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RE: <nettime> A Letter Re: Canadian Policy Towards An Information Society

Within the Canadian Government broadly speaking ICT responsibilities are
divided between the Ministry responsible for "carriage" (Industry
Canada) and the Ministry responsible for "content" (Heritage Canada).

The framework for Canada's positioning nationally and internationally on
"Information Society" issues was set by the Information Highway Advisory
Council (a good general resource on these issues can be found at
http://www.ifla.org/II/canada.htm; see also
http://www.wsis-smsi.gc.ca/act/en/docs/ICTs/section1.htm )which reported
to Industry Canada.  The IHAC report appeared in 1996.  The general
feeling was that IHAC was dominated by industry.

Technology has of course evolved quite considerably since then and
particularly in the area of carriage (interconnection) and "convergence"
and there are strong rumblings of another round of policy review (IHAC
2) which is what Garth was making suggestions toward on behalf of
Telecommunities Canada.

"Open Networks" can, I guess, be seen as the "network" (think social as
well as technical networks) counterpart to Open Systems or Open Source
i.e. where the boundaries of the "system"/"network"/"source code" are
not closed and proprietary but rather "open" to interconnection with
trusted communicants in the outside environment.

Mike Gurstein

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being from canada, i read http://www.tc.ca/newapproach.txt with interest
and some curiosity. it was trying to address an over-emphasis on the
business side of telecommunications on the part of the Minister of
Industry (which I suppose is somewhat expected in a minister of
industry). are we to understand, then, that telecommunications policies

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