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<nettime> E-Government and Democracy Report, more e-democracy related content

E-Government and Democracy Report, World Summit Speech, More

* E-Government and Democracy: Representation and Citizen Engagement
in the Information Age

Download my recently released 40 page report from:

Commissioned to assist drafting of the United Nations World Public
Sector Report, this article articulates essential democratic outcomes
in e-government. Outcomes different from the usual notions of
cost-savings and service delivery.  The table of contents far below
lists the case examples.

Included are links to related articles and the new e-mail list for
e-government practitioners and experts interested in the democratic
opportunities of e-government.  To join this peer-to-peer knowledge
exchange, e-mail:

* Democratic Evolution or Virtual Civil War?

I put my http://E-Democracy.Org "civil society" hat on while speaking
at the Promise of E-Democracy side event at the World Summit on the
Information Society.  While my report above shares exceptional best
practices, my Geneva speech makes it clear that democratic will is
required to make what is possible - probable and universal.  Access my
text and the panel video, which included the Foreign Minister of Greece,
George Papandreou, Nicholas Negroponte, Stephen Coleman from Oxford
among others:

Also, the BBC World's Click-Online television program used the WSIS as
a back drop for a report and interview on e-democracy. See right column.

* Democracies Online Newswire, Top Ten Articles, Global E-Democracy
Trends Slides, E-Democracy.Org Technology

DoWire, the Democracies Online Newswire will under go some changes
this year as I integrate blogging technology into my content gathering.
The DoWire network now reaches 2600 people in over 80 countries.
Subscribe from:

My articles collection <> dating back
to 1993 now has a handy list of my top ten hits and the top articles
accessed in 2003:

As I head to speak in Mongolia (and perhaps Korea and Japan) in a
a week or so, my Global E-Democracy Trends slides updated for 2004 are
available at:

Finally, E-Democracy.Org (I'm the Board Chair) is recruiting the world's
top civic-minded techies to help us build our global platform for "local
up" citizen-based e-democracy. Help us help citizens join us as we start
our second decade of non-profit, non-partisan activity. Review our
technology notes and volunteer to help craft our project requirements
via our new E-Democracy Factory wiki:

If you haven't already, visit our U.S. election links starting point:

* That's all this year. What do you have to share?

I am always looking for new and interesting content to share with my
"primary source" DoWire network.  Content on DoWire is often appears in
major e-mail newsletters, blogs, and the media.  Help me keep the
influential DoWire network in the loop.  Send submissions to:


Steven Clift
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