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Re: <nettime> from venezuelan digests [bello, fusco]

"nettime's_isla_bonita" <> writes:

>> Many people have been intoxicated by tear gas whilst some others
>> have been wounded by buckshot. Neighbours in Altamira, El Paraiso
>> and Horizonte reported yesterday that the National Guard was using
>> live ammunition.  It has to be borne in mind that the constitution
>> explicitly prohibits the usage of tear gas and rubber bullets to
>> control public demonstrations (Art.  68)

The article refers to peaceful demonstrations, not public
demonstrations.  I am not qualified to either judge the
"peacefullness" of the demonstrators who have been dispersed with
tear-gas, and I'm highly suspect of all media reports on the topic
regardless of source.  In my own experience here (partcipating in
demonstrations with teargas and other forms of police violence) in the
US, second-hand accounts of those chaotic circumstances are
untrustworthy.  First-hand accounts should be scrutinized as well.  As
the street-medic mantra goes, "If you didn't see it, it didn't

Article 68

 Art\x{00ED}culo 68. Los ciudadanos y ciudadanas tienen derecho a
 manifestar, pac\x{00ED}ficamente y sin armas, sin otros requisitos
 que los que establezca la ley.

 Se proh\x{00ED}be el uso de armas de fuego y sustancias t\x{00F3}xicas
 en el control de manifestaciones pac\x{00ED}ficas. La ley
 regular\x{00E1} la actuaci\x{00F3}n de los cuerpos policiales y de
 seguridad en el control del orden p\x{00FA}blico.

unofficial english translation:

 Article 68: Citizens have the right to demonstrate, peacefully and
 without weapons, subject only to such requirements as may be
 established by law. The use of firearms and toxic substances to
 control peaceful demonstrations is prohibited.  The activity of police
 and security corps in maintaining public order shall be regulated by

Sincerely, Craig Brozefsky <>

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