussion.=20
Currently we have a system where there is a tremendous amount of corporate=
influence in the electoral system and in the democratic system to the=20
extent that private corporate lobbyists have more power then average=20
citizens," said Mike Hudema another member of the BBB. "We need to start=20
addressing the fact that a majority of Albertans don=92t feel like they are=
an integral part of democracy in Alberta. Instead most people feel=20
powerless and alienated and that is not acceptable.  We need change."

The BBB is holding a democracy forum to try to solicit Albertan=92s opinion=
on the state of democracy in Alberta and what we need to do to improve it.=
The forum is Wednesday, November 24 at 12:00 at Sacred Heart Parish.

"We are hoping the forum will generate real solutions for change," said=20
Leah Henderson a member of the BBB. "We have our own ideas: moving to=20
proportional representation, limiting corporate donations, making all=20
lobbying minutes public information, and moving to more participatory=20
models of governance but we want as many voices to come out as possible."

It is a criminal offence to eat your ballot under the Alberta Elections=20



Tuesday, November 9, 2004
Protester raises ire of mining chief

Conservationists have thrown a pie into the face of a mining boss in the=20
south-west of Western Australia.

Police allege Chris Farnsworth hit Cable Sands general manager Collis=20
Thorp in the face with a pie outside an energy and resources forum in=20
Bunbury before spraying a nearby businessman with green dye.

Mr Thorp used his presentation to industry leaders to launch a scathing=20
attack on opponents of the mine.

"The so-called non-violent action of the protest movement should also be=20
talked about," he said.

"For those who might have seen it this morning I was assaulted again this=
morning with a large pie of human excrement thrown in my face.

"So these are the lovely peaceful protesters. Guys, I can assure you for=20
those who come into confrontation with these people they are not peaceful=

Mr Farnsworth has rejected the claims, saying the pie was a coffee mouse.=
In defence of his non-violent direct action, he said "I must also take=20
exception to the word 'thrown'. I prefer to regard the mousse as=20
'positively positioned' rather than thrown."


Two new pie songs: "Just Desserts" by Chumbawamba and "The Pie" by The Ex

Just Desserts

Groucho-Marxists look so sweet
Slapstick anarchists, nice enough to eat
Peter Kropotkin in the way we talk; Charlie Cairoli in the way we walk
See them scramble to the top-watch them fall from grace
Never trust a man with egg on his face
Intellectual tarts with a good left hook
Copycat killer-cover and duck!
Polite assassins: You shout, I scream!
And the part starts on a count of one, two three.
We talk without words, and everybody understands.
Just desserts, delivered by hand.
"Nobody move! Or the CEO gets it in the face with cream and dough!"
See them scramble to the top-wsatch them fall from grace. Never trusts a ma=
with egg on his face.

The Pie

In a world full of poor and an environment to protect an alternative flan=
of action flies in the face of promises not kept it shows that the=20
responsible irresponsibles have faces and names which can be addressed=20
therefore bake and aim and put a smile back on the face of the oppressed

The puppeteers and the powers that be would always agree that stones are=20
no arguments and meanwhile they hit us with batons and bullets and invite=
us to their wrecking-balls with distorted truths and teargas slander, lies=
and tanks no thanks, we understand and that is why we wanna globalise the=

Number 1 is The Walking Thrust: walk up to the person, push the pie in the=
face and before you walk away give it a slight twist this makes the sticky=
part of the pie cling to the recipient

Number 2 is The Shot Put: the one to be thrown straight from a distance of=
three to five feet

Number 3 is The Ancient Roman Discus Throw the most beautiful delivery of=
all: spin half-way round, turning the pie as you whirl and then let go,=20
hitting the victim square in the face

Number 4 is The Catcher=BCs Throw to Second Base the hardest of all: pull=
back your arm just as far as it will go and then bring the pie in, all the=
way from East St Louis and let her go!

With shots over eight feet make sure that the pie is of the right weight=20
to fly in a straight line as it leaves your fingers on the other hand,=20
some do believe that one must press the pie into the face directly and=20
that it never should be thrown an advice for beginners: don=BCt try this at=

Some people say that the pie is the limit but a pastry at a time is an=20
answer to their crime


"Direct action gets better results"
=2E..from: New Scientist vol 183 issue 2462 - 28 August 2004, page 4

Chaining yourself to bulldozers and throwing paint over company executives=
is more likely to influence environmental policy than schmoozing on=20
Capitol Hill. So says an analysis of the impact of the green movement in=20
the US between 1960 and 1994.

The study compares the number of bills passed by Congress with tactics=20
employed by green groups in the same year. Jon Agnone, a sociologist at=20
the University of Washington, Seattle, found that sit-ins, rallies and=20
boycotts were highly effective at forcing new environmental laws. Each=20
protest raised the number of pro-environment bills passed by 2.2 per cent.=
Neither effort spent schmoozing politicians nor the state of public=20
opinion made any difference.

But conventional politics does play a part. Environmental legislation is=20
75 per cent more likely to pass when Democrats control both houses of=20
Congress. And it gets a 200 per cent boost in congressional election=20
years, presumably because politicians see it as a vote winner.

Agnone, who presented his results on 17 August at the American=20
Sociological Association's meeting in San Francisco, says protest groups=20
lose their edge when they become part of the system. Their most effective=
weapon is disruption. "If you make a big enough disturbance then people=20
have to recognise what you are doing."

@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

"Never doubt that a small and dedicated group of people with pies can=20
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Look for "Pie Any Means Necessary: The BBB Cookbook" in fine (and not so=20
fine) bookstores, cafes, bunkers, caves, and police station lockups=20
everywhere. Or order it straight from the publisher, AK Press, via=20

"The Pie's the Limit," a delicious documentary produced by the Whispered=20
Media video collective, features a cornucopia of political pie-throwings=20
in San Francisco and beyond; a brief history of consumable comedy; behind=
the scenes interviews with real underground pie tossers; corporate media=20
analysis, and in-your-face politics. Watch in delight as a half dozen=20
demagogues are served up their just deserts! Order it via=20


The Biotic Baking Brigade.....coming soon to a pie-o-region near you.

Friends of the BBB: c/o POB 40130, San Francisco, CA 94140, Amerika


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