Florian Cramer on Mon, 8 Mar 2004 15:14:10 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> RFC: nettime nominated for Golden Nica

I think Nettime wants nothing from Ars Electronica; rather, it is
Ars Electronica which is interested to launch its new "digital
community" award in a respectable fashion. I know from other sources,
btw., that Nettime is not the only selfmade net cultural community
which has been asked to run for the new AE price.

However, I fully support the idea of the Nettime moderation team to use
the (hypothetical) Euros from an AE award to support thing.net which has
done an excellent job to host independent projects, never shying away 
from legal and political pressure. This should be reason enough for
Nettime to participate in the award competition. At the festival,
Nettime likewise could be "represented" by those who run thing.net.
> Your entry must include:
>      - project description (3.000 characters maximum)

[Quote from www.nettime.org]

nettime mailing lists - mailing lists for networked cultures,
politics, and tactics

>      - project basics

>From Geert Lovink's and Pit Schultz' 1998 Nettime charta, modified by
Ted Byfield and Felix Stalder in 1999:

 <nettime> is not just a mailing list but an effort to formulate an
 international, networked discourse that neither promotes a dominant
 euphoria (to sell products) nor continues the cynical pessimism, spread
 by journalists and intellectuals in the 'old' media who generalize
 about 'new' media with no clear understanding of their communication
 aspects.  we have produced, and will continue to produce books,
 readers, and websites in various languages so an 'immanent' net critique
 will circulate both on- and offline.

 <nettime> is slightly moderated.

>      - web address of the project


>      - project details: object and cultural-geographic context, 
>        outline of the project's origin, development and history 
>        to-date, type and extent of the (groups of) individuals 
>        currently involved, technological basis, etc.

Continued from the above charta:

 the formation of the nettime group goes back to spring 1995. A first
 meeting called <nettime> was organized in june 1995, at the Venice
 Bienale, as a part of the Club Berlin event. The list itself took of the
 fall. A first compilation on paper appeared in January 1996, at the second
 Next Five Minutes events (the so-called ZKP series). The list organized
 its own conference in Ljubljana in May 1997, called 'The Beauty and the
 East'. A nettime anthology came out in november 1998: Readme!, published
 by the New York publishing house Autonomedia (www.autonomedia.org).

>      - technical information: objective, statement of the problem 
>        being addressed, solution and features, fields of application, 
>        concrete areas of implementation, potential users and 
>        beneficiaries, licensing type, system environment, 
>        technological basis, etc.

Continued from the above charta:

    plain ascii, max 72 chars, no MIME-attachements, binhex, uuencode,
    etc.  maximum size: 40.000 bytes (please split bigger texts)

 copyright policy:
    forwarding via e-mail is allowed if the footer is included;
    for republishing on a web or ftp site, contact with the authors
    is recommended. when republishing in paper media, or if money
    changes hands, permission from the author(s) is obligatory.

 * <nettime> is a way to reach a large group of active cultural
   producers. feel free to invite new subscribers or to suggest them
   by simply sending a mail to the list-owner.

 * you can use <nettime> as a forwarding channel, a social text filter,
   for own texts, found texts, requests, announcements. if you are
   unsure whether something might be appropriate, look through the
   archives at <http://www.nettime.org/> to get a sense of the list's
   range since its inception.

 * questions, comments, criticism are welcome!
   please direct them to nettime@bbs.thing.net

>      - statement of reasons why the submitted project deserves to 
>        win a prize in the "Digital Communities" category

Because Nettime has been asked by AE to submit itself to the
competition.  Everything else should be judged by the Ars Electronica jury.

>      - resources: if you want to send supporting information in 
>        digital form (eg. the complete, unabridged version of the 
>        text; scientific,  scholarly or theoretical texts about the 
>        project; media coverage  and published reactions or
>        illustrations) that are important for  evaluating your 
>        project, please send them (as files in the formats  doc, 
>        rtf or pdf, tif, eps, jpg, max. 5 MB) to the following address: 
>        communities@prixars.aec.at


> Please indicate the name of the submitter and the title  of the project in the
> mail!
>      - submitter: information about the person submitting the entry 

Submitted by the subscribers of Nettime c/o The Thing New York

>      - biography
>      - 1 portrait of the author as a file on CD in the following 
>        formats: tif, eps, jpg (jpg, eps only at maximum quality), 
>        300 dpi (in sizes ranging up to 7x10 cm). Please also 
>        include hardcopies!

In our view, this cannot be done by a community, unless we make
Nettime a multiple identity project in the style of Monty Cantsin, Karen
Eliot and Luther Blissett, which would require morphing one image from
photographs of all Nettime members.

We therefore enter a reproduction of Malevich's black square as a a
collective portrait of Nettime.



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