John Young on Sun, 2 Jan 2005 17:22:08 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Southeast Asia Tsunami and the Effective ...

What is disturbing about lack of information from the South Asia tsunami 
is whether allegedly "missing" persons being memoralized by nations of 
origin with candlelights and moments of grieving, are dead, injured, or 
merely unaware they are preceived to be missing and thus do not contact 
those who fear they are dead, or more likely, do not wish to be found and 
placed in yet another official databank.

I know of three such persons who were quite surprised and violated in 
their privacy by obnoxious inquiries from those determined to leave no 
tern unstoned to satisfy purient dread and lascivious certainty that they 
must learn the horrific facts first hand. No matter that their inquiries 
set into motion nasty searches of private lives and deliberately concealed 
tracks and hiddent whereabouts -- this was paradise the lost had been 
seeking, away from the meddlers and watchers and checkers-up-oners.

The three I know about had went to the South Asia for pleasures not all 
together acceptable, or easily acceptable, back in the homelands. This did 
not set well with the pryers into other people's lives who leapt at the 
chance to override the privilege of escapism.

Are the authorities in South Asia doing the missing a favor to claim them 
such, turning a blind eye to customarily invited piccadilloes until the 
sated escapees decide to transform themselves back into upright citizens 
with nothing to hide?

The three I know won't say who they know is missing on purpose, as 
customary when off the grid of violative information. Merely ask that 
don't do it again, come spying and squealing on us.

Those outed can say, tsunami was it this time, how strange that megasexual 
locution of sublime ecstacy is misapplied by faux grievers of floodlike 
sorrow, panhandling maximum.

To be sure, the millennialists and armageddonists will have a field day 
declaring god panoptics the hedonists, wrathing the sublimity a ratchet 

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