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Re: <nettime> Geert Wilders / Borders, borders, more borders

To assume that ALL immigrants or ALL muslims must be targetted in order to 
deal with violent fundamentalists is PRECISELY the racist logic that right 
wing politicians are setting into stone with the blessing of liberals 
around the planet. Our Judeo-Christian societies are rocked by social ills 
because of the violence of your politicians and neo-fascist groups MORE 
than by Muslims but no one seeks to deport all skin heads or all grey 
suited politicos. Right wing politicians in Europe gain ground by 
appealing to the racist fears and sense of insecurity that poor whites 
threatened by privatization and globalization feel.

Too many liberals, emboldened by the extremist rhetoric of the Right and 
moved by fear and nutured in crypto fascist societies that pretended to be 
more open than that ever really were, are NOT reacting strongly against 
politically sanctioned racism and xenophobia BECAUSE they also desire 
strong borders to protect them from the dark hordes at the gates and ONLY 
accept immigrants who are obsequious and grateful and don't ask for much 
more than European benevolence.

It is not that Islamic fundamentalism does not exist. It is that the 
remedies being taken to control it by America and Europe are racist and 
wrong headed and leading to more violence. America put 150,000 innocent 
Japanese people in internment camps during WWII because we were attacked 
by Japan. This strategy of containment did NOTHING for to protect the US 
and only demonstrated our racism and enriched whites who stole everything 
the internees owned. Now we are interning innocent Muslims and demonizing 
Muslim intellectuals who teach in our ca change, plus 
c'est la meme chose.

Holland has been offering ALL its long term postcolonial immigrants FREE 
HOMES in their countries of origin for several years to entice them to 
leave. I have friends from Curacao living in Holland whose parents took 
the offer, figuring it was better to get out before the pogroms start 
again. Holland, like the rest of Europe is more afraid of becoming 
majority non-white and non-Christian than it is responding to actual 
threats or violence.

Imagine if we deported all psycho misogynist serial killers who rape and 
murder women in America just because they were a threat to women. No man 
would even allow us to contemplate such a possibility. They are too bonded 
to their male brethren to make such a move.

over and out

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> The ironies that need to be taken into account in
> the Coco/Patrice emails
> are that you have, on the one hand, Geert Wilders, a


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