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<nettime> RE: * state support for media culture in Croatia in disfavor with recently appointed right government

To add a small personal story from today: I call Office for international
affairs of Ministry of culture Croatia to check-out what is going on with my
individual application for a small-scale project from few weeks ago, as I
did not receive any reaction yet. I get an answer that minister of Culture -
Bozo Biskupic approving *all applications personally*! I asked about
[de]centralization of decision-making, competence on different art
disciplines and so on, but i have been told that we can discuss that in
private [on the coffee].

Btw mr Biskupic, this is his second term as a minister, after his despotism
during whole decade of the 1990s. Further on the subject, I will quote
myself [from Media art in Croatia, Institutions, events, data bases]:
The culture of networking and the existence of such structures in media art,
that recognize and give support to similar actions have yielded greater
results than the activities of a large centralized institution. The history
of institutions will show us a remarkable presence and topicality of the
tendencies within media art in their redefining forms during the 1960s and
70s, and the stagnation and almost complete isolation from the international
scene during the 1990s. Only since 2000 have media art production and the
social environment necessary for its existence, established new, positive
parameters and received certain recognition by cultural institutions that
provide funds for the realization of programs.
During the 1990s, years of war and transition, the Croatian artistic
production stagnated, with the exception of the continual tradition of video
art. Given the right-wing (retrograde and traditionally bound) official
cultural policy, the presentations of foreign media art became rare and the
scarce work of Croatian media art was the product of individual enthusiasm
without the support of institutions; it was mostly done abroad.


> From: Zeljko Blace <zblace@mi2.hr>
> Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 00:52:59 +0100 (MET)
> To: spectre@mikrolisten.de, nettime@nettime.org
> Subject: [spectre] * state support for media culture in Croatia in disfavor
> with recently appointed right government
> Dear friends and colleagues,
> on behalf of the Multimedia Institute (Zagreb, CROATIA)
> I would like to inform you of the decision made by the recently appointed
> right government and minister of Culture - Bozo Biskupic, to terminate
> Council for Media Culture and reduce the remaining councils to the role of
> advise giving bodies.

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