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FW: <nettime> Marion von Osten: email interview with Brian Holmes

-existent' workers are a necessity for mass producers,  particularily in the
production of our so called " cheap'' food. everytime we shop for food we
consolidate the "gap" which provides the illusion that we are living in a
decent and fair society. the end of ' the dictatorship of the proletariat",
or of unionised and regulated labour in this case, facilitates the
reproduction of  bonded slavery as a substitute for the proletariat.......

Our so called the best possible of worlds' will have soon its natural end.
Because of a simple mathematical law:

1) I produce and earn on export
2) I import at cheap prices food from countries where people do not earn
enough to pay what I want to export
3) I lend money to them so that they can buy what I sell
4) They go on working for nothing because I do not pay the food I import
5) They go bankruptcy and I follow them.

It is as simple as that. But it looks like it is nice and convenient not to
understand it.
If my neighbourghs makes money then he has enough to buy what I sell. We
both produce and exchange. We are both living in a world where the living
conditions are getting better and better.


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How can the immense majority of you still go on believing that we live

the best of possible worlds?

Mind the gap, my friends...

best, BH


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