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Re: Re[2]: <nettime> Marion von Osten: email interview with Brian Holmes

The question is on the productive forces and among these the exploitation of
the working force as the source of the surplus in the Marxist theory; in
fact, certain theorists do not admit that there is not the source of
priority profit today because to admit it asks another question: that of the
disappearance of Proletariat as revolutionary class.

Now we always look for a social category which could substitute itself for
it - for example in the service or the education - Everything depends on the
economic analysis which stays behind. At present there are the precarious
and the occasional working, because it seems whether the ideal condition of
the profit connected to the exploitation of labour in the neo-liberal
frame... Or the only question that we could ask for, from my little part to
tell it could be : And if it was not more the economy which presided over
the revolutionary question today but many other things - so so much is,
furthermore, that by revolution we can suddenly hear(understand) the other
thing(matter) than the grip of the power by a revolutionary class and the
question of the intermediate dictatorship - that of the aforementioned
revolutionary class? Et cetera...

In fact both time, on the other hand, the question would be also: what goes
away of utopia today, after all the dictatorships of Modernity, including
that one "of Proletariat" after all, when everything appears rather under
the day of atopia and of meta-politics?

Let us wait for the discovery of "Multitude" (without "s") Toni Negri's new
book, to see how he(it) résoud the disappearance of the "s" ( the " masses
" ) after "Empire" and if it will not deprive of us our autonomy to think,
at least it we éclairera-t ' he(it) this way...


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> Monday, March 22, 2004, 11:32:56 PM, i wrote:
> > to pay more to the worker would increase profit.
> should go this:
> to pay more to the worker would not increase profit.

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