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<nettime> Pre-Election Coverage by Film Collective

Whichever way you approach this conflict, local grassroots coverage is
hard to come by and probably worth watching no matter how you feel about
the matter, sz

[via Debate]

The Film Collective is made up of Palestinian volunteers
living in Balata Refugee Camp. The collective was recently formed to
support local resistance to the occupation and to enable residents to
raise their voices to the world.

On January 9, 2005 Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will
hold be holding presidential elections. Thousands of elections monitors
and reporters will be present to monitor the elections, and already
politicians and the media are claiming that this will be 'an important
step towards peace.' Hear what Palestinians living in the largest
refugee camp in the West Bank have to say about the upcoming elections
and their future.

'Elections under Occupation' is the first film conceptualized, shot and
produced by the collective. It is available at:


Remember to: Download, Forward, Copy, Burn and Distribute widely.

in solidarity,

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