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<nettime> Interview with the Winner

In 2004 Art.Teleportacia artist in residence Dragan Espenschied and his 
GRAVITY won the People's Voice at Webby Awards. Here is a short 
interview with him. Longer and older GRAVITY interview is still online.


ol: congratulations with people's voice.
drx: thank you and everybody else who has voted for GRAVITY.
ol: have you expected that you would win people's voice?
drx: i expected that i would win both: jury and people voting.
ol: why don't you have a webby awards winner button on your site?
drx: i looked on the webby awards site for it, but have not found it.
ol: have not they sent it to you by e-mail?
drx: no.
ol: have you looked in the junk folder?
drx: i did.
ol: and?
drx: it is not there.
ol: can it be it was attached to their congratulation letter?
drx: i never got any congratulation letter from the  webby awards. i was 
also not informed that my work was nominated.
ol:this is not nice. you have to pay 50$ to submit your applications, 
and they don't even inform or congratulate you.
drx: i have not applied and have not paid.
ol: that explains why they don't communicate with you!  they only send 
e-mails to those who applied and paid.
drx: and they nominate those who have not!
ol: right! now we know!
ol: and the last question: do u think "net art" was the right category 
drx: net art is a nice category, but  best practices,  music or travel 
would fit as well.

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