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Table of Contents:

   Call for participants Mediamatic Workshop Interactive Narration in Italy        
     Noortje Schmit <noortje {AT} mediamatic.nl>                                          

   Radical Exchange / Solidarity with Argentina                                    
     eleusa {AT} riseup.net                                                               

     "Ricardo De la Cruz" <ridelacruz {AT} la.ko.com>                                     

   A proposal to Zapatista Solidarity Groups                                       
     "dr.woooo" <dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org>                                             

   Course Announcement                                                             
     Charlie Gere <c.gere {AT} bbk.ac.uk>                                                 

   kuda.lounge > Gerfried Stocker                                                  
     "kuda.org" <office {AT} kuda.org>                                                    

   Cinenova Situation                                                              
     "Marina Vishmidt" <marina {AT} vishmidt.freeserve.co.uk>                             

   reminder: ihui - Digital Salon presents Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway         
     z <z {AT} apiece.net>                                                                


Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 11:56:20 +0200
From: Noortje Schmit <noortje {AT} mediamatic.nl>
Subject: Call for participants Mediamatic Workshop Interactive Narration in Italy


Mediamatic Workshop on Interactive Narration
Turin, Italy 5-9 July 2003

In co-operation with Documentary in Europe, Turin, Italy, Mediamatic 
organises a special workshop for documentary filmmakers about new 
ways of storytelling that are possible with the use of new media.

In this very intensive 5-day workshop up to 16 international 
documentary film makers study the particular qualities of non-linear 
ways of storytelling and build their own interactive narrative. The 
participants use the latest version of the elegant and easy-to-use 
Korsakow System, developed at the University of the Arts (UdK) in 
Berlin. Participants need no advance technical knowledge of new media.

Interactive narration appears especially relevant for documentary 
film makers because of several reasons: the natural possibility to 
offer different perspectives on the same themes or issues parallel to 
each other, but also the possibility to allow the viewer to enter an 
actual discussion with the perspectives of the author. From these 
angles the key issue of interactive narration will be studied: the 
integration of the users' choices in the meaning of the work.
The video material for this workshop will be collected by Mediamatic 
in co-operation with Documentary in Europe. Participants can add 
their own material to a limited extent.

As practical research tool, the participants will use the Korsakow 
System developed at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin. The 
Korsakow System consists of an easy-to-use-editing environment for 
non-linear narratives and an elegant presentation tool for 
interactive film and audio projects. The Korsakow System works with a 
simple but very effective database structure that allows the author 
to add, withdraw and rearrange his material in a very efficient way.
More information on the Korsakow System can be found at www.korsakow.com

The workshop will be supervised by Mediamatic in co-operation with 
the UdK. Coaches are:
Florian Thalhofer, artist and maker of the interactive documentary 
The Korsakow Syndrome, original builder of the Korsakow System. 
Thalhofer currently works at the UdK in Berlin, where he further 
develops the Korsakow System.
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, organizer and coach of the Mediamatic workshops 
Designing Behavior. Klaas Kuitenbrouwer has coached numerous 
workshops on interactive media, and lectures on new media and 
interactive narratives on Art Academies and Universities.
Prof. Willem Velthoven, professor in Monomedia at the UdK and 
chairman of Mediamatic foundation.
Monika Halkort, TV and multimedia producer and lecturer on new media.

Students of the UdK that are experienced users of the Korsakow System 
further assist the participants during the workshop. They will act as 
personal assistants to the participants, in all aspects of realising 
their projects.

Dates: 5 - 9 July, 2003 - Course hours: 9.30 - 16.00 every day.
10 July: the final presentation of the results will be integrated in 
the programme of Documentary in Europe 2003 workshop

Participation fee: 350 euros (it includes tuition, use of technical 
equipment, 5 lunches and registration for the Documentary in Europe 
Workshop (9 - 12 July). We are defining further discounts on the 
special prizes reserved to our participants.

Participants: 16 participants with proven track record in 
documentary-making. Selection will be based on cv and filmography. 
Priority will be given to those who have participated previous 
editions of Documentary in Europe. The working language will be 
exclusively English. Therefore good knowledge of the language is 
required. Deadline for applying: 20 June 2003

For more information and participation: www.korsakow.org or call 
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer at Mediamatic: +31(0)20 3446006

- -- 


Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 14:11:14 -0700
From: eleusa {AT} riseup.net
Subject: Radical Exchange / Solidarity with Argentina 

Radical Exchange / Solidarity with Argentina 

Call for Translators 

We hope that through workshops and translations about social movements in 
Argentina we can begin to discuss new ways to organize in our own 
communities; to talk about autonomy, popular education and direct democracy 
by way of the example of social movements in Argentina. 

In our translations we focus on materials written by the movements 
themselves, concentrating on methods of organization and strategic 
principals. Our focus thus far has been the MTD (unemployed workers 
movement) Anibel Veron. However, we are hoping to expand our work to 
include many other important causes in Argentina such as occupied and 
collectively run factories, neighbourhood assemblies and indigenous and 
campasino movements. 

Translations are done by volunteers through the Radical Exchange list- 
serve, where volunteers select from a slowly growing archive the quantity 
and type of work they would like to do. Currently, finished translations 
are distributed on the internet or at workshops about these movements. 

We hope to have built a large database of translations by July when the 
Radical Exchange will be participating in the South-East leg of the 
CrimethInc Barnstorming tour by facilitating workshops on social movements 
in Argentina. For this we need more volunteer translators. 

If you would like to help out, but dont have time to do translations, 
simply cut and past this call for translations and publish it on your 
favorite indymedia site(s), or send it to your favorite list-serve. 

Works already translated include “El Pikete” by MTD Solano, Part 5. of "A 
Conversation with MTD Solano" by MTD Solano and Collectivo Situaciones, 
and “Two Companions are on Thier Way” by MTD Lugano and "Dreams Cannot be 
Evicted" by Indymedia Argentina. 

info/volunteer/contact: eleusa(at)riseup.net 


Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 09:40:06 -0600
From: "Ricardo De la Cruz" <ridelacruz {AT} la.ko.com>
Subject: Interleucina


Please fell free to review the site Interleucina.org at

Interleucina it's a mexican e-zine build to provide an opinion regarding
the best and the worst of the web. Nowadays we've been focused on graphics
design but we'll be glad to have some input from you, so we can take this
project to a higher level and achieve our goals.

Best regards
Ricardo de la Cruz Martínez Ocádiz

- -- Per aspera ad astra --


Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 20:40:47 +1000
From: "dr.woooo" <dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org>
Subject: A proposal to Zapatista Solidarity Groups

A proposal to Zapatista Solidarity Groups.
by Riq Quintano, Monday June 16, 2003 at 04:29 AM
weareallzapatistas {AT} yahoo.co.uk 

A proposal to Zapatista Solidarity Groups.

A proposal to Zapatista Solidarity Groups. 


We the London Zapatista Action (LZA) solidarity group based in London, England 
are sending you and Zapatista solidarity groups across the world a proposal – 

To co-ordinate a mass protest and action on the same day, throughout the world 
at Mexican embassies and companies which are involved in the Plan Puebla 
Panama; in order to tell the Mexican government: 


We all know about the imminent violent evictions of Indigenous peoples in 
Montes Azules biosphere in Chiapas, Mexico and the increased military and 
paramilitary incursions and movements in and around the bases of support. Now 
is an important time to show solidarity and support for our companeros. The 
Zapatistas were unable to come and tour Europe, so let’s make their presence 
felt, through us, across the globe. 

To begin with we would like for you all to contact us at 
weareallzapatistas {AT} yahoo.co.uk with the following information (below) and any 
other comments and suggestions. 

1. Suggestions of dates for the Demonstration preferably of historical/special 
significance such as December 22nd (Acteal massacres), August 25th 
(assassination of Zapatistas 2002), Auagust 16 (The 1999 Mexican Army invasion 
of the “Amador Hernandez” village etc. 

2. Dates that would be inconvenient for reasons such as conflicting with other 
major demonstrations, national holidays in your countries 

3. A list of any solidarity groups that you may know 

4. How in the future we may all co-ordinate our solidarity work/actions so as 
to have more impact. 


London Zapatista Action 

P.S. Reply’s in English would be appreciated but not essential. 
- -- 


Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 17:52:49 +0100
From: Charlie Gere <c.gere {AT} bbk.ac.uk>
Subject: Course Announcement

  Course Announcement

Apologies for cross-posting. Please circulate to any interested parties.


Birkbeck College
University of London

Now in its fourteenth year Birkbeck College's MA in Digital Art History 
offers a unique opportunity to study the effects of digital technology 
on visual culture. Full details are available here 
<http://www.bbk.ac.uk/study/pg2003/histart/arthisdma.html>. Applications 
are invited from students with first degrees in art history, art and 
design practice media and film studies or any other relevant subject, or 
with commensurate professional experience.

Applications are also welcome from prospective MPhil/PhD students 
interested in undertaking research in areas concerned with the relation 
between digital technology and visual culture.

If you wish to make enquiries about making an application or want an 
application form, contact the Registry; details here 
If you have any queries please contact me. I am happy to discuss any 
aspect of our Digital Art History provision.

Charlie Gere (information about me here 
Lecturer in Digital Art History
School of History of Art, Film and Visual Media (information about the 
School here <http://www.bbk.ac.uk/hafvm/>)
Birkbeck College (information about the College here 
University of London
43 Gordon Square

Tel +44 (0)20 7631 6128
Fax +44 (0)20 7 631 6107
email c.gere {AT} bbk.ac.uk


Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 17:15:33 +0200
From: "kuda.org" <office {AT} kuda.org>
Subject: kuda.lounge > Gerfried Stocker


Gerfried Stocker
Ars Electronica

CODE - The Language of Our Time

Software and digital codes will be the centerpiece of this year's Ars
Electronica entitled "CODE - the Language of our Time." Software as the law
code prevailing in cyberspace, digital codes as basic elements of media art,
and the convergence of information technology and biotech are the three
thematic focal points that crystallize into the formula Code=Law, Code=Art
and Code=Life.

CODE - the Language of our Time
Is the language of the computers becoming the lingua franca of the global
Information Society?
Software is omnipresent; digital codes are the materia prima of our modern,
global Information Society. And it is precisely its unlimited capacity to be
programmed that turns the computing machine into the unique medium that has
so successfully and so mightily pervaded all aspects of our life-one that
can simultaneously function as an implement of war, economic instrument and
artistic tool.

Ars Electronica, one of the world's most highly acclaimed festivals at the
interface of art, technology and society, has been presented annualy since
1979. Once a year Linz is the centre of computer and cyber culture. The Ars
Electronica has been established to provide an open meeting place for
artists and researches. Each year at the festival there are winning awards
Golden Nica in following categories:
Computer animation/Visual efects; Interactive art; Net Vision/Net Excellence
(Internet art), Digital Music, Cybergeneration U19 - freestyle Computing

Since 1995 Gerfried Stocker is managing director of the Ars Electronica
Center and artistic director of the Ars Electronica Festival. He is Media
artist and musician and is a graduate of the Institute for Telecommunication
Engineering and Electronics in Graz. Since 1990, he has been working as an
independent artist. In 1991, he founded x-space, a team for the realization

of interdisciplinary projects. In this framework numerous installations and
performance projects have been carried out in the field of interaction,
robotics and telecommunication.

Projects and Installations have been shown among others at:
EXPO '92 Sevilla; Kunsthalle Bonn '92; Biennale Venedig '93; ISEA '93
Minneapolis; Interactive Media Festival Los Angeles '94; Digital World
Conference Los Angeles '94; SIGGRAPH '94 Orlando; ISEA '94 Helsinki; Dutch
Electronic Art Festival '94 Rotterdam; steirischer herbst '94, '95; Ars
Electronica '95; SIGGRAPH '95, Los Angeles; ISEA '95 Montréal; Frankfurter
Buchmesse '95; New York Digital Salon '95; Biennale Venedig '97, Millennium
Dome London 2000.

Lecture is organized with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum

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office {AT} kuda.org
brace mogin 2
po box 22
21113 novi sad
tel/fax: +381 21 323 174


Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 13:42:52 +0100
From: "Marina Vishmidt" <marina {AT} vishmidt.freeserve.co.uk>
Subject: Cinenova Situation


Cinenova is a resource based in London that distributes videotapes and
film prints, made by women. In addition Cinenova has an extensive
collection of articles and publicity material that relates to the work
distributed. Cinenova serves women artists and directors, in the
distribution, promotion and dissemination of their film and video work,
acting as an agent between artists, researchers, curators, educators,
and audience.

Founded in 1991, from the merger between Circles and Cinema of women
and since the inception of the feminist media arts movement in the UK
and it's redefinition of social, cultural, political, psychological and
economic concerns. The early work of establishing these organisations
is a testament to the critical practices that although marginalised
then, have become pivotal in a discussion of the wider distribution of
the means of engagement with art, cultural diversity and social
inclusion today. It is crucial that we acknowledge this work, and
prevent its dispersal.

Cinenova is a source of very specific knowledge and is a network and
cultural community that not only engages directly with women's film and
video work, but with how to make this knowledge more widely available.
The ways in which Cinenova operates, as well as the information it
disseminates are vital to a wider understanding of work made by Women.
This understanding is of inestimable, critical importance, as urgent
now as it was twenty years ago with the founding of Circles and Cinema
of Women.

Two years ago, all funding stopped for Cinenova and at the moment
activities continue to be based at 113 Roman Road in London and
distribution is handled by Emma Hedditch. The British Film Institute
who had been handling the storage and dispatch of all Cinenova film
prints, are no longer able to do this and are in the process of
returning the material to Cinenova. Re-housing the prints is
logistically difficult given that Cinenova are currently operating from
a small office space. Coupled with the pre-existing withdrawal of
public funds the situation is at a critical point. We want to continue
and genuinely believe that it is culturally, politically and socially
important that we do so, but faced with these practical and financial
constraints, it is becoming increasingly difficult, to fulfill this

We would like to hear from you. Please write to info {AT} cinenova.org.uk or
Cinenova, 113 Roman road, E2 OQN or attend one of our meetings

24th of June, at the Ritzy Cinema Cafe Brixton, at 7.30pm for one hour
followed by a more social discussion. Please note this will be a woman

25th of June at Lux, 18 Shacklewell lane, Dalston, 7.00pm until 8.30pm.

Please email the address above, or write if you can attend, with
further questions and suggestions.

Please consider the following questions for discussion at the meeting,
and in all correspondence.

At this point in time when the very material (film prints) are being
moved, and possible worker space and
facilities for work to operate Cinenova, are being sought, what could
you do to support Cinenova?

What could be done with the organisation, with fewer resources, but
greater support and communication?

Can or should Cinenova continue to operate with the very little money
it has and what will happen to this work if Cinenova closes?

In relocating or storing material, how can Cinenova re-address its
activities and make new plans with active support?

What of the existing institutions and individual researchers,
academics, artists and curators that have expressed interest in
Cinenova and benefit from Cinenova's services now and in the past? How
can we mobilise this support and increase our visibility?


Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 09:41:51 -0400
From: z <z {AT} apiece.net>
Subject: reminder: ihui - Digital Salon presents Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway

jihui - Digital Salon presents
Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway
Thursday, June 19, 2003 7 PM  {AT} 
Parsons Center for New Design
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
Live Webcast  {AT}  (http://agent.netart-init.org) starts 7pm EST.

The artists will explore the seemingly increasing craving for data in
our everyday lives and will present a series of projects that take this
craving as a critical starting point. The work of "brandway," their
artist organization, looks at the way in which the concept of data has
shifted from a primarily scientific necessity to a measure of social
existence. The artists argue that data is a concept inextricable from
the acts of collection, storage, and representation, and that its
existence in this social realm embodies the power structures of the
organizations performing these acts. As the scientific concept of data
has become increasingly significant in areas of society outside of the
scientific community -- mass-marketing, opinion polls, weather
predictions, environmental awareness -- it has become both a measure of
"truth" and a measure of the extents of political and social
manipulation. Brandway's artistic work looks creatively at these
ambiguous measures of data as a way of exploring its politics,
especially in areas where its "truth" is (or is intended to be) taken
for granted.

Prudent Avoidance, brandway's most recent project, was funded through
Franklin Furnace's THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2002 program, and looks at
data through the lens of electro-magnetic frequency exposure. Through an
evolving online database and wearable data collection device, the work
explores the contradictions of data collection, measurement, and
representation when used to measure things like "human risk." The
artists will talk about the development of this work, as well as other
projects that explore related issues in the creative representation of

Artist Bios: Kathleen Brandt is an electronic media and installation
artist whose work engages the assumed relationships we have with
technology and technologically-mediated environments. Of her most recent
installations, Exclusion Zone documents the Chernobyl nuclear plant
explosion through the cultural and social representations of radioactive
exposure; Maximum Security explores the construction of the
maximum-security prisoner through the engineering of prison furnishings;
and Prudent Avoidance -- in conjunction with Brian Lonsway -- critically
examines the role that ‘scientific’ data plays in the construction of
environmental risk. Kathleen is also an instructor of video and
installation art and has taught at numerous universities, including
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The State University of New York at
Albany, and Siena College.

Brian Lonsway is a cultural theorist, information technology researcher,
and architectural designer who studies the relationships between
advancing technologies and spatial design. He is director of the
Informatics and Architecture program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
in Troy, NY, and is a founding researcher in the Synthetic Space
Environment, a technologically mediated environment for embodied
tele-collaboration. He has published on various subjects, from the
political structure of spatial environments to the architectural
applications of computation. His current work includes the completion of
a book entitled Making Leisure Work: Architecture and the Entertainment
Economy, an in depth exploration of design practices in themed
environments; and the development of a series of essays on the
historical and contemporary relationship between design and
computational theory.

THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT is Franklin Furnace's artist residency
program, founded in 1998 when Franklin Furnace transformed itself from a
real to a virtual entity. Franklin Furnace offers artists an honorarium
and a residency to create "live art on the Internet" for a 2-4 month
duration at a physical or online venue appropriate to the artists' work.
THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2003 is made possible by grants from Jerome
Foundation, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

jihui (the meeting point), a self-regulated digital salon, invites all
interested people to send ideas for discussion/performance/etc. jihui is
where your voice is heard and your vision shared. jihui is sponsored by
Digital Design Department and Center for New Design  {AT}  Parsons School of
Design jihui is organized by agent.netart
(http://agent.netart-init.org), a joint public program by NETART


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