Matze Schmidt on Tue, 11 Jan 2005 06:19:47 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> "GNU/Linux - Milestone on the Way to the GPL Society"

hello stefan,

(in fact we'll meet in leipzig [germany] at the event "copy
kills (music kills) capitalism" in some days to talk about itmes like
this. so, not as an attack, but for further information some short
simple tops in front.)

> There are indications that the labor society, and thus also exchange
> as the basis of society have come to their historical end. Even if at
> first sight this has the threatening appearance of a collapse
> scenario, it does open up the possibility of a new society that
> overcomes the deficits of the old one;

i can not see, why labour in society comes to an - even historical -
end; if you just take a look at the exploding labour-market in china
(ibm sold their pc building business to Lenovo last december; my new
Hoefner electric guitar "Shorty" comes from china, etc. etc.). in fact,
the "historical end of labour" or the "final crisis of labour" is a
thesis from the german Krisis-Group and Robert Kurz (certainly you've
been studying it), who are ignoring (or what?) the facts of still
existing and increasing material work-flows. 

> In the development of industrials societies for some decades now
> there is already a tendency away from material production. The so
> called service society is an expression of this. However, the societal
> form was not able to separate itself from the industrial society.

the development is never ever going away from material production:
as we all know software (which does not exist, after friedrich kittler)
is nothing without the hardware [the onto-problem], otherwise it would
become pure idea (or "Ideal" in german; "eidos" in greek), and the
'service society' is still a social relation - of selling work for
money, which is by the way not only "exchange" but a deal every worker
is forced to. 


matze schmidt

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