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[Tariq's position on Bush's defeat will annoy some, but it's splendid 
stuff - he gives some of the best radio around.]

Just added to my radio archive 

August 5, 2004 Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of Gallup and author of 
Polling Matters, on the public opinion trade and the 2004 election 
polls * Tariq Ali, author most recently of Bush in Babylon, on the 
importance to the whole world of defeating Bush, and the maddening 
wrongness of the "no difference" position

July 22, 2004 Judith Levine, author of Do You Remember Me?, on her 
father's Alzheimer's, and the social meanings of the disease * Ian 
Williams, author of Deserter!, on George W's military career

they join

July 15, 2004 Nomi Prins, investment banker turned journalist, on 
Martha's sentencing, Ken Lay's indictment, and sex discrimination on 
Wall Street * Charlie Komanoff, car-hater, on why we use so much oil, 
and how we could use less of it

July 8, 2004 Lakshman Achuthan of the Economic Cycles Research 
Institute and co-author of Beating the Business Cycle, on cycles in 
general, this odd one specifically, and the likely slowdown by 
yearend * Norman Kelley, author of The Head Negro In Charge Syndrome, 
on the crisis in black politics

July 1, 2004 Phyllis Bennis, lead author of Paying the Price, on the 
human, economic, and environmental costs of the war on Iraq * Joe 
Garden, Mike Loew (both of The Onion), and Randy Ostrow, authors of 
Citizen You!, a manual of patriotic duty (some of the original audio 
was lost - details at the top of the show)

June 24, 2004 Michael Hardt, co-author of Empire, on the state of the 
empire in the light of the Iraq war * Stonewall segment: Julie 
Abraham, professor of LGBT studies at Sarah Lawrence, on why she's no 
fan of same-sex marriage

along with

* Chalmers Johnson on the U.S. empire
* Jagdish Bhatwati on globalization
* Bill Fletcher on war and peace
* Slavoj Zizek on war, imperialism, and fantasy
* Naomi Klein on Argentina and the arrested political development of 
the global justice movement
* Ralph Nader, at the Council on Foreign Relations, on foreign policy
* Susie Bright on sex and politics
* Richard Burkholder of Gallup on that firm's Iraq polls
* Anatol Lieven on Iraq
* Jomo on the Asian economies
* Cynthia Enloe on masculinity in the Bush administration (and oil)
* Laura Flanders on Bushwomen
* Carlos Mejia, deserter from Iraq
* Joseph Stiglitz on the IMF and the Wall St-Treasury axis
* Lisa Jervis on feminism & pop culture
* Nina Revoyr on the history of Los Angeles, real and fictional
* Joel Schalit on anti-Semitism
* Robert Fatton on Haiti
* Gary Younge on a foreign journalist's view of the U.S.
* Ursula Huws on work and why capitalism has avoided crisis
* Michael Albert on participatory economics (parecon)
* Marta Russell on the UN conference on disability
* Corey Robin on the neocons
* Sara Roy on the Palestinian economy
* Christian Parenti on Iraq and surveillance
* Michael Hardt on Empire (several times, the last June 2004)
* Judith Levine on kids & sex
* Walden Bello on the World Social Forum and alternative development models
* Christopher Hitchens on Orwell and his new political affiliations


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