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<nettime> FBI Raids Activists in Denver

 For Immediate Release 
 Statement from Kansas Mutual Aid Legal Collective 
 July 22, 2004 
 The State Cracks Down
 Today we received news from friends and activists in
 Denver, Colorado pertaining to incidents involving the
 Federal Bureau of Investigation and possibly local law
 enforcement agencies. 
 It was communicated to us, that two houses in Denver
 had been raided by the FBI and that at least two
 people had been arrested. Their charges and
 situations are not at this time known to us. We do know that
 they were asked questions about the upcoming election
 events including the Democratic and Republican
 National Conventions, as well as questions about
 According to the person that contacted us, it is not
 thought that anything of value had been taken from
 the houses, but multiple checks of identification
 occurred. Agents were reported to have made
 threatening statements to individuals who were
 attempting to record names and badge numbers of
 those agents that were present. 
 This comes on the heels of repeated harrasment at
 the hands of state agencies of activists in New York and
 Boston, as well as more locally in Kirksville,
 Missouri, where activists were questioned by FBI and
 local agencies about upcoming events surrounding the
 DNC and RNC. 
 We here at the Kansas Mutual Aid Legal Collective,
 denounce these strong arm tactics by the state's law
 enforcement agencies. This crackdown on those
 planning dissent comes right after the 900th U.S. soldier was
 killed in Iraq, and support for the state's wars
 abroad and at home wanes.
 We call on all activists, dissidents, radicals...
 all progressive peoples to join in a solid response to
 this encroachment on our rights as human beings. 
 We cannot, and will not be intimidated, nor scared
 into submission. There has never been a more crucial
 moment in our history to speak out and show
 opposition and defiance to those that exploit and dominate us
 and the rest of the world. 
 Kansas Mutual Aid will continue to monitor these
 events and find lawyers, raise legal funds, and
 provide assistance in whatever way we can. 
 Fear may be their weapon of choice... solidarity
 will be ours. 
 In solidarity, forever. 
 Kansas Mutual Aid Legal Collective 913-775-1399 
 Please send any financial contributions to: KMA c/o
 Solidarity Center 13 W. 14th Street Lawrence, KS

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