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Re: <nettime> WiReD: 'infectious blogs'

Would we expect the most-read bloggers to be the most
original thinkers? Although some of the top bloggers
are leading thinkers in their fields (Juan Cole comes
to mind ), in an era of
information overload a blog whose viewpoint you
identify with and trust serves more as an information
filter, helping to bring you choice bits of of the
kind of info you would look for on your own if you had
more time.

I enjoy reading Eschaton
and CalPundit but neither
Atrios nor Kevin Drum are experts in politics or any
of the other subjects they write about, rather they
are highly skilled at filtering through large amounts
of data and presenting their readers with a selection
of links to material that may interest them, more
editors than writers. Not all blogs are like this, but
these are two of the most widely read on the left
leaning side of things...


--- wrote:
> I thought this was great coming from WiReD:
> >The most-read webloggers aren't necessarily the
> ones with the most
> >original ideas, say researchers at Hewlett-Packard
> Labs....
> >"There is a lot of speculation that really
> important people are highly
> >connected, but really, we wonder if the highly
> connected people just
> >listen to the important people," said Lada Adamic,
> one of the four
> >researchers working on the project.

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