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RE: <nettime> UAV-SUV-DNA
J Armitage on Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:10:46 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: <nettime> UAV-SUV-DNA

Jordan, nettimers

Re: "What new terms can we use to describe these
military-industrial-entertainment clusters?  We need a way to hold warfare
and business together as part of one mechanism, rather than analyzing each

I can think of at least two that are currently in circulation:

1) James Der Derian's rather awkward
'Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network' (MIME-NET) in his
_Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network_
(Westview Press, 2001)


2) Paul Virilio's a) 'Military-Scientific Complex' and b) 'Pentagon
Capitalism', both to be found in his _Strategy of Deception_ (Verso, 2000).

I realize that is actually 3 terms to describe the phenomenon you are trying
to identify! No doubt there are others out there too??

Best wishes


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