Michael Gurstein on Fri, 5 Mar 2004 06:58:16 +0100 (CET)

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FW: <nettime> The State of Networking (with Florian Schneider)

The State of my networking--Mar. 4, 2004


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Your Network of Trusted Professionals
You are at the center of your LinkedIn Network. Your connections can
help you make contact with 79,000+ professionals - here's how your
network breaks down:

Your Connections
Your trusted friends and colleagues 6 
Two degrees away
Friends-of-friends; each is connected to one of your connections 300+ 
Three degrees away
Reach them through a friend and one of their friends 8600+ 
Four degrees away
The broadest group, reach them through a chain of referrals 70,000+ 
Total users contactable through a trusted referral: 79,000+ 
Your network also includes 13,300+ users who can be contacted without a
referral. In total you can reach 92,400+ professionals. 

More About Your Network
New users since your last login: 19631 
Most connected user: 1575 connections 
Job seekers: 45,900+ 
Contractors: 51,600+ 
Deal makers: 62,900+ 
Your industry:

Information Technology and Services: 10,900+ users 
Top industries:

Computer Software (17%) 
Information Technology and Services (12%) 
Internet (7%) 
Telecommunications (7%) 
Management Consulting (6%) 
Marketing and Advertising (4%) 
Venture Capital & Private Equity (4%) 
Financial Services (2%) 
Law Practice (2%) 
Computer Networking (2%) 
Your region:

Greater New York City Area: 7900+ users 
Top regions:

San Francisco Bay Area (19%) 
Greater New York City Area (9%) 
United Kingdom (8%) 
Greater Boston Area (6%) 
Washington D.C. Metro Area (4%) 
Greater Los Angeles Area (4%) 
France (3%) 
Israel (3%) 
Canada (3%) 
Finland (2%) 
 About Your Network
Your Network is the group of professionals you can contact through your
connections, and those users more than four degrees away from you who
have decided to accept contacts without referral.

On this page, you can see statistics about your network, including its
top regions and industries. You can also see how many users are
reachable through your connections, and how many are reachable without

Your network grows every time you invite a new friend or colleague to
join it. Each friend you invite brings their own connections, adding to
the professionals you can contact for your own needs. Invite connections
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