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Re: <nettime> Working on article about the need for a

i bet that the difference between needing a progress media and producing 
an effective media is a more relevant inquiry.  there is a diverse radical 
press you can find in most book stores and most certainly online, if a 
person was motivated to find it.  in my opinion business week is the most 
successful radical rag on the market, but not in a good way.  but it is 
far more influential than the progress press, particularly due to the 
audience and culture it addresses.  so my question is who is the 
progressive press addressing- voters, the "oppressed," workers, or 
intellectuals?  if i could offer a critique of The Nation and similar 
magazines, they 1) do not make people angry, 2) do not provide a summary 
of actions for solutions.  it is supposed in these media that the answer 
to bringing "progress" is with the ballot.  and granted, if by progressive 
media you mean simply educating the voting publicity, your relevance to 
building a progressive movement ( or inferior goal of progressive 
government) by itself is unlikely.

with at least the marxist press (criticism can certainly be given to the 
anarchist press for lack of any direction and program for action, and will 
be ignored here). a program of systematic heightening of social 
antagonisms is the basis of the marxist press in just about every flavor.

my personal opinion is that its more important to improve the capabilities 
of existing networks like indy media and reporters without borders rather 
than making a greater quantity of traditional media outlets.  blogging 
will do the rest 8)


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