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<nettime> terrorism now covered by Dutch insurance
eveline lubbers on Thu, 26 Jun 2003 19:23:02 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> terrorism now covered by Dutch insurance

Today I found this very weird document in my (snail)mail box, and I think
everybody else in Amsterdam (or the country) got it. It says 'Important
Information' on the front in several languages, and 'this is not a
commercial message' <as in 'this is not spam'>

It appears to be an agreement between virtually all insurance companies in
the Netherlands who have agreed that from now on we can claim damages
caused by terrorist attacks. We are advised to keep this documents with
our insurance administration. Covered are 'terrorism' and 'evil
infections' as in biological warfare. In short, we are now all insured
against 'the risk of terrorism.'

Terrorism is defined as 'violent acts or behaviour in an attack, or a
serie of related attacks resulting in injuries, damage to health or even
death, and/or damage to property/things and/or damage to economic
interests, when proven is that this attack or attacks -organized or not-
have been planned or done to realize political and/or religious and/or
ideological goals.'

Reading all this, I'm still not sure if this document is a hoax, a joke or
serious. You would expect to get a personalized letter from your own
insurance company about matters like this.

And is this not an open invitation to activists and/or terrorists to go
ahead? Now that the damage is controlled, or will be refunded, covered and
taken care of - what would keep them from doing their thing. I'm not
immeadiately thinking about Bin Laden's evil cousins, who take deathly
victims as collaterol damage, but what about animal liberators?  
GMO-weeders? Environmentalists against the airport or highspeed trains?
This agreement could be interpreted as a ticket to ride. Or are we being
provoked to be arrested later?

Just some late night thoughts...

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