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<nettime> allows users to trade sex for votes against Bush

   Fuck The Vote ([1]
   Because Liberals are Hotter

   Pittsburgh, PA - encourages liberals to use their sex
   appeal to seduce and bed George W. Bush supporters in exchange for a
   vote against the incumbent in the November Presidential election.

   Fuck The Vote (FTV) launched its website on July 4,
   2004 which invites its visitors to trade sex with conservatives in
   swing states for votes against George W. Bush in the November
   presidential election. FTVs strategy is to encourage visitors to
   download or print from the site a Pledge Sheet to be signed by any
   potential sexual partners before or after relations pledging to not
   vote for George W Bush in November 2004. The site does not endorse any
   particular presidential candidate it just simply opposes the
   re-instatement of George W. Bush. Additionally, FTV will promote and
   host a number of summertime activities. The first of these planned
   events will involve a number of hand selected liberal hotties
   traveling to swing states for sexual meetings with conservatives on a
   Swing-er-State Tour 2004  planned for late August, which the company
   will use to unveil its Tour Vancomplete with a convenient deployable
   bed for swingin on the runon a trip to the Republican National
   Convention. Models of liberal FTV swingers that will be traveling with
   the Bus Tour are shown on the site along with some personal
   information about each sexy man or woman.
   Resources available on the website include:
   A downloadable pledge sheet to be used before becoming physically
   intimate with a conservative, asking the signer to make a promise to
   vote for anyone but George W Bush in the November Presidential
    A dynamic map of the Swinger States® (swing states) and a tally of
   pledges reported by visitors to have been earned in each of the 50
   A live avatar based chat room and message board for conservatives and
   liberals to plan meetups.
   Fuck The Vote uses the power of liberal sex to sway conservative votes
   in the November presidential election. Fuck The Vote has a simple
   strategy, to use sex to fuck over George W. Bush and the conservative
   agenda literally.  FTV is based on two straightforward facts, liberals
   are hot awesome lays, and conservatives are desperate, sexually
   repressed, and willing to trade their vote for a good fuck. provides resources for liberals to use in locating,
   seducing, and (contractually) binding conservatives to vote for anyone
   other than George W Bush in the November election.
   The sites creators, a group known as Carbon Defense League
   (, are the same ones that came under an attack
   led by super retailer Wal-Mart for a website
   ( that allowed users to search a publicly created and
   manageable database online for products based on store or price and
   generate and print barcodes to be placed over products existing codes
   in stores to receive a different price. The site was shut down
   voluntarily due to mounting legal pressure.
   We are currently available for comment or follow-up.
   Contact: Nathan Hactivist
   Phone: 412-726-2338
   IM: MetaLuddite
   PO Box 81002
   Pittsburgh, PA 15217
   Carbon Defense League (CDL)
   Hactivist Tactical Media Network
   Do you Re-Code!?
   Re-Code! Shopping - Clip Barcodes, Not Coupons!
   Art is Not Terrorism
   FBI launches Grand Jury investigation of Critical Art Ensemble
   Trade Sex for Votes in Swing States
   F The Vote Launches website on July 4, 2004



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