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<nettime> Re: nettime-l-digest V1 #1395

Xenophobia is not a approach that even begins to untangle the Ideological
questions we should be asking.  Water rights in the Southwest might be a
good start, or the vigilante migrant hunters of the Arizona Desert, or
perhaps at heart, the issues concerning immigration writ-large.  I dare
Huntington to look at whos getting killed on our Foreign Policy adventures
in the Middle East, I'm sure its not the Real American Protestants of
Harvard.  His ability to mix subtle classism into his account is stunning. 

Fixate your fear, and vitrolic language, on the Hispanics, they are the new
hordes you know.  This thinly veiled racism that he espouses is loathsome,
especially coming from his elite and influencial position.  I would
encourage anyone to take a trip to the older Southwest, New Mexico, El
Paso, because Huntington needs to leave his ivory tower, and I beg, Is the
"real America" Anglo-Protestant? 


On 21 Mar 2004, nettime-l-digest wrote: 
> nettime-l-digest    Sunday, March 21 2004    Volume 01 : Number 1395
> People may or may not agree with Huntington's 'clash of civilizations'
> thesis but he has raised very challenging questions about ideological
> conflict;  we'd do well to consider his points and not to demonize him by
> association.
> Eric

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