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Re: <nettime> net.art as Collectors Object
Peter Luining on Thu, 29 Jan 2004 11:24:23 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> net.art as Collectors Object

Cornelia> Net Art as Collectors' Object -
Cornelia> How Smart Artists Make the Machine do the Work

Cornelia> With the purchase of artist Cornelia Sollfrank's net.art generator
Cornelia> 'nag_04', the Sammlung Volksfürsorge becomes a pioneering art collector.

In the first place congrats. What I always understood is that being
bought by important collectors or into a private collection is the
best recognition that a German artist can get. And it's interesting to
know that also private collectors in Germany start to begin to develop
interest in net art.

Furthermore I have to admit that I'm also a little bit disappointed
because I had different expectations of what would follow after I read
the subject: net.art as Collectors Object.
Though, what I said earlier, the purchase of net.art generator by the
the Sammlung Volksfürsorge is interesting, net art is already much the
longer the subject of interest collectors and museums. Below some
history (that is far from complete) about net art as collector's
object that could be of interest for anybody who's interested in this

Since 1998, first netart gallery art by Olia Lialina
The work "If You Want to Clean Your Screen" was in 1999 sold to
entropy8zuper and can be found on their site site

Since 2000, artcart.de a German based net art gallery that sells
amongst others net art works of artists like Valery Grancher, Blank &
Jeron and Heath Bunting. They do artfairs like Art Frankfurt and did
collaborate with galleries like Haines Gallery (San Francisco, USA).

In 2001 Doron Golan started to buy and collect net art works and put
them on his site Computer Fine Arts. Since 2003 the computerfinearts
net collection is permanently hosted by The Rose Goldsen Archive of
New Media Art.

In 2002 the Guggenheim (New York) aquires Mark Napier's work net.flag
and John Simon's Unfolding Object.

Anyone who wants to extend this list is welcome :)


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