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Re: <nettime> Miltos Manetas: Neen Dogma of Painting
porculus on Sat, 14 Jun 2003 17:03:16 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Miltos Manetas: Neen Dogma of Painting

> From: "miltos manetas" <m {AT} manetas.com>

world painting

> "Neen Dogma of Painting", written by Miltos Manetas

my way, dogma vor ozer

> 1. In order to paint a large canvas, buy large brushes. Many of them,
> because you need clean brushes to smooth the line where the different
> meet. Only Oil on Canvas is allowed. Never mix the colors with anything
> than linseed oil.

"when i have no red i use blue, if i wouldnt have painting i would use
ground if not ground i would use shit"

> 2. Use a projector to display the picture you want to paint on the canvas.
> If you know how to draw, do not make paintings: make Flash Animations or
> design Fashion instead.

general wolvovitz speaking "is there somebody who know to play music out
- yes me ! me ! me !
- ok you & you + you..spud bashing

> 3. Abstract paintings are prohibited unless you invent a "automatic
> similar to the ones that Jackson Pollock and Lucio Fontana were using.
> Anybody can still use today their systems and succesfully produce Fontanas
> and Pollocks. Abstract Art is interesting only when it comes from a
> or from a person who emulates a machine.

er ze problem is 'polockz zyztem was not invent by pollockz

> 4. Use the most expensive material, so you will feel the urgency to make
> something valuable in order to get your expenses back.

"i have to use cheap material, for instance newspaper coz otherwise i am
shitting in my panz to be afraid of doing blot on papier arche thingz"
remember zomezing ? or wait..did az basquiat who use to paint on bull wood
but wiz a $1000 verzace somezing suit, bravo!

> 5. Composition, colors and size of the painting, should be copied from
> paintings in the Museums.

vor they could take their place or what, did you already take size of mona

> 6. Deal with the brush stroke as if you were a hairdresser.

well wonder what picasso would say to his hairdresser with his shit device..

> 7. Use assistants, but only the ones without any experience and any
> in painting. Ask them to deal with your canvas as if they are painting a
> wall in their apartment: without any passion. Command the assistants to
> the wrong color in order to feel the necessity of taking over from them
> save the work.

use illegalz even & denonce them to police after, just befor steazl them
their shoes et buy them too big nike & paint their nose in linseed red & ask
them to sing 'when ze saintz', sez it's not a beuyz zyztem zocial device
skulpture, but an original one

> 8. Paint many pictures at the same time and let the layers dry. A picture
> may take many years until it will be finished. If people want to buy it
> before it is finished, just sell it to them and continue the painting
> on the wall of the collector.

there i agree, it'z what bonnard use to do wiz his painting in museum, what
was great it's the guardian kick him out, they dont wear too big nike with
red noze & they dont laugh wiz their pension, er till louvre is not a

> 9. The most important instruction: try to discover and represent,
> that has never been painted before. If you find such a subject, whichever
> manner you may use to paint it, will produce a masterpiece.

i did a 'big american dick' some yearz ago (i dysplay on nettime then in
ascii bulk but er not
go throught then, so sure they were it was paint befor) what was something
er common but never paint, must i paint
it in BP & aramco oil or what ?

> 10. Make copies of your most important paintings. All important painters
> the past were doing so and that's why their work has survived today.

well do you really think wiz 'big american dick' it's needed..?

so permit i add a 11. one, my (modeszt) contribution

10. vor americanz not enuf to believe in god  & wolvotvitz, but in santaz
too..otherwiz..yez spud bashing  baby  babylone, at metro at metropo at
metropolitan museum ( wolvovitz singing bis wiz nike m&n shoez)

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