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<nettime> RE: Limits of Networking

1. Who is "we" ? When I hear "we" I go for my gun (paraphrasing Goebbels.)

2. Does anyone really think that the technological evolution and it's
proponents give a fuck what proles think (or about 'desires' of 'users') ? All
I see here is conservative ludditism, defending some imaginary times (I'd guess
mid-90-ties (+ mid 60-ties for old geezers), when parties & salaries,
respectively, were good) and bound to fail by definition.

3. Think of technology owners & elite as new mammals. You will either beat the
shit out of them or you will get extinct or enslaved (and maybe not even given
the choice). Yes, it's *them* as *you* obviously are not capable of building
technology, tools and weapons, you just nostalgically and impotently bullshit
about it. Owners (and sometimes builders) of technology are only one who
benefit. And they will not be bullshitted into giving it up. Where do *you*
people come up with all these consensual models where everyone gets to have a
say in the open city hall ... is propaganda that good ?

> > but to push technology into a hypertrophic state,
> further than it is meant to go. We must scale up, not
> unplug. Then, during the passage of technology into
> this injured, engorged, and unguarded condition, it
> will be sculpted anew into something better, something
> in closer agreement with the real wants and desires of
> its users.<

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