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Announcer on Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:09:32 +0200 (CEST)

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Table of Contents:

   festival of listening 2003)))                                                   
     marc jacquin <phonurgia {AT} wanadoo.fr>                                             

   Venice/Curator lifting running competition                                      
     "Chevalier Thierry Geoffroy" <geoffroy {AT} wanadoo.dk>                              

   Thomas Munz :: TRANSMEDIALE.03 :: screening + talk at ACMI :: 3.30pm sun 15.06.0
     "Alessio Cavallaro" <alessio {AT} acmi.net.au>                                       

   New series - new competition: call for entries                                  
     "JavaMuseum" <nc-agricowi {AT} netcologne.de>                                        

   jihui - Digital Salon presents Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway,  June 19        
     z <z {AT} apiece.net>                                                                

   Cincinnati and New York events                                                  
     "Svetlana Mintcheva" <svetlana {AT} ncac.org>                                        

   Peformance Video Symposium--call for papers/performances/etc                    
     Steven Shaviro <shaviro {AT} shaviro.com>                                            

   Negotiations: From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace - full programme          
     Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>                                                     

   read_me 2.3 results                                                             
     olga goriunova <og {AT} dxlab.org>                                                   

   Filmmakers present: Tuesday 10 & 24 june, 20:00 hrs. Smart Cinema               
     "SMART Project Space" <info {AT} smartprojectspace.net>                              


Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 22:04:59 +0200
From: marc jacquin <phonurgia {AT} wanadoo.fr>
Subject: festival of listening 2003)))

= june 15

dear colleagues

This is your last chance to submit works to the 1st Festival of Listening

Arles 003, First Festival of Listening is a small-budget, on-line, on air
and on site art festival for radio and sound art


We will tell you where, when, how, with whom and so on...

The Festival of Listening invites authors, radio producers, artists,
students, programmers, sound designers, musicians, to contribute with their
works to the sound festival and share it with the internet community.

Our aim is to create an open platform for radio-art.
Every one from any continent is warmly welcomed.

Before you submit works, please read carefully the whole text of the
festival call about conditions, technicalities, etc.

You can send submissions by filling the entry form here:


With kind regards

the phonurgia nova team

phonurgia nova is an independent radio-art-lab,
based in Arles/France
the radiolab is in an evolving process of
exchange with initiatives of individuals
and european institutions, based on mutual sympathy.
Among them we must quote :
Radio France / Le Mouv'
French Ministery of Culture
IMEB Bourges
Giardini Pensili
Le Monde 
Arte radio
Arte TV
Francophonie Diffusion
Association des Auditeurs de France Culture


Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 09:10:30 +0100
From: "Chevalier Thierry Geoffroy" <geoffroy {AT} wanadoo.dk>
Subject: Venice/Curator lifting running competition

will take place at VENEZIA 
The saturday  14 th of June .

The winning running-duo will be invited to the most prestigious
parties of the Biennale

more details at :

geoffroy {AT} wanadoo.dk
with both artist and curators name + your weight .

Please send this e-mail to eventual interested people .

a friendy event organized by

Chevalier Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel


Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 19:37:13 +1000
From: "Alessio Cavallaro" <alessio {AT} acmi.net.au>
Subject: Thomas Munz :: TRANSMEDIALE.03 :: screening + talk at ACMI :: 3.30pm sun 15.06.03 

> dear colleagues 
> fyi ... + kindly forward the following information 
> (contained between top and bottom :::::: lines). 
> apologies for cross-postings. 
> thanks, regards 
> alessio 
> :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
> Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) 

screening of selected works from 
transmediale.03 : play global!  
introduction by and discussion with 
Thomas Munz, video curator and publications editor, transmediale

3.30pm Sunday 15 June 2003   
Cinema 1, Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Federation Square, Melbourne  
> free admission  
for further details please contact Alessio Cavallaro, alessio {AT} acmi.net.au 
transmediale - international media art festival berlin was founded in 1988 as VideoFest, 
and is now recognised as one of the major events in Europe for the presentation of eletronic art, ranging from Video Art through Internet and Software Art, to the latest critical media theory and reflections on the cultural and social impact of digital technologies. 

The core of the festival is the competition programs of diverse categories including "Interaction", "Software-Art", and "Image" (encompassing all forms of linear and non-linear moving images). A key component of the festival is a two-day conference focussing on various aspects of each year's theme - "do it yourself!" in 2001, "go public!" in 2002 and "play global!" in 2003. For more information visit < www.transmediale.de >. 

Thomas Munz studied art, film and media at Art Academy Braunschweig/Germany and Seni Rupa faculty of Institut Teknologi Bandung/Indonesia. In 1993 he founded the Werkleitz Gesellschaft, a media artists association and media art centre, and established and organised the Werkleitz Biennales 1 - 4. Fom 1995 to 1999 Thomas was co-organiser and publications editor of 'ostranenie - the international electronic media forum' at Bauhaus Dessau. He has been publications editor for transmediale since 2001, and curated the Video and Image section of transmediale.03 - play global! in 2003. 

> :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Alessio Cavallaro 
Senior Producer / Curator New Media Projects 

tel  61 3 8663 2369 
fax  61 3 8663 2498 
mob  0402 044 336 
email  alessio {AT} acmi.net.au 
Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 
PO Box 14 Flinders Lane VIC 8009 

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) 
film - video - television - multimedia - internet - games - emerging media

discover Australia's largest moving image collections - join now



Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 12:50:06 +0200
From: "JavaMuseum" <nc-agricowi {AT} netcologne.de>
Subject: New series - new competition: call for entries

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(Java=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

1. 3rd of Java series
2. co-operation with Computer Space Festival Sofia (Bulgaria)
3. Competition and show "Perspectives '03" -
   deadline 28 July 2003
4. Call for submissions: Entry Form
5. JavaArtist of the Year 2003
JavaMuseum is happy to launch the
*3rd of Java series* -
the third annual progammation series (June 2003-June 2004)
Also this year, the competition and show of finalists will stand in the main
focus, entitled this year "Perspectives'03".
The program will be completed by a number of featured shows,
which will be announced in time.

JavaMuseum goes physical!!
JavaMuseum is proud to announce the co-operation with
Computer Space Festival Sofia/Bulgaria,
the first festival in the East of Europe which was entirely focussed on
computer based art.
This year, the 15 edition of this annual event will take place in October
The competition and show of "Perspectives'03" will
be organized in the framework of Computer Space Festival 2003,
and will be supported by Goethe Institute Sofia (Bulgaria),
which will also present another show of JavaMuseum as framing program:
"Netart from German speaking countries".

3. The competition and show of the finalists,
entitled "Perspectives'03"  will focus on the net based art production
2002/2003. The competition will be open for all
thematical and technological aspects which net based art allows.
Like the competition of the previous two years,
also "Perspectives'03" will be a juiried competition.
Particular interest will be how advanced media technologies
take influence on contents and artists expression.

4. Entry Form
All artists working net based are invited to submit
up to three works completed after 1 January 2002.
Only URLs may be submitted to the competition,
the finalists will be invited to send their works also
as digital files for an eventual offline display.

Deadline Monday 28  July 2003.
The finalists will be notified until 31 August 2003.

Please use this form for submitting:

1. firstname/name of artist, email, URL
2. a brief bio/CV (not more than 300 words)
3. title and URL of the max 3 projects/works,
4. a short work description for each work (not more than 300 words),
5. a screen shot for each submitted work (max 800x600 pixels, .jpg)

Please send the  completely filled out form to
perspectives03 {AT} javamuseum.org
or go to JavaMuseum site www.javamuseum.org

Deadline 28 July 2003.

5. The JavaArtist of the Year Award will be given this year again to
one or several outstanding artists working with Internet based media.
The winners will be selected not only from the artists participating in the
but can also independantly nominated by the jury members.

The award will be given this year for the first time in physical space
during the award ceremony of Computer Space Festival Sofia in October 2003.

Award winners of the previous years are:
*JavaArtist of the Year 2002: Calin Man, media artist from Romania.
*JavaArtists of the Year 2001:
MEZ - Mary Anne Breeze (Australia)
Jody Zellen (USA) and
late Tiia Johannson (Estonia)
who died at a young age nearly one year ago in Tallinn (Estonia).

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(Java=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)
info {AT} javamuseum.org

Special thanks to
Rosen Petkov, Chairman of Computer Space Festival Sofia (Bulgaria)
and the Goethe Institute Sofia (Bulgaria)

JavaMuseum is corporate member of NewMediaArtProjectNetwork


Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 11:31:37 -0400
From: z <z {AT} apiece.net>
Subject: jihui - Digital Salon presents Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway,  June 19

jihui - Digital Salon presents
Kathleen Brandt + Brian Lonsway
Thursday, June 19, 2003 7 PM  {AT} 
Parsons Center for New Design
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
Live Webcast  {AT}  (http://agent.netart-init.org) starts 7pm EST.

The artists will explore the seemingly increasing craving for data in
our everyday lives and will present a series of projects that take this
craving as a critical starting point. The work of "brandway," their
artist organization, looks at the way in which the concept of data has
shifted from a primarily scientific necessity to a measure of social
existence. The artists argue that data is a concept inextricable from
the acts of collection, storage, and representation, and that its
existence in this social realm embodies the power structures of the
organizations performing these acts. As the scientific concept of data
has become increasingly significant in areas of society outside of the
scientific community -- mass-marketing, opinion polls, weather
predictions, environmental awareness -- it has become both a measure of
"truth" and a measure of the extents of political and social
manipulation. Brandway's artistic work looks creatively at these
ambiguous measures of data as a way of exploring its politics,
especially in areas where its "truth" is (or is intended to be) taken
for granted.

Prudent Avoidance, brandway's most recent project, was funded through
Franklin Furnace's THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2002 program, and looks at
data through the lens of electro-magnetic frequency exposure. Through an
evolving online database and wearable data collection device, the work
explores the contradictions of data collection, measurement, and
representation when used to measure things like "human risk." The
artists will talk about the development of this work, as well as other
projects that explore related issues in the creative representation of

Artist Bios: Kathleen Brandt is an electronic media and installation
artist whose work engages the assumed relationships we have with
technology and technologically-mediated environments. Of her most recent
installations, Exclusion Zone documents the Chernobyl nuclear plant
explosion through the cultural and social representations of radioactive
exposure; Maximum Security explores the construction of the
maximum-security prisoner through the engineering of prison furnishings;
and Prudent Avoidance -- in conjunction with Brian Lonsway -- critically
examines the role that ‘scientific’ data plays in the construction of
environmental risk. Kathleen is also an instructor of video and
installation art and has taught at numerous universities, including
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The State University of New York at
Albany, and Siena College.

Brian Lonsway is a cultural theorist, information technology researcher,
and architectural designer who studies the relationships between
advancing technologies and spatial design. He is director of the
Informatics and Architecture program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
in Troy, NY, and is a founding researcher in the Synthetic Space
Environment, a technologically mediated environment for embodied
tele-collaboration. He has published on various subjects, from the
political structure of spatial environments to the architectural
applications of computation. His current work includes the completion of
a book entitled Making Leisure Work: Architecture and the Entertainment
Economy, an in depth exploration of design practices in themed
environments; and the development of a series of essays on the
historical and contemporary relationship between design and
computational theory.

THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT is Franklin Furnace's artist residency
program, founded in 1998 when Franklin Furnace transformed itself from a
real to a virtual entity. Franklin Furnace offers artists an honorarium
and a residency to create "live art on the Internet" for a 2-4 month
duration at a physical or online venue appropriate to the artists' work.
THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2003 is made possible by grants from Jerome
Foundation, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

jihui (the meeting point), a self-regulated digital salon, invites all
interested people to send ideas for discussion/performance/etc. jihui is
where your voice is heard and your vision shared. jihui is sponsored by
Digital Design Department and Center for New Design  {AT}  Parsons School of
Design jihui is organized by agent.netart
(http://agent.netart-init.org), a joint public program by NETART


Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 11:40:02 -0400
From: "Svetlana Mintcheva" <svetlana {AT} ncac.org>
Subject: Cincinnati and New York events

Censornaughti, Oh! a Forum on Freedom of Artistic Expression

Thursday, June 12, 4:30-7:00 PM
Gabriel's Corner Theatre in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine district

The forum, which will focus on local arts censorship, precedes the opening of the Know Theatre Tribe's production of Corpus Christi. Participants include: Michael Burnham, director of Corpus Christi; David Knight, director of galleries at Northern Kentucky University, at which the exhibition "Immaculate Misconceptions" was challenged and canceled; Thomas Condon, the Cincinnati artist convicted for corpse abuse for photographing in the Hamilton County Morgue; Eleanor Heartney, a New York based art critic, author of the forthcoming Postmodern Heretics: the Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art and a recent New York Times article on dead bodies in art; and Svetlana Mintcheva, Arts Advocacy Project Coordinator, National Coalition Against Censorship. 

The forum is co-presented by the Campaign Against Censorship in the Arts, the League of Cincinnati Theaters, the International Art Critics Association-USA Section, and the National Coalition Against Censorship.


Screening of the documentary the nea tapes (2001)
Followed by a discussion with Paul Lamarre and Melissa Wolf, the filmmakers.

Sunday, June 15 at 8:30 PM Xavier University's Kelly Auditorium in Alter Hall 
on the Academic Mall, 3800 Victory Parkway (entrance off Dana Avenue)

The hour-long documentary introduces the major events and players of the culture wars, including Robert Mapplethorpe, Andres Serrano, and Karen Finley; and documents its battles, such as the fracas between the Brooklyn Museum and Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The "other side" is also heard from, represented by, among others, Congressman Dick Armey and Martin Mawyer, director of the Christian Action Network. Participants in the nea tapes include: Tim Robbins, Floyd Abrams, Edward Albee, Jane Alexander, Noam Chomsky Chuck Close, Kiki Smith, Fred Wilson; and a host of others from across America. To learn more about the film, visit the web site www.neatapes.com.

the nea tapes is co-presented by the Cincinnati International Film Festival, the Campaign Against Censorship in the Arts, the National Coalition Against Censorship, and the International Art Critics Association-USA Section.


Both programs are free and open to the public.

For more information about the programs contact: 
Svetlana Mintcheva, Arts Advocacy Project Coordinator, National Coalition Against Censorship, 212-807-6222 ext. 23
William Messer, Campaign Against Censorship in the Arts, 513-221-3686


"My Daily Constitution" in Cincinnati Ohio
JUNE 9 - 15 '03

Seven days
Nine locations in and around Cincinnati
Nine discussions about the US Constitution

* free and open to the public *

Information Line:  (513) 557-7315

>From 9 - 15 June, Linda Pollack will hold "My Daily Constitution:" a series
of discussions about the US Constitution led by lawyers, academics,
activists, and others.

Discussions take place at various locations (a cafe, theatre, library,
restaurant, exhibition space, lounge) in and around Cincinnati. Free copies
of the US Constitution, printed by Pollack in an edition of 5,000, will be
available at discussion locations.

"The idea," says Pollack, an LA based artist, "is to break away from the
dynamics of the large lecture hall and create a space where individual
citizens can become active participants in a dialogue about our democracy.
The more I am involved with this project, the more I am realizing that our
Constitution, our democracy, is about interpretation - and interpretation
means a collective, active dialogue, not just passive consumers and
lawmaking producers." Prior to Cincinnati, Pollack held My Daily Constitution 

in Los Angeles (May 2002), and New York City (February 2003).

My Daily Constitution - Cincinnati is made possible in part through the
generous support from the Arts Advocacy Project of the National Coalition
Against Censorship, and individual donors.

For more information and a schedule contact: 

Svetlana Mintcheva, National Coalition Against Censorship, 212-807-6222 ext. 23, svetlana {AT} ncac.org
Linda Pollack,  513-557-7315 or (310) 804-4887,  mydailyconstitution {AT} hotmail.com


Censorship in Camouflage panel II: McDonalds or McDocumenta: Artistic Freedom in a Global Economy?

June 17, 7 PM

      We are confronted by an unprecedented wave of cultural homogenization, yet once marginalized, non-Western art is more visible than ever. The situation is further complicated by the re-emergence of religious fundamentalism and nationalism, as well as by new policies of cultural protectionism. In this clash of cultural and economic forces, does artistic freedom still matter and how has its meaning changed? 


      With: Stephen Duncombe, political activist and professor of media and culture, New York University; Deedee Halleck, media activist, founder of Deep Dish TV; Gara LaMarche, vice president and director of US programs for the Open Society Institute; Imre Szeman, acting director of the institute of globalization and the human condition, McMaster University, Canada. 
      Moderated by Svetlana Mintcheva, National Coalition Against Censorship.

New School University, 66 West 12th Street, room 510, New York City. Admission is $5.

Webcasts of the panels and online post-panel discussions will be available at www.dialnsa.edu.


For more information, please contact Svetlana Mintcheva at Svetlana {AT} ncac.org or 212-807-6222 ext. 23 or go to www.ncac.org 


The Censorship in Camouflage Project, a collaboration between the Arts Advocacy Project at the National Coalition Against Censorship, art critic and writer Robert Atkins, artist Antoni Muntadas, and the Vera List Center at the New School University, consists of a series of discussions and publications exploring structural, economic, political and cultural factors constraining artistic expression. 


Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 16:13:17 -0700
From: Steven Shaviro <shaviro {AT} shaviro.com>
Subject: Peformance Video Symposium--call for papers/performances/etc

Call for Papers, Presenters, Developers, Performers,

What: San Francisco Performance Video Symposium
When: 27 September 2003
Where: Dimension7, 150 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA
Who: Anyone can submit. Video artists, performance
artists, software developers, cultural and film
theorists are especially welcome.
Submissions are due 21 July 03.

The plan:

On 27 September, the Symposium will begin with a
series of speakers on ideas in performance video,
comcluding in a roundtable discussion. Following the
round table a series of performances would occur in
the Dimension7 video gallery.  The evening will then
be capped off by a super-fun multimedia party!
Admission is technically free, but a donation might be
requested to help defray the costs of mounting this
Symposium, depending on the level of sponsorship

Dimension 7 has more than adequate video projectors,
screens, and sound reinforcement.

The idea:  Performative video:  theory and practice

Recent innovations in computer software and
performance gains in hardware are now permitting the
development of a truly performative cinema. Thus far
three distinct camps seemed to have evolved over the
years: video light shows for dance clubs and raves and
the similar development of VJ culture on one end,
academic video art installations on the other end, and
a vast number of artists in between. This situation
bears some relation to what obtained in cinema in its
earliest years (nickelodeons, and all film was some
kind of an experiment, etc.) Significant theory wasn't
really developed until some 20 years into the history
of cinema with the early formative theories of the
19teens. Due to the dependence on rapidly changing
technology, contemporary video performance doesn't
have the luxury of 20 years to wait for theory to
'gel'. It's important that at this historic interstice
of music and video that Theory evolve along with the
emerging practice, and the practice develop its own
coherent theory.  It is the purpose of this Symposium
to help that along at this historic juncture.
Discussions of the history of the form, the strengths
and shortcomings of the discipline, the challenges
ahead, the political implications and uses of, and the
trends within performance video - all of these need to
be discussed and brought into awareness.

All contents (papers, video, images, etc.) submitted
will be featured on a website dedicated to this
symposium after 27 September. The ideas need to get
out into the world as quickly as possible, so
performance video practitioners might acquire some new
common language, develop shared concerns, and create
useful theory in order to further the integrity and
coherence of this new practice in an age of digital
media convergence, and the near complete hegemony of
passive entertainment environments.

No honoraria are presently available ; this is an all
volunteer effort, so if you wish to present your ideas
in person, please be aware that the symposium can't
help you with any expenses. However, if present
efforts to find sponsorship are successful, and
funding is found, this may all change, and presenters
and contributors will certainly be notified.

Please note, for your pleasure: Late September is the
BEST time to be in San Francisco, and this event will
be a truly extraordinary moment in history.

What to submit:

Send a .txt, .rtf, or MS Word document of your paper /
lecture notes attached to email. The email you send
should include a short single paragraph bio, and let
me know if you wish to be considered for live
presentation of your paper at the Symposium. If you
have a lecture AND a performance to provide, please
submit the lecture as noted above and the performance
idea per following paragraph.

Please email it to:

henry (dot) warwick (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Those who would like to be considered ONLY for
performance that evening should send a CDR w/ a short
QuickTime movie or a DVD-R demo of your work and a
document describing what you want to do. Please
include a brief bio, and your email address.

Please send  disk and documents to:

Henry Warwick
148 Dellbrook Ave
San Francisco CA

Steven Shaviro 
shaviro {AT} shaviro.com


Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 01:13:13 -0400
From: Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>
Subject: Negotiations: From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace - full programme

Please post widely.
|   http://negotiations2003.net
|   A multi-part cultural event that intends to create new public
|   spaces for dialogue on shared entitlement and common
|   responsibility for co-existence in Palestine-Israel and beyond.
|   Toronto, Canada
|   June 19 - June 29
|   ASpace Gallery, Winchester Pub, Innis Town Hall, OISE
|   519 Community Centre, Toronto streets
|   For full description of events please check:
|   http://negotiations2003.net
|   Direct questions to:
|   <info {AT} negotiations2003.net>
|   Tickets and passes (limited number) available at:
|   Toronto Women's Bookstore
|   73 Harbord St.
|   416 922 8744
|   Another Story
|   164 Danforth Ave.
|   416 462 1104
|   Pages Books and Magazines
|   256 Queen St. W.
|   416 598 1447
|  Negotiations is a Creative Response Initiative
|   http://creativeresponseweb.net
|   Any proceeds from the event will be donated to
|   the International Solidarity Movement
|  Negotiations is a space where we can face the
challenges of an open exchange about the most difficult issues
pertaining to the history and current conditions of the crisis in
Palestine-Israel. We believe this exchange to be crucial as we
witness a new phase in global colonization schemes, set fast on
further deprivation, disenfranchisement and displacement of
Indigenous peoples. The Palestinian Intifadas exemplify
counter-colonization movements. As such, they should compel us to
make our political and social interventions meaningful, sustainable
and visionary. This must be a collective effort, and no inclusive
collectivity can be built in the absence of imagination and
communication. Art, as a medium for both, is therefore essential to
any project of transformation.
       The people and projects brought together in Negotiations offer
uniquely creative means through which art can trigger, facilitate and
channel social exchange. Negotiations is not meant to be merely
consumed. We have built into our programme of activities multiple
opportunities for participatory dialogue and work. We hope to see you
there as active co-labourers.

|  WILL  |  Exhibition Reception
|  Thursday June 19  |  5:30 -7 pm
|  A Space Gallery, 401 Richmond st.
|  On exhibit June 19 through July 19 at A Space Gallery:
|  _Inadvertent Monuments_ Installation by Ilana Salama Ortar and
Steven Wright (Israel, France)
_Destinations_ Audio-Visual Installation by Galia Shapira, Aref
Nammari, Haggai Kupermintz, Phil Shane (Israel/USA, Palestine/USA,
Israel/USA, USA)
_Farah: In Search for Joy_  Net-art project by Rami a.k.a. Jaromil
(Italy, Palestine)
_ Dance_  Multimedia installation by Alexandra Handal with poets
Karen Alkalay-Gut and Nathalie Handal (Palestine/Dominican Republic,
Israel, Palestine/USA)
_Squares in the Pavement & Beau temps, mauvais temps_
Photo-documentary by Shahrzad Arshadi and Josee Lambert (Canada);
_Video Petition Project_  Video Installation by Artist Emergency Response (USA)
_Olive Fair_  Work-in-progress installation  by Negotiations Working
Group (Canada)
|  CHECK POINT  |  Opening Performance Night
|  Thursday  June 19  |  9 pm
|  Winchester Pub, 537 Parliament St.  |  $12 or pwyc
|  Check Point is a space for resiting colonization and displacement,
negotiating the borders of identity and building creative solidarity.
|  Poetry by special guest Lee Maracle
|  Music and spoken word inspirations by Trish Salah & Reena Katz
|  Middle Eastern/South American/African beat by Suleiman Warwar &
Milad Bouchaaya
|	Palestinian/American Hip-Hop rhymes by Iron Sheik
|  TekArabic music by composer John Farah
|  MC: Oona Pagdham
|  SHOOT BACK WITH VIDEO | Hands-on Wokshop in video production and
media activism
|  Friday June 20  |  1:30 - 4:30 pm
|  Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave.  |  Free event
|  Learn about the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and
contribute your knowledge of activism and art to the production of a
section of the Video Petition Project.
|  Facilitated by AER (Artist Emergency Response)
|  BEAT ON THE STREET | Street Performance
|  Friday June 20  |  4:30 - 5:30 pm
|  On Bloor, North West Corner of Avenue  |  Free event
| Coalition Against War and Racism (CAWR) brings musicians from
diverse cultures for a street performance across from the Israeli
Consulate. In solidarity with the Jewish Women's Committee to End the
Occupation and the Coalition for a Just Peace in Palestine and
Israel, cosponsors of the weekly Friday vigils, an ongoing gathering
of Toronto's voices of conscience since 1988.
|  STAKING CLAIM(S)  |  Screening & Conversation with Curator
|  Friday June 20  |  6:15 pm
|  Innis Town Hall  |  $12 or pwyc
|  A programme of media art by Aboriginal artists addressing issues
of land base/rights, sovereignty, stewardship and disenfranchisement.
|   With Guest Curator: Steven Loft
|   Facilitator: Gita Hashemi
|   Screenings include:
_Rooster Rock Ü The Story of Serpent River_  by Bonnie Devine and
Rebecca Garrett (Canada, 2002)
_Untitled_  by Dana Claxton (Canada 2001)
_$4 Indian_ by Darlne Naponse (Canada 2001)
_A Nation is Coming_  by Kent Monkman (Canada 1996)
_'Si'Elu'taxw _ by First Nations Video Collective (Canada 1997)
|  ON SITE |  Meet the Artists
|  Saturday June 21  |  12 -1 pm
|  A Space Gallery  |  Free event
|  Meet participating artists including Shahrzad Arshadi, Haggai
Kupermitz, Josee Lambert, Ilana Salama Ortar, Galia Shapira, Stephen
Wright, Artist Emergency Response and Negotiations Working Group.
|  THE PRICE OF OLIVES |  Creative Workshop
|  Saturday June 21  |  1 - 4 pm
|  A Space Gallery  |  Free event
|   What does it take to grow olives in Occupied Palestine? What does
it take to bring them here?  With your participation and through a
fair trade of stories and facts, ideas and labour, we will build the
Olive Fair installation, our contribution to the WILL exhibit, and
explore what it takes to build an accountable politics of solidarity.
|  With: Nahil Aweidah
|  Facilitated by: Negotiations Working Group. http://olivefair.net
|  LAND WITHOUT SOIL, ART WITHOUT ARTWORK  |  Panel Discussion & Screening
|  Saturday June  21  |  5:30 - 7 pm
|  Innis Town Hall  |  $5 or pwyc
|  Is it possible to address the perceptual geopolitics of partition
using art-related habitus and skills while avoiding the pitfalls of
"picture politics?" The screening of Ilana Salama Ortar's short
documentary film, Adamut/Lands [Israel 2003, 12min, DV], and the
ensuing presentation will be the occasion to examine the veritable
use-value of art in a political framework.
|   With: Ilana Salama Ortar & Stephen Wright
|   Facilitator: Sara Matthews
|  UNSETTLED RETURNS |  Screening & Conversation with Directors
|  Saturday June 21  |  7:30 pm
|  Innis Town Hall  |  $12 or pwyc
|  This programme brings together two celebrated filmmakers, Michel
Khleifi and Eyal Sivan, on the screen and in person, for a close
inspection of the unsettling history of Palestine-Israel.
|  With: Michel Khleifi and Eyal Sivan.
|  Facilitator: Gita Hashemi
|  Screenings include:
   _Ma'aloul Celebrates its Destruction_  by Michel Khleifi
(Palestine/Belgium 1984)
   _ Aqabat Jaber, Peace with no Return?_ by Eyal Sivan (Palestine/Israel 1995),
   And an exclusive preview of clips of Khleifi and Sivan's new
collaborative project:
   _The Partition Line_ (2003).
|  UP CLOSE  |  Film Screening
|  Sunday June 22  |  12:30 pm
|  Innis Town Hall  |  $8 or pwyc
|  Ordinary people pay the highest price in any conflict.
|  Curated by George Khleifi (Ramallah, Palestine)
|  Screenings include:
_Once Again: Five Palestinian Human Rights Stories_  produced by The
Institute of Modern Media, Al Quds University (Palestine, 2001)
_3cm less_ by Azza El-Hassan (Palestine 2003)
|  MEETING GROUNDS  |  Public Forum
|  Sunday June 22  |  3 - 6 pm
|  Innis Town Hall  |  Free event
|  This forum constitutes a moment to think through, substantiate and
enable the actualisation of new parameters for peace in
Palestine-Israel. The artist, curators and activists on this panel
will reflect on their own work in relation to the questions with
which we began our project. A just and viable peace requires a
commitment to co-labouring across divides. Our contention is that
such a co-labouring necessitates ethically responsible practices of
solidarity. We envision this moment as an opportunity to work through
these issues critically.
|  With: Shahrzad Arshadi, Michel Khleifi, Steven Loft, Galia Shapira
|  Eyal Sivan, Badea Warwar, Stephen Wright and
|  Artist Emergency Response.
|  Moderators: Hanadi Loubani & Elena Basile
|  PALESTINE BECOMING  |  Spoken Word Performance
|  Sunday June 22  |  7 pm
|  Innis Town Hall  |  $12 or pwyc
|  Spoken-word artists and activists will read Palestinian women's
popular poetry, modern verse by poets living in Israel, in the
Occupied Territories and in diaspora, and poems of solidarity.
Eluding isolation, surveillance and censorship, the absented
Palestinian body/voice returns to assert its agency through
non-violent modes of resistance in poetry.
|  With poets and performers:
|  Lillian Allen, Yvonne Farah, Tarek Fatah
|  Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarsinha, Roula Said and Rula Sharkawi
|  MCs: Hanadi Loubani & Badea Warwar
|  MAPPING THE ROADS  |  Panel Discussion
|  Tuesday June 24  |  7 - 10 pm
|  Room 4-422, OISE, 252 Bloor St. W.  |  Free event
| In this panel, the feminist Dialogue group composed by Women for
Palestine (WFP) and the Jewish Women's Committee to End the
Occupation (JWCEO) will focus on the U.S. proposed Road Map.
Panelists will engage in difficult topics such a Zionism,
anti-semitism, colonialism, Indigenous people's rights, and the
Palestinian refugees' right to return, committing to the imperative
of negotiating not in spite of difference, but precisely because of
|  With:
|  Hanadi Loubani & Shadi Eskandani (WFP)
|  Rachel Gorman & Sue Goldstein (JWCEO)
|  Facilitator: Gita Hashemi
|  COME OUT FOR PALESTINE!  |  Public Art Workshop
|  Wednesday June 25  |  1:30 - 5 pm
|  519 Community Centre,  519 Church St.  |  Free event
|  Put the politic back into pride. Join with other community and
political activists to paint, sew, draw, print and splash that dull
parade with the passion it is missing. Come in solidarity with Salaam
Toronto: Queer Muslim Community, to support the struggle of
Palestinians for self-determination, and to support the fight of both
Palestinian and Israeli Jewish activists for a just peace. There is
no pride in occupation.
|  With: Blair Kuntz, Rachel Rosen, Raven Rowanchilde
|  Facilitator: Sue Goldstein
|  PRIDE  |  Marches
|  Saturday June 28 and Sunday June 29  |  2 pm
|  Streets of Toronto
| Creative Response and other community organizations will join
forces with Salaam Toronto for the Dyke March on Saturday and the
Queer Pride parade on Sunday. For information on locations check
| Negotiations: From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace
| info {AT} negotiations2003.net
| http://negotiations2003.net
| Negotiations is a Creative Response initiative:
| http://creativeresponseweb.net


Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 18:03:21 +0400
From: olga goriunova <og {AT} dxlab.org>
Subject: read_me 2.3 results

for immediate release


Read_Me 2.3 software art festival RESULTS

47 projects selected and featured
Read_Me 2.3 Reader is published



In the year 2003, the Read_me festival (http://www.m-cult.org/read_me) was held for the second
time, and for the first time in Helsinki. A year has passed since the first Moscow 2002 edition
(http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me), and the festival has grown and germinated through
Runme.org (http://runme.org) - the online software art repository it is now based on.

The idea of Read_Me 2.3 is to test an alternative festival model, especially since the subject of
the festival is software art, a realm where people with artists' self-identities coexist with
programmers whose views on the process of creation, distribution and even the very meaning of
their work can be dramatically different from those of the artists.

The current shape and organization of Read_Me is the result of a number of discussions and
analyses concerning the traditional schemes international media art festivals are based on, as
well as the organizational forms of open source developers communities.
Art festivals as widely accepted forms are often compromised by a lack of transparency in
submission and evaluation processes, which prevents interesting authors from submitting their
projects and generates quite problematic winners. Open source communities are much more
democratic, but have their own drawbacks: they focus on functionality and pragmatic usefulness,
thus sometimes leaving out interesting projects seen as unnecessary in these contexts.

In order to keep the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of the two realms a few steps have
been taken. An open, moderated software art repository Runme.org (http://runme.org) has been
developed and put up on the Net.
The web-site was developed creatively and in an excitingly short period of time by Alex McLean.
Amy Alexander participated largely in the testing, development and realization of the solutions
along with Alexei Shulgin and Olga Goriunova. The group of concept developers also included Pit
Schultz, Florian Cramer, Matthew Fuller, The Yes Men, and Thomax Kaulmann.

The first Read_me 1.2 was also based on an online database where all the entered projects were
stored, but the database was closed for new submissions after a pre-arranged deadline. The second
Read_me 2.3 is based on a database functioning parallel to and independent from the off-line
festival. Projects entered into Runme.org before a certain date were considered as entries for
the festival, but the submission of the works was not closed as the database was kept running on
a permanent basis.

Read_Me 2.3 has abandoned the monetary prize format, but has retained other features of the
festival: calls for submissions, an off-line event with invited participants, a book, etc.

Amy Alexander, Florian Cramer, Olga Goriunova, Matthew Fuller, Alex McLean, Alexei Shulgin,
and The Yes Men have reviewed the most interesting in their opinion submitted projects.
These projects were featured without ranking in order to avoid giving preference to one approach
over another.

The new experimental practice has yielded some unusual results. Since Runme.org was open for
submissions from everyone, and its developers have uploaded found projects and invited many
people to submit their works; the number of works uploaded onto Runme.org during the one and a
half month period from the launch to the festival deadline, reached 150, including a large number
of interesting works. That is why there were 47 works selected and featured by experts, with
other works to be reviewed later. This quite unexpected result of the experiment caused some
difficulties in the presentation of all the featured works at the festival, but was also very
positive and significant.

(full version of the text is published in the Read_Me 2.3 Reader
(http://www.m-cult.org/read_me/reader.php) and
is available at http://www.m-cult.org/read_me/report.htm)

>47 featuring texts are published in the Read_Me 2.3 Reader and
>on Runme.org web-site (http://runme.org/feature)

AND the featured projects ARE

>Category: Algorithmic Appreciation

Duff's Device
By Tom Duff

>Category: Artificial Intelligence

By Harold Cohen

By gabor papp

>Category: Artistic Tool

By Tom Betts
By ixi-software

>Category: Bots and Agents

By jimpunk & christophe bruno

By Ax. Heide, Onesandzeros, Ph. Pocock, Gr. Stehle

>Category: Browser Art

By Simon Biggs

ZNC Browser
By Peter Luining

>Category: Code Art

By Eric Andreychek

London.pl by William Blake 
By Graham Harwood

By Alan Sondheim

"Re ___________________________(ad.htm" 
and "pro][tean][.lapsing.txts"
by mez

>Category: Conceptual Software

Composition 1961 
By La Monte Young

By socialfiction.org

>Category: Data Transformation

Video Killed the Radio Star
By Jonathan Harel

>Category: Digital Aesthetics Research and Development

By slateford

>Category: Digital Folk and Artisanship

By Anonymous

DOS pseudo-viruses collection 
By Various artists

Face #7
By Dave Fischer

Google Groups Art
By Paul, Tim Flaherty, Nathan McCoy, Stuart Langridge

>Category: Existing Software Manipulations

By Snoogles

>Category: Games

By joan leandre

By (Karl-)Robert Ek

>Category: Generative Art

n_Gen Design Machine 
By Move Design

>Category: Hardware Transformation

Tempest for Eliza
By Erik Thiele

>Category: Installation-based

God's Eye
By Sintron

>Category: Institutional Critique

Rotten flesh
By Jeff Epler

>Category: Political and Activist Software

DeArt - DeCSS Art Contest (et al)
By Tom Vogt and Various Authors

Homeland Security Threat Monitor
By Greg Hewgill 

The Injunktion Generator
By ubermorgen.com

By marchtowar.com

By textz.com / Project Gnutenberg

SuPerVillainizer - Conspiracy Client

Various CueCat Hacks
By Various Authors

By textz.com / Project Gnutenberg

>Category: Software Cultures

By Dan Egnor

>Category: System Dysfunctionality

By Sintron

by jaromil

MacMag Virus
Computer Graphics Conspiracy / Artemus Barnoz (Richard Brandow) &
Boris Wanowitch 

>Category: Text Manipulation

Bible (alphabetical order)
By Rory Macbeth 

By David MacKay, Inference Group, Cavendish Laboratory

Kraut v.0.9
By John Sparks

Postmodernism Generator
By Andrew C. Bulhak

By Hugh Kenner and Joseph P. O'Rourke


Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 14:26:03 +0200
From: "SMART Project Space" <info {AT} smartprojectspace.net>
Subject: Filmmakers present: Tuesday 10 & 24 june, 20:00 hrs. Smart Cinema 

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam, +31 =
(0)20 427 5951 =20
Tuesday June 10 and June 24, 20.00 hrs. Smart Project Space presents:

A series in which film- and video makers present their work.

Tuesday June 10, 20.00

Filmmaker, producer and artist Gerard Holthuis creates films and =
installations in which he intuitively combines images, atmosphere and =
colours to evoke a world of recognizable images made unfamiliar. His =
films are made without predetermined scripts, lack narrative with a =
clear beginning, middle and end, but are always guided by an intuitive =
registration of what the filmmaker perceives.=20

- - Hong Kong (HKG) (1998/35 mm/13 min/b-w) In 1998 Kai Tak airport in the =
middle of Hong Kong was closed. Approaching Kai Tak was a unique =
experience for the passengers. "One could read the newspapers in the =
street" one passenger exclaimed. This is a film about the approach and =
the passing by of the airplanes in the middle of a city. An observation =
at the end of the 20th century.
- - The West (SFO) (2000/ 35 mm/10 min./b-w) A "road movie" in the =
desserts of California, Arizona and Utah
- - City at Night (AMS) (2000/35 mm/9 min./b-w) A thriller without a =
storyline and a portrait of a city at night. The audience makes a trip =
on a boat through the canals of The Hague. A city almost deserted.

Erik Wesselo makes films that are marked by a clear beginning and end, =
but in between everything stays the same. Wesselo uses film, the medium =
of the moving image,  to bring time to a standstill. For the duration of =
the film he tries to capture the viewer with this one image. The tragic =
moment in these films overlap with its liberating potential.

- - Oil (2001, 16 mm, 28 min. 10) records a performative in which the =
artist and his friend are engaged in a monotonous and backbreaking task =
of loading a shipping container with boxes of oil. The film ends when =
the container is full and the actors no longer have a performance space. =
While resembling the performative durational films of structuralist 70's =
cinema, the action is also an illusion as the piece has been edited in =
the continuity style of classical Hollywood cinema. Slowly it becomes =
clear that the time depicted in the film is fictional, the edits elide =
labour in the creation of an effortless and assimilable 'seamless' =
reality, connecting this rigorous conceptual project to the narrative =

Tuesday June 24, 20.00

Artists duo A.P. Komen/Karen Murphy work with video, videostills, =
photography and text. Their work usually consists of narratives in image =
and texts in which form and the relations between image and text recall =
reminiscences of the photo novel, while the content refers to =
docudrama's and television soaps.=20

- - Too much reality (2003, DV, 28 min.) Video from an installation with =
the same title. A group of friends each spend one night alone in a beach =
hut somewhere in South East Asia that is believed to bring bad luck. =
Unexpected things happen with the group. Is it caused by the hut, or by =
alcohol and drugs abuse?
- - Copper Fusion (2001, DV, 9 min. 40) An interpretation of the film =
"Paris Chic" by Andrew Blake. A woman's account, told in 12 short =
scenes, remembering another woman's attempt to create a doppelganger, =
clone of herself.
- - Me, Martin & I (2001, DV, 13 min.) A single screen video installation =
in which a Dutch woman revisits her spiritual home (Thailand) and =
narrates a series of her own experiences. As the story unfolds, the true =
nature of her testimony is brought into question.=20

Marc Schmidt will present a collection of his short films that focus on =
the small secrets of modern life, observed with great eye for detail =
while lacking any judgement. Currently the filmmaker has turned away =
from making short films and is preparing several documentary films.

- -Slow Start (2002/ DV/ 7 min.) About boys, girls and scooters in the =
- -Baby Baby Sunmobiel  (2000/ 16mm/ 5 min.) About crying on bed, a baby =
phone and a mother under a solarium.
- -Polder (1999/ 16mm/ 6 min.) About the Flevopolder, traffic poles and =
- -Kom (1998/ 16mm/ 2 min.) About the life of a thee cup.

Location: Smart Cinema
Price: 5.50 Euro
For information please contact Alice Smits

SMART Project Space | www.smartprojectspace.net
Exhibition Space & Cinema: 1e Const. Huygensstraat 20 =20
Opening times: Tues-Sat from 12.00-22.00, Sun from 14.00-22.00 hrs.
Mail to: P.O.Box 15004, NL-1001 MA Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 427.5951
Fax.: +31 20 427.5953
mail: info {AT} smartprojectspace.net

If this e-mail was forwarded to you by way of someone other then SMART =
Project Space, and you would appreciate to receive further mailings =
announcing exhibitions at SMART Project Space, you can send mail to =
info {AT} smartprojectspace.net with the following command in the body of =
your email message: "subscribe e-mailing SPS"

If you would want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can =
send mail to info {AT} smartprojectspace.net with the following command in =
the body of your email message: "unsubscribe e-mailing SPS"

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