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Table of Contents:

   fibreculture 2003 - fibrepower: register now !                                  
     "M/C - Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>                             

   call for tapes                                                                  
     Rebecca Wilson <rebecca {AT} n5m.org>                                                

   Kuechenradio - June 22nd, 2003                                                  
     "Kunstradio" <kunstradio {AT} thing.at>                                              

   Unlikely Encounters (Hamburg): congress timetable                               
     "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                

   WAR SUCKS :If you liked Disobbedienti...                                        
     Sonar Radar <intothegloaming {AT} yahoo.com>                                         

   Negotiations: Panels and Workshops - June 20-June 29                            
     Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>                                                     

   Women on Waves Exhibition at Mediamatic Amsterdam                               
     Noortje Schmit <noortje {AT} mediamatic.nl>                                          

   Conference: The State of the Real                                               
     Damian Sutton <d.sutton {AT} gsa.ac.uk>                                              

   S H A R E . T V                                                                 
     =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?eyescratch=99?= <eyescratch {AT} t0.or.at>                          

   Fwd: Electrofringe Festival Call for Screen Works.                              
     "dr.woooo" <dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org>                                             

   THIS IS NOT A :Second Week                                                      
     TINA Collective <warsucksseries {AT} yahoo.com>                                      

   [ZEROGLAB]  NANOFESTIVAL UPDATES  18-6-03                                       
     "Karoly Toth" <are {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                   

   Salloum installation  {AT}  Gallery 101, Ottawa                                      
     JSalloum {AT} aol.com                                                                

   IASPM Montreal -- DJ.cultures in the academe.mix ..                             
     "tobias c. van Veen" <tobias {AT} rhizome.org>                                       


Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:57:20 +1000
From: "M/C - Media and Culture" <mc {AT} media-culture.org.au>
Subject: fibreculture 2003 - fibrepower: register now !

:: fibrepower ::
:: Currents in Australasian New Media Research and Internet Culture ::

July 11, 12, 13th:::Brisbane::Powerhouse::::::::

:: fibreculture :: in association with critical new media studies sections
in universities across Brisbane, invites you to a meeting in July 2003 on
theory, policy, practice, and education in New Media and the Internet. The
meeting, :: fibrepower :: Currents in Australian Internet Research and
Culture will bring together practitioners in the academy and industry from
around Australia and New Zealand to participate in critically informed
debates about new media and its cultures. It follows the ANZCA03
conference (see http://www.bgsb.qut.edu.au/conferences/ANZCA03/index.html
- 9-11 July at QUT Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane).

:: Theme of the 2003 Fibreculture Meeting :: fibrepower ::

In academic and popular discourses, new media, the Internet, and 'virtual
reality' are often described as just this - a 'virtual' reality, an Other,
a 'cyberspace' which is somehow disconnected from the 'real' and secondary
to 'life' experiences and issues. It is rarely accepted in the dominant
Internet discourses of commercial and social culture that the truth is
vastly different. New media and networked technologies currently pervade
our lives and connect us ever more closely and solidly as citizens of
networked society.

If information and knowledge, in the new economy, are 'power', then the
copper, optical, or wireless fibres spanning the networks are conduits for
this power; they are full of power, and powerful. Their daily influence
and the network's influence on human society is real and tangible.
::fibreculture:: wants to address this continued insistence on
conceptualising networked life and Internet cultures as a separate,
second- rate or exotic reality, a dichotomy which obscures fact and
prevents any in-depth engagement with and critique of the power of 'fibre'
over and in our everyday lives.

Set in a literal and figurative locus of power from the previous,
industrial, era, the :: fibrepower :: meeting will engage with a range of
themes that disclose the unseen power of fibre-culture in the
informational age. Outcomes of this event will include a high profile
public forum, an online publication of refereed articles, and deeper
connections between new media industries, the academy and others. The
meeting will be held at the Brisbane Powerhouse from July 11-13, 2003.

(For reports from past fibreculture meetings and updates on fibreculture
2003, please see the Website at http://www.fibreculture.org/.)

Special Public Discussion Forum:

- -- Friday night (from 8 p.m.; registration from 7 p.m.)
:: Fibrepower in the Regions
:: Public Discussion Headed by Gerard Goggin
:: Involving Guest Speakers, Panellists, Q&A and Other Interaction

In Australasia regional and rural areas continue to miss out on reliable
and fast access to the global networks. This contributes significantly to
the growing digital divide, and carries important implications for public
and private policy. How can we increase the fibrepower of the regions, and
what are current examples of best practice?

Gerard Goggin (g.goggin {AT} uq.edu.au) is a postdoctoral research fellow in
the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Queensland. He
is writing a book entitled *Networked Imaginings: A Cultural History of
Australian Internet*, and has long had an interest in rural and regional
internet and telecommunications (not least from living in the country

:: Introduction to the Fibreculture List :: Open Session, M/C
Collaboration, fc Webjournal, and other activities :: Geert Lovink, David
Teh, Axel Bruns, and other FC facilitators

The Friday night special public forum will be followed by the opening of
the fc03 new media art exhibition :: digital literacies :: and music.

:: Digital Literacies :: New Media Arts Exhibition
:: Curated by Jane Turner and Linda Carroli

In conjunction with the conference, fibreculture and fAf are offering an
online gallery space set up as an opportunity for exploration by artists to
explore critical literacies and conference themes.

An A4 gallery of resonant works will also be displayed at the conference
venue providing opportunity for practitioners and all to respond visually
to the conference themes both beforehand and during the discussions.


- -- Saturday (from 9 a.m.; registration from 8 a.m.)
:: Intellectual Property - Intellectual Possibilities
:: Information Warfare
:: Wired Geopolitics

:: Warchalking Walk - Methods & Details
   Bring laptop with a wireless modem installed.
   Anyone with knowledge, please attend. 

- -- Sunday (from 10 a.m.; registration from 9 a.m.)
:: The Internet Is Not Virtual
:: Teaching Fibrepower
:: Open Session

Session Heads will soon be posting more detailed statements on their
respective sessions to the list, asking for 'Position Statements' from 
list members. There are no formal academic papers given. 
Positions should be posted with 'POS' in the subject header.

Registration details:

Three-day meeting registration includes attendance at all sessions,
lunches, morning and afternoon teas. All prices include GST. 

:: Three-day registration

:: Opening nite forum and art exhibition only

(Prices are for students and other concession cardholders / non-students.)

Registration forms will be available from the fibreculture Website shortly:
Late registration will be possible at the meeting.
Cheques, cash and money orders only, thank you.

Everyone is welcome, but please do subscribe 
to the fibreculture mailing list!
See http://www.fibreculture.org/ for details. 

Meeting Sponsors:

QUT Creative Industries Faculty
UQ Media and Cultural Studies Centre
M/C - Media and Culture
fineArt forum
Australian Network for Art and Technology
Brisbane Powerhouse for the Arts



:: fibreculture:: is a collaborative network of Australasian academics,
postgrads, scientists, IT professionals, curators, writers, journalists,
activists and new media artists committed to the openness and intellectual
autonomy of wired Australia. The aims of :: fibreculture :: are to promote
excellence in Internet theory and culture at the level of tertiary
education, but also to foster creative collaboration with industry, support
critique, and influence cultural policy on social and political issues of
relevance and importance. The :: fibreculture :: mailing list and Website
were started by David Teh and Geert Lovink.

On behalf of Molly Hankwitz, Geert Lovink, and myself,

- -- 
                                                             / /|_
http://snurb.info/                                      \ \ / /~|_)
snurb {AT} snurb.info - Dr Axel Bruns, Brisbane, Australia    \ X /  |_)


Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 15:49:29 +0200
From: Rebecca Wilson <rebecca {AT} n5m.org>
Subject: call for tapes

Please forward to others who might be interested


International Festival for Tactical Media
Amsterdam, 11 - 14 September 2003


The Next 5 Minutes is a festival that brings together art,
campaigns, experiments in media, technology, and
transcultural politics. The fourth edition of the festival is
the result of a collaborative effort of a variety
of organisations, initiatives and individuals dispersed

We are looking for films, videotapes, dvd's and cd¹s.
We are interested in media, created with a specific social,
cultural or political agenda. Media of crisis, criticism and
opposition. Media that provide an antidote to the world
as we see it represented in mainstream media and
current geopolitics.

The productions that you will send to us will become part
of the so-called media-library, which can be accessed
by any participant during the festival.
Afterwards they will become part of the Next 5 Minutes
Visual Archive, which is kept at the International Institute
for Social History in Amsterdam.

Contributions can be selected for special screenings  at
the festival, for broadcasting on local cable tv and for
broadband internet distribution, in which case we will ask
your specific permission. You will receive a programme
book in which the dates and spaces of these special
screenings will be listed.

You will also receive the festival reader and the
media-library catalogue.

We will accept contributions on all carriers (SVHS, Betacam,
cd-rom, miniDV, dvd, pal/ntsc/secam, 16mm, 35mm, etc.
VHS welcome but not preferred). Any length, any language.

Further details and entry form:  http://www.n5m.org

Looking forward to your submissions,
with kind regards,

the editorial team for film and video of The Next 5 Minutes 4

Next 5 Minutes 4 Production Office
De Balie, Center for Politics and Culture
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
cinema {AT} n5m.org

Next 5 Minutes 4 : http://www.n5m.org
N5M4editorial mailing list
N5M4editorial {AT} balie.nl

- ------ End of Forwarded Message


Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 16:19:41 +0200 (CEST)
From: "Kunstradio" <kunstradio {AT} thing.at>
Subject: Kuechenradio - June 22nd, 2003

Sunday, 22 June, 2003 - 12 a.m. - 12 p.m. (10:00 - 8:00 GMT)

on air - on line - on site

on air: Juniradio, Berlin, 104.1 FM
on line: http://kunstradio.at, http://www.juniradio.net
on site: AROMAT, Margaretenstrasse 52, A-1040 Vienna, http://arom.at

alien productions, Tina Bepperling, Markus Hammer, Marlene Haring, Ursula
Hummel, Bernhard Loibner, Stefan Lugbauer, Marianne Maderna, Jörg
Piringer, Klaus Taschler, Uli Troyer, Eva Wohlgemuth a.o.

On Sunday, June 22nd, from midday to midnight, OE1 Kunstradio will send a
12-hour-contribution for Juniradio dealing with the topics kitchen, radio,
dining, cooking. Juniradio (on air in Berlin from June 8 to 30 on the
frequency 104.1 FM) is a pilot project to help establish a lasting free
and open radio in Berlin.

The radio and streaming event will take place at the soup-kitchen-bar
AROMAT in Vienna. On site, visitors will hear and see live performances by
invited artists. They have also been asked to select pieces from the
Kunstradio Archive and so they will create a highly individual acoustic
cross section from 15 years of radio art on Kunstradio - Radiokunst.
Sounds and images from the performances - which include cross-reading
recipes, slogan searching in alphabet soup and tea-time rituals - are sent
to Berlin via the internet where the audio stream will go on air an can be
listened to on Juniradio.

Juniradio is a free and open radio that will broadcast from June 8 until
June 30 2003, 24 hours per day, on 104.1 FM in Berlin and as a live stream
on the internet. Juniradio is a free radio since it lacks the commercial
or institutional constraints that, in Berlin and elsewhere, prevent almost
anything unforseeable from happening on the radio, and it is an open radio
since it will not be produced by editors, professionals or experts, but by
a wide network of local and international groups, initiatives and

Juniradio will be a political radio as well, since it addresses a certain
social imagination: the desire and the demand for a permanent free and
open radio in Berlin that would not emerge as a speculation about a
defined market niche or target group, but as a bet on real, meaningful and
productive connections. Connections between the artistic, political, or
whatever work of the participants, as well as, finally, connections
between the production and the consumption of radio, and between the radio
program and the life of the people.

- -- 
ORF Kunstradio
Argentinierstr. 30a
A - 1040 Wien


Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 08:21:04 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: Unlikely Encounters (Hamburg): congress timetable

From: <UnlikelyPress {AT} parkfiction.org>
Invitation to the international congress

Park Fiction presents: Unlikely Encounters in Urban Space

Hamburg St. Pauli, Reeperbahn 1.
June 26 - 29, 2003

The congress will give groups from various countries and fields of work the
possibility to join discussions and establish connections and relationships
between various practises and objectives.

All events take place at the congress room at Reeperbahn 1, if not otherwise
The discussions and presentations in the congress rom will be simultaneously
translated in german/ english, except for the Welcome Announcement and the
daily Heure Fixe.

* * *

Wednesday, June 25

17.00 meeting at the Park Fiction exhibition, Reeperbahn 1, guided tour
through the gentrified area "Schanzenviertel" and the "Rote Flora".
Kathrin Wildner, Andreas Blechschmidt

* * *

Thursday, June 26
special guest / structure support: Jochen Becker

10.00 doors open
10.30 welcome by the team
11.00 Sarai Media Lab / Delhi
videos, sounds, images from the "cybermohallah" and other Sarai projects on
the cities of everydaylife
Joy Chatterjee, Shveta Sarda, Shuddhabrata Sengupta
13.00 "walking and writing the city" / project presentation
children from St. Pauli school, Shveta Sarda, Joy Chatterjee, Frank John,
Christoph Schäfer
14.00 lunch break
15.00 Ligna / Hamburg
on "radio ballet" and free radio practice
Ole Frahm, Michael Hüners, Torsten Michaelsen
17.30 guided tours in small groups through the Park Fiction exhibition
19.00 walk to the Park Fiction area with a special appearance of the
Schwabinggrad Ballet
23.00 Stoertebeker, Bernhard Nocht Strasse 16
"Lightpeople in the swamp of the sun"
Stephan Dillemuth
videoperformance / video with meat inlay
60 min /2002 / english version
After years of researching the reform movement, the art professor has been
drawn deeper and deeper into the swamp of the light and ark sides of the
early avantgarde movements, the nudist culture, and the free scouts
movement. Brilliant and fast, Dillemuth changes roles and costumes, striving
through places and history of the life reform experiments. Those movements
aimed at the fusion of life and art. Before sinking into hippiesk and
nazi-esoteric harmony, the artist saves himself by hard cuts, sharp irony
and rock performances at the acoustic guitar...

* * *

Friday, June 27
special guest / structure support: Eva Sturm

10.00 heure fixe
11.00 Ala Plastica / La Plata
Silvina Babich, Alejandro Meitin, Rafael Santos
13.00 lunch break
14.00 Galerie für Landschaftkunst / Hamburg
Till Krause, Sonja Gehrung, Rikke Salomo
17.00 Oh no! This is not part of the Masterplan
Virtuality and reality of the HafenCity - an evening from information to
Joachim Häfele, Sonja Nielbock, Jelka Plate, Schwabinggrad Ballett, mobile
bar, DJ Feucht
The evening starts in the official HafenCity InfoCentre. We will have a look
at the model for " the largest European urban development project" and the
image created to sell it, consisting of virtual bustours, futuristic zombies
of the New Economy and some little glazed towers. Background information
will be served and we are having a short walk around the area ending at one
of the big empty sandy spaces at the waterfront. This will be our place for
tonight: Schwabinggrad Ballett in concert, mobile bar with best drinks and
food, DJ Feucht playing music.
17.00 HafenCity Infocentre Kesselhaus
18.00 Walk through the HafenCity
20.00 Dinner at Strandkai
22.00 Schwabinggrad Ballett in concert
23.00 mobile bar with DJ Feucht

* * *
Saturday, June 28
special guest/structure support: Sabeth Buchmann

10.00 heure fixe
11.00 Cantieri Isola / Office for Urban Transformation / Milano
Bert Theis, Mariette Schiltz
13.00 lunch break
14.00 Maclovio Rojas / Borderhack / Tijuana
Luis Humberto Rosales, Christoph Twickel
22.00 nightly harbour tour dealing with blind passengers, migration and the
Reimer Dohrn
starting from: landing stage fischmarkt, limited to 50 persons, please
register at the congress

* * *

Sunday, June 29

11.00 expertbase / Munich, Berlin, Hamburg
present their campaign "freedom of communication, freedom of movement"
Frank John, Susanne Lang, Florian Schneider
13.00 final discussion with open end

* * *

Park Fiction presents: Unlikely Encounters in Urban Space
Exhibition of the Park Fiction Documenta11 Installation: June 19 - July 6,
2003, daily from 12 am to 10 pm.
International congress: June 26 - 29, 2003
Hamburg St. Pauli, Reeperbahn 1.


Backed by 'Hafenrandverein fuer selbstbestimmtes Leben und Wohnen auf
St.Pauli, e.V.' Sponsored by 'kulturstiftung des bundes'


Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 02:07:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sonar Radar <intothegloaming {AT} yahoo.com>
Subject: WAR SUCKS :If you liked Disobbedienti...

You love next week's film!

Closing Night of WAR SUCKS!


Tuesdays _ 9PM
16 June - 1 July 2003
Star Shoes
6364 Hollywood Boulevard
(east of Cahuenga)
Hollywood, CA 
$3 Donation 

NIGHTS OF EXPERIMENTATION... www.project-ion.tv

<<Screening>> T U E S D A Y, 1 J U L Y at 9 PM

PAINT IT BLACK: anarchism, urban uprising and the
mainstream news media
by Jessica Lawless

This film is a response to the mainstream media's
portrayal of anarchists and anarchism since the
international anti-corporate globalization protests
that captured media attention during the demonstations
against the WTO meeting in Seattle, 1999.

Author's Note: This film serves as a American
counter-balance to Oliver Ressler's informative
documentary. And we are lucky enough to have the
filmmaker Jessica Lawless in the house!

for further information:
Grace Aplomb at warsucksseries {AT} yahoo.com.


THIS IS NOT A :Collective was founded in 2001 in order
to conceive new parameters for developing, criticizing
and enjoying culture in the occidental diaspora. Our
use of this opportunity, or purpose is threefold: to
provide information and create discourse on all the
salient issues in our contemporary cultural debate -
from sustainability to globalization, from status quo
to avant garde; to create and facilitate contemporary
media, whether old or new; and to cement our era in
history as a period of renaissance and  renewal.

Do you Yahoo!?
SBC Yahoo! DSL - Now only $29.95 per month!


Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:54:46 -0400
From: Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>
Subject: Negotiations: Panels and Workshops - June 20-June 29

Please post widely.

|   June 19 - June 29, 2003
|   Complete programme at:
|   http://negotiations2003.net
|   Friday June 20 to Sunday June 22
|   Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave
|   Join us for an exciting series of screenings that explore the 
historical and global significance of the on-going conflict in 
Palestine-Israel, and challenge us to formulate ethical responses 
around issues of Indigenous peoples' right to land, resources, 
citizenship, self-determination and cultural identity.
|  SHOOT BACK WITH VIDEO (workshop, Fri. June 20 1:30-4:30, Innis) Free event
|  ON SITE (meet the artists, Sat. June 21, 12-1, A Space Gallery) Free event
|  THE PRICE OF OLIVES (workshop, Sat. June 21, 1-4, A Space Gallery) 
Free event
|  LAND WITHOUT SOIL, ART WITHOUT ARTWORK (panel discussion & screening,
Sat. June  21 , 5:30 - 7 pm, Innis) $5 or pay-what-you-can
|  MEETING GROUNDS (public forum, Sun. June 22, 3 - 6 pm Innis) Free event
|  MAPPING THE ROADS (panel discussion, Tues June 24, 7 - 10 pm, OISE) Free
|  COME OUT FOR PALESTINE! (public art workshop, Wed. June 25, 1:30 - 5 pm 519
Community Centre) Free event.
|  PRIDE (Marches, Sat. June 28 and Sun. June 29, 2 pm, Streets of Toronto)
|   For full description of events please check:
|   http://negotiations2003.net
|  SHOOT BACK WITH VIDEO | Hands-on Wokshop in video production and
media activism
|  Friday June 20  |  1:30 - 4:30 pm
|  Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave.  |  Free event
|  Learn about the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and
contribute your knowledge of activism and art to the production of a
section of the Video Petition Project.
|  Facilitated by AER (Artist Emergency Response)
|  ON SITE |  Meet the Artists
|  Saturday June 21  |  12 -1 pm
|  A Space Gallery  |  Free event
|  Meet participating artists including Shahrzad Arshadi, Haggai
Kupermitz, Josee Lambert, Ilana Salama Ortar, Galia Shapira, Stephen
Wright, Artist Emergency Response and Negotiations Working Group.
|  THE PRICE OF OLIVES |  Creative Workshop
|  Saturday June 21  |  1 - 4 pm
|  A Space Gallery  |  Free event
|   What does it take to grow olives in Occupied Palestine? What does
it take to bring them here?  With your participation and through a
fair trade of stories and facts, ideas and labour, we will build the
Olive Fair installation, our contribution to the WILL exhibit, and
explore what it takes to build an accountable politics of solidarity.
|  With: Nahil Aweidah
|  Facilitated by: Negotiations Working Group. http://olivefair.net
|  LAND WITHOUT SOIL, ART WITHOUT ARTWORK  |  Panel Discussion & Screening
|  Saturday June  21  |  5:30 - 7 pm
|  Innis Town Hall  |  $5 or pwyc
|  Is it possible to address the perceptual geopolitics of partition
using art-related habitus and skills while avoiding the pitfalls of
"picture politics?" The screening of Ilana Salama Ortar's short
documentary film, Adamut/Lands [Israel 2003, 12min, DV], and the
ensuing presentation will be the occasion to examine the veritable
use-value of art in a political framework.
|   With: Ilana Salama Ortar & Stephen Wright
|   Facilitator: Sara Matthews
|  MEETING GROUNDS  |  Public Forum
|  Sunday June 22  |  3 - 6 pm
|  Innis Town Hall  |  Free event
|  This forum constitutes a moment to think through, substantiate and
enable the actualisation of new parameters for peace in
Palestine-Israel. The artist, curators and activists on this panel
will reflect on their own work in relation to the questions with
which we began our project. A just and viable peace requires a
commitment to co-labouring across divides. Our contention is that
such a co-labouring necessitates ethically responsible practices of
solidarity. We envision this moment as an opportunity to work through
these issues critically.
|  With: Shahrzad Arshadi, Michel Khleifi, Steven Loft, Galia Shapira
|  Eyal Sivan, Badea Warwar, Stephen Wright and
|  Artist Emergency Response.
|  Moderators: Hanadi Loubani & Elena Basile
|  MAPPING THE ROADS  |  Panel Discussion
|  Tuesday June 24  |  7 - 10 pm
|  Room 4-422, OISE, 252 Bloor St. W.  |  Free event
| In this panel, the feminist Dialogue group composed by Women for
Palestine (WFP) and the Jewish Women's Committee to End the
Occupation (JWCEO) will focus on the U.S. proposed Road Map.
Panelists will engage in difficult topics such a Zionism,
anti-semitism, colonialism, Indigenous people's rights, and the
Palestinian refugees' right to return, committing to the imperative
of negotiating not in spite of difference, but precisely because of
|  With:
|  Hanadi Loubani & Shadi Eskandani (WFP)
|  Rachel Gorman & Sue Goldstein (JWCEO)
|  Facilitator: Gita Hashemi
|  COME OUT FOR PALESTINE!  |  Public Art Workshop
|  Wednesday June 25  |  1:30 - 5 pm
|  519 Community Centre,  519 Church St.  |  Free event
|  Put the politic back into pride. Join with other community and
political activists to paint, sew, draw, print and splash that dull
parade with the passion it is missing. Come in solidarity with Salaam
Toronto: Queer Muslim Community, to support the struggle of
Palestinians for self-determination, and to support the fight of both
Palestinian and Israeli Jewish activists for a just peace. There is
no pride in occupation.
|  With: Blair Kuntz, Rachel Rosen, Raven Rowanchilde
|  Facilitator: Sue Goldstein
|  PRIDE  |  Marches
|  Saturday June 28 and Sunday June 29  |  2 pm
|  Streets of Toronto
| Creative Response and other community organizations will join
forces with Salaam Toronto for the Dyke March on Saturday and the
Queer Pride parade on Sunday. For information on locations check
|   For full description of events please check:
|   http://negotiations2003.net
|   Direct questions to:
|   <info {AT} negotiations2003.net>
|   Tickets and passes (limited number) available at:
|   Toronto Women's Bookstore
|   73 Harbord St.
|   Another Story
|   164 Danforth Ave.
|   416 462 1104
|   Pages Books and Magazines
|   256 Queen St. W.
|   416 598 1447
|  Negotiations is a Creative Response Initiative
|   http://creativeresponseweb.net
|   Any proceeds from the event will be donated to
|   the International Solidarity Movement


Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:37:49 +0200
From: Noortje Schmit <noortje {AT} mediamatic.nl>
Subject: Women on Waves Exhibition at Mediamatic Amsterdam

- --============_-1156107026==_ma============
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=46rom 13th July to 24th August inclusive, Mediamatic Supermarkt 
Amsterdam is presenting a unique exhibition by Women on Waves, with 
new installations by Willem Velthoven, the WoW mobile abortion clinic 
by Atelier van Lieshout and pictures of the most recent expedition 
with the abortion boat, which by then will just have been completed.


The projects initiated by Women on Waves transcend boundaries; not 
only between countries but also between different professional 
domains such as law, medicine, seafaring, art and literature.
One important aim of Women on Waves is to create public awareness. In 
addition to the campaigns, visual art and new media but also fashion 
and film are important means. After the collaboration with AvL, WoW, 
together with Willem Velthoven, created a number of interactive 
installations and a clothing project. Last Friday, these 
installations had their premi=E8re at the first Biennale of 
Thessaloniki. The Biennale of Thessaloniki was devised by Rosa 
Martinez (Spain) and Harald Szeemann (Switzerland) and until 15th 
September, in addition to Women on Waves, the Biennale is presenting 
work by Tracey Emin, Aernout Mik, Maurizio Cattelan, Mona Hatoum , 
Christan Boltanski and Marisa Merz, among others.
The mobile clinic, "A-Portable", is regarded as a key work by Atelier 
van Lieshout and was previously presented at the Biennale of Venice 
(2001) and at AvL Ville (2002) in Rotterdam.
This is the first major exhibition about Women on Waves in the Netherlands.


At the opening of the exhibition, on Saturday 12th July at 5 p.m., 
the "A-portable" will be installed on a specially-built construction 
in front of the entrance to the Mediamatic Supermarkt. During the 
opening, the crew and the medical staff of Women on Waves will be 

The Installations

As well as the "A-Portable", we are presenting 4 new installations by 
Willem Velthoven: "Portrait Collector", "Sea", "I had an Abortion", 
"Every 6 Minutes" and an as-yet unnamed interactive narrative by a 
group of students from the Universit=E4t der K=FCnste, Berlin.

"Portrait Collector" is a network of Internet kiosks in which people 
who have had an abortion can photograph themselves. The portraits are 
compiled on a central web-server in Amsterdam on which, over the 
years, a very large collection will come into being. The purpose of 
this network is to make it clear, in an expressive manner, that 
abortion occurs much more often than is imagined.
According to the WHO, a woman has on average 1.5 abortions during her 
life. Annually, 55,000,000 abortions take place, of which 20,000,000 
are illegal and unsafe. And every year, 80,000 women die a pointless 
death from complications arising from these illegal abortions. Since 
these figures are unknown, people think that abortion is an 
exceptional occurrence. Thus it remains easy to criminalise abortion 
and to keep it illegal in many countries. For that matter, in 
countries in which abortion is illegal, just as many abortions take 
place, on average, as in the rest of the world.

"I had an Abortion" is an installation consisting of vests on wire 
coat-hangers which bear the text "I had an abortion" in all European 
languages. They symbolise the abundance of abortions and the shame 
connected with abortion, legal or illegal. In addition to these 
undergarments, in the autumn a line of cheerful T-shirts will be 
brought out, which openly present the same text. The wire coat-hanger 
(not the knitting needle), is the most frequently used - and very 
dangerous - instrument for the inducement of an improvised abortion.

"Every 6 minutes" is a simple installation that consists of the text 
"Every 6 minutes, a woman dies from an illegal abortion" and a red 
lamp that lights up for every dying woman. After the summer, WoW will 
bring into use a server which, corrected to the times of day, will 
send out over the Internet the rhythm of deaths from illegal 
abortions. Every computer connected to the Internet can receive this 
pulse and display the rhythm. Thus there will arise a global monument 
to the women who meet their deaths as a consequence of the repression 
of their sexual autonomy.

"Sea" is an interactive narrative composed from shots of the sea 
taken during WoW's first expedition to Ireland and the voices of 
Irish women asking for help and information. A poetic work which, in 
its simplicity, makes the need of Irish women very apparent.

About Women on Waves

Women on Waves is a non-profit organisation which sets itself the 
objective of promoting the human rights of the woman and of 
preventing unwanted pregnancies and unsafe, illegal abortions. One of 
the foundation's best-known projects is the Abortion boat. Through 
cunning use of maritime law, just outside the 12-mile zones of 
countries where abortion is forbidden women can be helped with 
information and with actual abortions. These actions are legal 
according to Dutch law and according to international Maritime law, 
which is recognised by the countries that are visited. The ship sails 
under the Dutch flag, and abortions are provided by a team of Dutch 
medical practitioners on Dutch "territory". For the performance of 
the so-called medicinal (suction) curettage, official permission from 
the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) has been granted 
since 28th June 2002.
Thus, women are actively assisted and local organisations are 
supported and inspired in their struggle for the legalisation of 
abortion. You will find more information on 
http://www.womenonwaves.org. For press information about the 
activities of WoW, please refer to the contact addresses on this 

About Atelier van Lieshout

AvL is the organisation around visual artist Joep van Lieshout. This 
organisation specialises in the creation of sculptures and 
installations which have in common the fact that they symbolise and 
give practical support to autonomy. You will find more information on 

About Rebecca Gomperts

Rebecca Gomperts is founder and director of Women on Waves. She 
studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam and specialised as an 
abortion doctor. Subsequently she studied visual arts at the Rietveld 
Academy and Sailing at the Enkhuizen Zeevaartschool (Nautical 
College). In 2000, her first novel Zeedrift (Flotsam) was published 
by the Podium publishing house.

About Willem Velthoven

Willem Velthoven studied art history and visual communication in 
Groningen. In 1983, together with Jans Possel, he founded Mediamatic. 
He works as a designer, particularly with new media, and is professor 
of Multimediale Kunst (Multimedia Art) at the Universit=E4t der K=FCnste, 

Opening times and other information

Time: the exhibition is open from 13th July to 24th August inclusive, 
on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Place: Mediamatic Supermarkt, Nieuwe Foeliestraat / corner of 
Rapenburg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
=46or more information and visual material: call Noortje Schmit, +31 
(0)20 3446007, or email to noortje {AT} mediamatic.net
  About Mediamatic: http://www.mediamatic.net


Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 11:49:20 +0100
From: Damian Sutton <d.sutton {AT} gsa.ac.uk>
Subject: Conference: The State of the Real

I hope list-members will be interested in this event.


Registrations for delegates are now being taken for

T h e   S t a t e   o f   t h e   R e a l

An Interdisciplinary Conference

Glasgow School of Art, UK

21-22 November 2003

Keynote Speakers: 
Prof. Linda Nochlin, New York University
Prof. Slavoj Zizek, University of Ljubljana

"How real can you get?"
This two-day conference will debate the subject of Œthe real¹ in aesthetic
philosophy, criticism and practice.

"When is representation not real?"
Recent years have seen notions of reality discussed in the open. What
relationship do current views developed by this discourse have with those
tenets of realism and representation that once provided the foundation for
aesthetic study? What are the philosophical consequences of the introduction
of technologies that increasingly blur the boundaries between art and
popular culture? What is the effect of aesthetic culture on Realpolitik?
What has happened to the notions of social realism, verisimilitude, and the
imaginary? Are they still relevant, and how have they been changed, if at

"Reclaiming the real."
The organizers are also interested in how notions of reality are affected
by, and continue to affect, aesthetic practice in the fields of art, design,
and media production. With the popularity of haptic technologies, what has
happened to Œreal¹ haptics? How do practitioners and academics view older
technologies in the light of their electronic avatars? With the development
of notions of virtual space, what has happened to our understanding of the
body, the mind, and corporeal space?

The conference will include panels on these issues, and also on Reality TV,
Photography, Museum Studies, Design, Cinema and Urban Space.

For more information, and a registration form, email the organisers at:

real {AT} gsa.ac.uk

Or please contact: 
ŒThe State of the Real¹,
Dept. of Historical and Critical Studies,
Glasgow School of Art,
167 Renfrew St, 
Scotland, UK. 
G3 6RQ. 

You can also log on to the conference website, which will be updated
throughout the Summer.



Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 19:02:53 -0400
From: =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?eyescratch=99?= <eyescratch {AT} t0.or.at>
Subject: S H A R E . T V

Everything hilarious happens in trey. We now stream in triplicate:
Lowfi + Hifi 'Quicktime' and a rebroadcast slot with 'Real' that is 
more accessible time wise in deep europe.

:: http://share.dj/tv.html ::

i.  ShareTV is broadcast SUNDAY each week 17:00 - 1:00 EST [NYC]:

     Lowfi - rtsp://darwin.montevideo.nl/2003/03/share56kb.sdp
                 [ Quicktime Video ]
     Hifi - rtsp://darwin.montevideo.nl/2003/06/share_broadband.sdp
                 [ Quicktime Video ]

ii. ShareTV is rebroadcast SUNDAY morning 3:00 - 6:00 EST [NYC]
     the following week in Manhattan on
     AOL Cable Channel 56/RCN Channel 108:

     MNN - http://www.mnn.org/stream/ch56.ram
                 [ Real Video ]

:: http://share.dj :: making the furniture mumble[tm] ::


Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 15:22:13 +1000
From: "dr.woooo" <dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org>
Subject: Fwd: Electrofringe Festival Call for Screen Works.


- ----- Forwarded message from anna helme <anna {AT} octapod.org> -----
    Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 18:44:39 +1100
    From: anna helme <anna {AT} 
Electrofringe Festival Call for Screen Works.
1 to 6 October 2003 in Newcastle NSW Australia.
For more information on Electrofringe Festival visit www.electrofringe.org

We want to see and hopefully screen your beautiful video/dvd at this years 
EF!. Be it cut/up, arthouse, pop kitsch or glitch we want it...not excluding

any other genre's of course, student films doco's, animation etc, etc.

Info on how to submit your work;

* Closing date for submissions - 25 July 2003.

* Length of your screen work - maximum of 20 minutes.

* Format to submit your work on - Mini DV Pal (Include a return prepaid & 
self addressed envelope, if you would like your tape back. We will only be 
returning tapes in late Sept 2003.)

* All Mini DV Pal tape submissions must be submitted with a registration 
form, these can be downloaded from www.electrofringe.org

* Please address & post your parcels to:
Electrofringe - Video Screening
72 Holmwood Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia

See you at the Festival!

vicky clare  &   gail priest
electrofringe co-directors
1 to 6 october newcastle 2003
        nsw, australia

Accessnews mailing list
Accessnews {AT} nomasters.org

- ----- End forwarded message -----

- -- 


Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 14:24:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: TINA Collective <warsucksseries {AT} yahoo.com>
Subject: THIS IS NOT A :Second Week

Coming Up Next Week:


Mondays _ 9PM
16 - 30 June 2003
Star Shoes
6364 Hollywood Boulevard
(east of Cahuenga)
Hollywood, CA 
$3 Donation 

<<Screening>> M O N D A Y, 23 J U N E at 9 PM

by Leon Grodski (6:30min)
In the wake of the burning towers, one man gives his
account of the September 11th event through the use of

by Mark Boswell (5:00min)
A contemplation on the use and results of Agent Orange
used during the Viet Nam war through the prism of
current events.

by Hungarian artist Janos Sugar
This short is about the popular technology of the
Kalashnikov machinegun. He also used still photos from
mainstream news magazines that display the world's
conflicts and morphed them into one, with the
Kalashnikov gun as its continuous centrepiece.

for further information:
Grace Aplomb at warsuckseries {AT} yahoo.com.


THIS IS NOT A :Collective was founded in 2001 in order
to conceive new parameters for developing, criticizing
and enjoying culture in the occidental diaspora. Our
use of this opportunity, or purpose is threefold: to
provide information and create discourse on all the
salient issues in our contemporary cultural debate -
from sustainability to globalization, from status quo
to avant garde; to create and facilitate contemporary
media, whether old or new; and to cement our era in
history as a period of renaissance and  renewal.

Do you Yahoo!?
SBC Yahoo! DSL - Now only $29.95 per month!


Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 23:43:36 +0200
From: "Karoly Toth" <are {AT} xs4all.nl>

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23:40 18-6-03

newest info about live screenings of the nanofestival v.001.
more details, pics:

1. (coming) next sunday 22th of june 2003, poortgebouw, rotterdam.
nanofestival = invited by the 'w h y' people.

2. (past) friday 13th of june 'art against apathy' event in amsterdam. 

yours károly tóth (zeroglab)
zeroglab nanofestival
károly tóth
zeroglab is an independent art-lab, 
based in rotterdam/eu. the lab is in an 
evolving process of exchange with
initiatives of individuals and institutions, 
based on mutual sympathy.

- ------=_NextPart_000_0035_01C335F3.705BDF20


Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 01:37:48 EDT
From: JSalloum {AT} aol.com
Subject: Salloum installation  {AT}  Gallery 101, Ottawa

[la version française suivre]

Gallery 101 Galerie

236 rue Nepean Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0B8

t. 613. 230. 2799  info {AT} gallery101.org  www.gallery101.org

June 26 to August 4, 2003, at Gallery 101

Gallery 101 proudly announces 
Jayce Salloum's return to the National Capital region,

"everything and nothing and other works from the ongoing video 
installation,'untitled', 1999-2003"

"everything and nothing", by artist, media arts philosopher, and cultural 
activist Jayce Salloum, is part of an ongoing multi-channel video installation 
that focuses on borders, nationalisms, movements and subjectivities, and the 
conditions of living between polarities of culture,

geography, history and ideology.

Works from this installation were at the heart of the controversy over the 
attempted cancellation of the exhibition, "The Lands Within Me: Expressions by 
Canadian Artists of Arab Origin", which opened at the Canadian Museum of 
Civilization in the fall of 2001. After viewing the tapes in the installation, the 
directors of the museum attempted to "indefinitely

postpone" the exhibition. With a large international public outcry, the 
Museum was forced to open and present the exhibition as originally planned. 
However, the Museum reneged on its commitment to tour this show internationally, and 
has shelved the major bilingual publication it had been preparing to print. 
Now, residents and visitors in the National Capital region will have an 
opportunity to view Salloum's entire, evolving installation in a comfortable and 
relaxed setting at Gallery 101.

Included in this exhibition are the following works:

"everything and nothing", featuring the artist Jayce Salloum and ex-Lebanese 
National Resistance fighter Soha Bechara.

"beauty and the east", which addresses issues of nationalism and the nation 
state, polarities of time, alienation, the refusal and construction of 
political identies, ethno-fascism, the body as object and metaphor, agents, monsters 
and abjectness, subjective affinities, and objective trusts.

"occupied territories: footnotes to the book of setbacks", featuring excerpts 
from two conversations with Abdel Majid Fadl Ali Hassan (in Baddawi Camp), 
and Nameh Hussein Suleiman (in Bourg al Barajinah Camp), two elder Palestinians 
who have been living in refugee camps in Lebanon since 1948.

"(as if) beauty never ends..." composed of visual material and ambient sound 
including orchids blooming and plants growing superimposed over raw footage 
from post-massacre filmings of the 1982 massacre at Sabra and Shatilla refugee 
camps in Lebanon.

"lands", a silent video of landscapes in Eastern Europe.

"clouds", a silent video of cloud formations recorded from airplane windows.

"other", a silent video of intimate, in-between, and domestic night scenes.

Jayce Salloum has been working in installation, photography, mixed media, and 
video since 1975, as well as curating exhibitions, conducting workshops and 
coordinating cultural projects. He has lectured internationally and had 
numerous exhibitions throughout the Americas, Europe, Japan and the Middle East, at 
institutions including The Museum of Modern Art (New York), The National 
Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), YYZ (Toronto), Hara Museum of Contemporary Art (Japan), 
Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume (Paris), The Institute du Monde Arabe 
(Paris), Rotterdam International Film Festival, and Théatre de Beyrouth.

Salloum will give a lecture about his work on Thursday, June 26, at 5:30 PM, 
directly before the opening. The exhibition opens at 7 PM. Everyone is invited 
to attend. 

- -30-

Gallery 101 is located at 236 Nepean Street, between Bank and Kent. Opening

hours are from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Admission is free.

Contact Jen Budney at (613) 230-2799 or info {AT} gallery101.org

Gallery 101 gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for

the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the City of Ottawa, as well as all

of our patrons, members, and volunteers.

- -----------------------------


17 juin 2003

La Galerie 101 a l'immense plaisir d'annoncer le retour de Jayce Salloum

dans la région de la capitale nationale avec :

"everything and nothing and other works from the ongoing video installation,

'untitled', 1999-2003"

« tout et rien et autres |uvres tirés de l'installation vidéo continue,

"sans titre", 1999-2003 »

du 26 juin au 4 août 2003, à la Galerie 101


« tout et rien », de l'artiste, philosophe des arts médiatiques et militant

culturel, Jayce Salloum, fait partie d'une installation vidéo continue

multi-canaux qui met l'accent sur les frontières, les nationalismes, les

mouvements et subjectivités ainsi que les sur les états de vie entre des

extrêmes de culture, de géographie, d'histoire et d'idéologie.

Certaines |uvres de cette installation étaient au c|ur de la controverse

entourant la tentative d'annulation de l'exposition « Ces pays qui

m'habitent : Expressions d'artistes canadiens d'origine arabe », dont le

vernissage a eu lieu au Musée canadien des civilisations à l'automne 2001.

Après avoir regardé les cassettes de l'installation, les directeurs du Musée

tentèrent de « reporter indéfiniment » l'exposition. Un tollé général

international a accueilli cette décision du Musée, qui fut alors forcé de

procéder au lancement et de tenir l'exposition comme prévu. Toutefois, le

Musée revint sur son engagement de tourner l'exposition à l'échelle

internationale et mit en suspens l'importante publication bilingue qu'il

avait préparée et allait mettre sous presse. Les résidants et les visiteurs

de la région de la capitale nationale auront maintenant l'occasion de voir

l'installation intégrale et en évolution constante de Salloum, dans le cadre

confortable et décontracté offert par la Galerie 101.

Les |uvres ci-dessous font partie de l'exposition :

"everything and nothing", « tout et rien », mettant en vedette l'artiste

Jayce Salloum et l'ex-combattante du Front national de la résistance

libanaise, Soha Béchara.

"beauty and the east", « la beauté et l'est » met l'accent sur des questions

de nationalisme et d'État-nation, sur des pôles de temps, d'aliénation, de

refus et de développement d'identités politiques, sur des aspects

d'ethno-fascisme, sur le corps à titre d'objet et de métaphore, sur des

agents, des monstres et sur le misérabilisme, sur des affinités subjectives

et des confiances objectives.

"occupied territories: footnotes to the book of setbacks", « territoires

occupés : renvois au grand livre des revers », met en relief des extraits de

conversations avec Abdel Majid Fadl Ali Hassan (au camp Baddawi) et avec

Nameh Hussein Suleiman (au camp Bourg al Barajinah), deux aînés palestiniens

qui ont vécu dans des camps de réfugiés au Liban depuis 1948.

"(as if) beauty never ends...", « (comme si) la beauté n'a pas de fin... »,

composée de matériel visuel et de son ambiant, dont des orchidées en

floraison et des plantes qui poussent en surimpression sur le métrage des

images brutales filmées après les massacres de 1982 dans les camps de

réfugiés de Sabra et Shatilla au Liban.

"lands", « terres », une vidéo silencieuse présentant des paysages d'Europe

de l'Est. 

"clouds", « nuages », une vidéo silencieuse sur les formations nuageuses,

filmées à partir des fenêtres d'un avion.

"other", « autre », une vidéo silencieuse présentant des scènes de nuit

d'intimité, d'intermèdes et de ménage.

Jayce Salloum |uvre dans les domaines de l'installation, de la photographie,

des techniques mixtes et de la vidéo depuis 1975. Il organise aussi des

expositions, donne des ateliers et assume la coordination de projets

culturels. Il a donné des conférences un peu partout dans le monde et a tenu

de nombreuses expositions dans les Amériques, en Europe, au Japon et au

Moyen-Orient dans des institutions comme The Museum of Modern Art (New

York), le Musée des beaux-arts du Canada (Ottawa), YYZ (Toronto), le Hara

Museum of Contemporary Art (Japon), la Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume

(Paris), l'Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris), le Rotterdam International Film

Festival et le Théâtre de Beyrouth.

Salloum donnera une conférence au sujet de son travail à 17 h 30, le 26

juin, avant le vernissage de l'exposition à 19 h. Vous y êtes tous conviés.

‹ 30 ‹

La Galerie 101 est située au 236, rue Nepean. Elle est ouverte du mardi au

samedi de 10h à 17h. L'entrée est gratuite. Pour toute information

complémentaire, veuillez communiquer avec Jen Budney au (613) 230-2799 ou

info {AT} gallery101.org.

La Galerie 101 remercie le Conseil des Arts du Canada, le Conseil des Arts

de l'Ontario, la Ville d'Ottawa, ses membres, ses bénévoles, ses donateurs

et donatrices.


Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 16:12:34 -0400
From: "tobias c. van Veen" <tobias {AT} rhizome.org>
Subject: IASPM Montreal -- DJ.cultures in the academe.mix ..

hey everyone,

[ ..sorry for x-post where it may occur.. ]

For those travelling the academe world & those without, here's something on
the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) Int'l
conference which is taking place July 3-7th  {AT}  McGill University in
Montréal... the conference site is here:


>From the schedule it looks like there will be some wicked papers & it's
JazzFest in this heat-ridden city in any case, so a good excuse to party to
the lectures..

Tooting my own horn, here's what I'm involved in -- I'll also be DJing on
the Friday night IASPM event .. post-Detroit techno & minimal blips n'
bleeps .. techno-turntablism.

- --.---[snip from blog:
http://www.quadrantcrossing.org/blog/C1078271594/E699800513/index.html ]

I'll be giving a talk on the shift from subcultures to micro.cultures on
Sunday, July 6th, 11:00-12:45, at a panel entitled: "Playing on Repetition,"
(Chair: Stephen Amico) . Other panelists include ...

Rethinking the Wheel: The Semantics of the DJ
Gavin Kistner (University of Western Ontario)

FinalScratch: Inaugurating a Virtual Authenticity?
Sara Wei-Ming Chan (York University)

Production as practice: The politics of DEEP HOUSE in New York City
Kai Fikentscher (Ramapo College)

Here's the abstract for my own blurbage: -----

Hearing Difference: The Seme.
tobias c. van Veen 

The study of resistant musical practice has often theorised its status as a
"subculture." Since the advent of global capitalism, however, underground
anarcho-theorists and political philosophers alike have been struggling with
theorising the new position of resistant subcultures. This new position is,
by default, the opposition. No longer able to practice a politics of
disappearance in the mode of a liberatory invisibility, "subcultures" have
shifted through the same terrain as capital: networked globalisation.
Hand-in-hand with the spread of tele-technologies, electronic music cultures
have shifted from the practices of the Temporary Autonomous Zone to what we
can begin to theorise as a network of "microcultures." No longer invisible,
but weaved into the same global fabric as capital, the very terrain of
politics is remixed as microcultures move from resistance to positive and
affirmative ontological projects. At the same time, musical trends play out
this shift as the postmodern aesthetic of sampling is complexified through
the resurgence of computer music, including the digital processes of
granulation and a return to an avant-garde aesthetics of failure. Spin that
again, and we could say: from memes to semes .

tobias c. van Veen -----------
- ------------- tobias {AT} rhizome.org
- ---McGill Communications------
ICQ: 18766209 | AIM: thesaibot


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