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Announcer on Wed, 4 Jun 2003 22:24:52 +0200 (CEST)

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Table of Contents:

   two announcements from Japanese feminists                                       
     "Fatima Lasay" <digiteer {AT} ispbonanza.com.ph>                                     

   sagasnet___ call for participation                                              
     Brunhild Bushoff <brunhild {AT} sagas.de>                                            

   DISCO SOCIALISM THE WORD & THE MOTION IS                                        
     DISCO SOCIALISM <wilfriedhoujebek {AT} yahoo.com>                                    

   Workers' Liberty summer school, 21-22 June, London                              
     markosborn <markosborn {AT} macunlimited.net> (by way of richard barbrook)           

   W I L L :: A Negotiations Event :: A Transnational Exhibition                   
     Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>                                                     

   Excuses for missing Planetwork Conference:  Advance registration discount       
     2000list {AT} planetwork.net                                                         

   Censorship Panel NYC June 10                                                    
     Robert Atkins <robert {AT} robertatkins.net>                                         

   Raumkontrolle am 3.Juni / Das Programm                                          
     "ersatzmedia" <info {AT} ersatzmedia.info>                                           


Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 02:30:52 +0800
From: "Fatima Lasay" <digiteer {AT} ispbonanza.com.ph>
Subject: two announcements from Japanese feminists

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Action in Silence
I don't want militarisation in my life

Action in Silence committee and FAAB are proud to announce the inauguration

This exhibition focuses on the gender conscious antimilitarism movement in
the post-9.11 Japan.

The exhibition consists of document photographs, pamphlets, fliers, posters,
clothing and other items used for protest activities which are installed in
chronological order.  Video documentation, interviews and performances (see
the special events) will be also shown.

In the past, male oriented anti-war movement focused on national and
international politics and organising mass demonstrations in which everyone
shouted the same slogans.  Women's role in this movement seemed to be
limited to that of the anonymous participants or that of the "peace loving
mother" .

But recently, there is different, more gender conscious anti-militarism
movement.  For example, Kyoto Joshi-demo started a demonstration organised
girls in which they express their concern about effects of militarism in
their daily lives.  Women in Black stand at street corners in silence.
silence is stark contrast to the usual slogan shouting and issue debating.
Great Japan Anti-War Women in Black League is a parody of Great Japan
National Defence League during the Second World War.  It questions the
women's role in the war and violence and at the same time provoke the
memories of victimisation of women and children in Japan during the war.
These are done mainly by women, but they all welcome participation of either

The war is over, but all is not well.
The reality seems that violence is the ultimate solution.
We hope through art and this exhibition we can continue to express our
unwillingness to submit ourselves to violence.

Action in Silence committee

Thanks to:  Women in Black Tokyo(and elsewhere), Kyoto Joshi demo.

Exhibition information:
Date:   May 31 - June 7
Time: 12:00 - 19:00
Opening party:  May 31, 19:00-
Place:  Pa/F Space
Shinjuku-ku Baba-shitacho, 18, Phoenix building 3F
Across the street from "Ana Hachi-man" shrine,
opposite to Waseda U. literature dept.
2 min. from subway Tozai line "Waseda" station

Event schedule:
June 1   "We don't want militarism in our lives"
  admission  800 yen
discussion with Motoyama Hisako(Women in Black Tokyo), Mizushima
Nozomi(Kyoto Joshi demo), Shimada Yoshiko(FAAB)

June 7  "Big Head" -video showing and talk with Denise Uyehara from LA.
19:00 - 21:00
admission  1,000 yen
4th generation Japanese (Okinawan)-American artist, Denise Uyehara
will show a video of her new work about attack on Arab Americans during
war.  Discussion follows.

June 8  Performances
admission  2,000 yen
"Tears" by Ono Nonko
"Insane Body" by Ito Tari

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
FAAB (Feminist Art Action Brigade) !

We would like to announce the inauguration of FAAB, the newest feminist art
organization in Tokyo.

  "Feminism? Isn't it dead?"
Well, no.  In the past decade or two, we thought modernism is dead,  history
is dead, etc., but old habits die hard.  While we thought ideologies
weredead, Imperialism, colonialism, and militarism all made great comebacks.
The bad old patriarchal system  is more alive than ever.  They have become
unapologetically ruthless.  Faced with this harsh reality, we think
is still one of the few ideals we can hang on to in order not to be
completely disillusioned by the state of the world today. We know there are
many different versions of "feminism".  Our version of feminism is made
in the statement below.  We would like to stress that our feminism is not to
expand the rights of the "biological female".

  "All we need is Action!"
FAAB is not a fraternity club.  We are a brigade of artists who use our
artistic expression as weapons.  We don't have one "commander", instead,
whoever plans a project is responsible for the completion of that project.
Our current projects are:
"ACTION IN SILENCE" exhibition in which documentation of world wide
anti-imperialism movement will be shown along with performances and
"MINI QUEER SHOW" a preparatory exhibition for a big international queer
in the future.
Whoever or whatever group which want to do something with us, participate in
our events, support FAAB, be on our Mailing list, please get in touch with
e-mail (English OK)  yoshimada {AT} aol.com

Ito, Tari
Lim, Desiree
Nishimura, Yumiko
Ono, Nonko
Shimada, Yoshiko
Takahashi, Fumiko
Yasuda, Kazuyo
(in alphabetical order)

FAAB Manifesto
FAAB questions the prevailing social and artistic value system.
What is valuable art and who can be artists?
Rather than making a pyramid shaped value system, can we make a horizontal
system in which we all express ourselves equally and freely?
We think feminism is still one of the most useful and practical ideals to
make this happen.
What we call feminism here is not a movement for increasing women's equality
to men.
What we call feminism is for all, not only for the biological female.
We think that patriarchal system is pretty much responsible for the current
awful world of violence and greed, but we are not a negative,
"anti-male"movement at all.  Rather, we seek for A better, equal system for
We will work with minority people, groups, individuals who are striving to
make a change in the prevailing mainstream social system.
Our action is not confined in the so-called "cultural" activities.
Culture is closely connected to society, nation, world politics.  We are not
afraid to be political as well as artistic, at the same time.

Each member can participate in the mailing list.
Projects are planned and decided by the project committee, which now
of the above members. Those who want to be in this committee must present
his/her own project and act as the responsible person to realize the

      Fenicks build. 3F
      18 Babashitamachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan
  e-mail  yoshimada {AT} aol.com

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

* -- * -- *-- * -- * -- * -- * -- * --  *-- * -- * -- * --*
Women in Black Tokyo
FAAB http://www.egroups.co.jp/group/FAAB-net/
GAAP (Gender and Arts Project)
* -- * -- *-- * -- * -- * -- * -- * --  *-- * -- * -- * --*


Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 12:10:23 +0100
From: Brunhild Bushoff <brunhild {AT} sagas.de>
Subject: sagasnet___ call for participation

Please note the approaching application deadline for the
sagasnet Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar in 2003

 - this year taking place during the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany:

Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar
August 20 - August 26 2003
Leipzig, Germany
Seminar language: English

Lectures and intense workshops will cover essential subjects to be
considered during the development/ pre-production phase for interactive
entertainment projects (story development, financing, project management,
In parallel up to ten selected interactive narrative projects in
development will be provided with several face-to-face consulting sessions
designed especially to the needs of the projects.

Application deadline (with project): June 1 2003
Application deadline (seminar only):  August 4 2003

Participation fee:
Freelancers 400,00 EUR
Company delegates 1.600,00 EUR
Funding of travel and/or hotel costs available to a limited extend.

sagasnet is a non profit initiative in the frame of the European MEDIA
Programme Training to further content development for interactive media.

More information and application forms available at

best regards,
Brunhild Bushoff

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------


c/o Bayerisches Filmzentrum
Bavariafilmplatz 7 
D-82031 Muenchen-Gruenwald

tel      + 49 89   64 98 11 29
fax      + 49 89  64 98 13 29
mobile + 49 (0) 171 45 28 0 52
URL   http://www.sagasnet.de
e-mail sagasnet {AT} sagasnet.de

a joint initiative of
& Academy for TV and Film Munich


Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 04:36:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: DISCO SOCIALISM <wilfriedhoujebek {AT} yahoo.com>


In the early morning of june 2 Barnabay Snap nailed
the disco socialist manifesto on the door of the
Utrecht 'temple of pop' Tivoli. 

This manifesto that is subtitled 'The invasion of the
disco snatchers' will, according to Snap, provoke the
same schism in current day dance culture as Luther's
actions did to organised religion in the 16th century.

During the Impakt festival, that will take place from
3-9 june in the Central Museum of Utrecht, disco
socialism will infect the dance floor of this new
media art festival. As the manifesto already states:
"More & more all of your disco are belong to us". 

It is not yet known whether Tivoli will seek
(financial) redemption for the disco socialist damage
done to their front door. 


- ---
3-9 juni impakt 

daily:: 15.00-16.30:: 96.3 FM:: socialfiction.org

3-6-2003:: 20.00:: opening impakt:: opening disco
socialisme with DJ Auratheft
4-6-2003:: 20.00:: coach club:: presentation Wilfried
Hou Je Bek 
4-6-2003:: 19.00:: monobrain noise musical 
5-6-2003:: 16.30:: festival balie:: classic generative
8-6-2003:: 15.00:: festival balie:: .walk in mod3 
- ---





Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 15:03:32 +0100
From: markosborn <markosborn {AT} macunlimited.net> (by way of richard barbrook)
Subject: Workers' Liberty summer school, 21-22 June, London

This year the war in Iraq is dominating political life. We will be
discussing the issues surrounding the war and the left's responses to this
Saturday sessions include:

 What next for Iraq? - Clive Bradley and a member of the Iranian Workers'
Left Unity discuss the issues
 Discussion: 'Empire after Iraq' with Martin Thomas and Yann Moulier Boutang

Facing problems:  Linda Grant discusses the rise of anti-semitism in Europe
Theory:   What is a 'united front', what is a 'popular front'? Pat Murphy
looks at the issues   Hal Draper's critique of Anarchism, with Alan Johnson

At work:   the bosses' real agenda: how equality issues are being used
against workers - a discussion with Janine Booth  Analysis: the
firefighters' and tube workers disputes, what lessons can be learned? With
activists from both unions leading the discussion
Politics, life and culture:   Why is George Orwell important? with Chris
Hickey   Fast Food Nation - Liam Conway discusses the politics of food

Discussion:   Is a 'Tobin tax' a good idea?  Martin Thomas from the AWL
and Emma Dowling from ATTAC UK debate the issues
 Lula and Brazil: where is the government going? With Sue Branford, author
of a new book on Lula, and Paul Hampton
 What next for the Scottish Socialist Party?
Debate:   The AWL and CPGB discuss Stalinism and Afghanistan

Sunday sessions include:
Debates:  Democracy and the fight for a workers' government, a debate
between the AWL and RDG
  Defencism and defeatism in the Iraq war: a debate
 A forum to discuss the prospects for the Socialist Alliance with Matthew
Caygill from Leeds SA plus a member of the AWL
 Communism and cyberspace with Richard Barbrook  Background: a history of
the British Mandate in Palestine - with Cathy Nugent
 Workers Liberty and revolutionary history: The British Trotskyists during
World War 2 with Mark Catterell

12.00 - 9.00 Saturday 21 June
11.00 - 4.30 Sunday 22 June
At Caxton House, 129 St John's Way, London N19
There is a creche and cheap food.
Accommodation is available.

Tickets before the event:
2-day: 18 (waged), 10 (low waged/students), 6 (unwaged)
1-day: 9/5/3
From: Ideas for Freedom, PO Box 823 London SE15 4NA
Cheques payable to 'AWL'

To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:
London_announce-unsubscribe {AT} yahoogroups.com. For more information about
events mentioned in these emails, please phone 020 7207 3997 or 07748
185553, or email office {AT} workersliberty.org.


Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 11:12:56 -0400
From: Gita Hashemi <gita {AT} ping.ca>
Subject: W I L L :: A Negotiations Event :: A Transnational Exhibition

|   W I L L
|   June 19  July 19, 2003
|   Exhibition Reception: Thursday, June 19, 5:30-7:30 pm
|   Some of the artists will be present.
|   http://negotiation2003.net
|   <info {AT} negotiations2003.net>
|   A Space Gallery, 401 Richmond St.W., #110, Toronto, Canada
|   416-979-9633
|   Ilana Salama Ortar, Stephen Wright
|         (Israel, France)
|   Galia Shapira, Aref Nammari, Haggai Kupermintz, Phil Shane
|          (Israel/USA, Palestine/USA, Israel/USA, USA)
|   Alexandra Handal in collaboration with poets Karen Alkalay-Gut 
and Nathalie Handal
|         (Palestine/Dominican Republic, Israel, Palestine/USA)
|   Rami a.k.a. Jaromil
|         (Italy, Palestine)
|   Artist Emergency Response
|         (USA)
|   Shahrzad Arshadi, Jose Lambert
|         (Canada)
|   Negotiations Working Group
|         (Canada)
|   WILL is a Creative Response initiative and a part of 
_Negotiations: From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace_ a multi-part 
cultural event that intends to create new public spaces for dialogue 
on shared entitlement and common responsibility for co-existence in 
Palestine-Israel and beyond. For information about other Negotiations 
events (June 19 - 29) visit our website at http://negotiations2003.net
|   C U R A T O R I A L   S T A T E M E N T

     High-tide on the day of war, before we are drowned into another 
twilight of repressed and forgotten truths, engulfed in the light of 
explosions  last year in Afghanistan, this year in Iraq, every year, 
for fifty-five years, in the land historically known as Palestine  
we ask: how do we change our world to change our fate? This question 
points directly to the ethics of our intentions and practices for it 
is no longer possible to question the urgency and the imperatives. 
The world must change if we are to live with one another in dignity. 
To live with ourselves, we must change. The empire is unmasked, yet 
again. Rulers are at work to redraw the map, yet again. Bodies have 
lined up to stand witness to this violence, yet again. Violations are 
countless and cannot be checked against the anachronistic terms of 
"human rights." Bombs, tanks, armoured helicopters, guns and missiles 
are not bound by any charters, and our utopian investments in 
international laws and institutions have failed to produce any 
profits except for the profiteers at war for more control over land, 
resources, human lives and histories. Resistance was yesterdays 
response. Today, openly formulated insurgence is a reality.
         The Second Palestinian Intifada, which erupted in September 
of 2000, provides an instance of such insurgency. This is a new phase 
in the century-long Palestinian history of anti-colonial struggles, 
ongoing since 1897. Contrary to mainstream representations, the 
Intifada is not simply a localized Palestinian nationalist response 
to the repressive Israeli occupation and its war machine; rather, it 
is a demonstration of indigenous peoples refusal to surrender their 
agency to the hegemonic hold of colonial regimes. In spite of the 
gross imbalance of powers, the Palestinians have risen up, yet again, 
to challenge colonialisms intrinsically xenophobic discourses and 
its structural patterns of exclusion and domination. More than 
anything else, the Intifada exposes the failures of colonialism to 
subjugate the will of the Palestinian people and silence dissenting 
         The radicalization of this will has swept over the 
checkpoints and barbed wire to infiltrate the consciousness of 
Israelis and of people around the world. The new forms of 
Palestinian-Israeli and transnational collaboration  manifested 
through organizations such as the International Solidarity Movement 
and Taayush  draw on a renewed will to organize civil communities 
in countering economic, political and military colonization. Such 
social mobilization calls for different forms of representation; for 
a thorough shake-up in our habits of thought. It calls for a 
conceptual creativity that sets out to ethically enact strategies of 
change and pragmatically prefigure the horizons of a different world. 
This, we believe, is the fertile land where a new insurgent art 
movement can grow.
         For this exhibition, we called on artists to formulate and 
realize the ways in which transdisciplinary artistic practices can 
nourish stronger, more ethically accountable, multi-faceted and 
multi-vocal responses to the social imperatives we face. A gathering 
of politically responsive work, WILL is dedicated to the project of 
change: unearthing, remembering, coming to voice, naming and, rooted 
in the depths of consciousness, actively intervening in the social 
field. The modes of intervention utilized by the projects in WILL 
exceed conventional practices of representational art. Each work 
shown in this exhibit has emerged through intense negotiations and 
co-labouring, of which the ultimate products are the social and 
personal relations and transformations that transcend the artwork. 
Here the artwork is only a landmark for new conceptions. The real 
work is ongoing, constantly evolving and defiant of representation as 
it unfolds in the plains of awareness and action.
         WILL provides opportunities for engagement, and asks that we 
engage differently. We encourage you to actively participate and 
contribute your labour to this work.
- -- Gita Hashemi & Hanadi Loubani for Negotiations Working Group
|   P R O J E C T S
|   Inadvertent Monuments
|   Ilana Salama Ortar and Stephen Wright

     Our project focuses on what was initially a deeply-entrenched 
border cairn, constructed after World War I, intended to separate the 
French mandate of Lebanon from the British mandate of Palestine. 
During the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon from 1982-2000, and 
under the protection of Tsahal, layers of top soil were scooped up 
from vast tracts of occupied land and taken by dump trucks to Israeli 
settlements near the border  a fact to which the stone cairn bears 
subtle though irrefutable evidence: the cairn, whose bottom half was 
deeply entrenched in the earth, now stands some eight feet above the 
ground. While its top portion is the same light tan colour as the 
surrounding topography, the bottom three feet are a dark ruddy brown 
 identical to the soil once covering them. Intended as a horizontal 
territorial marker, the cairn has come to mark verticality  raising 
a variety of issues regarding the difference between land and soil, 
territory and earth. It is an inadvertent monument. As such, it 
stands as a condensed metaphor of the conflict embedded in the 
historical present; a public mirror for anyone who cares to look at 
the issue of peace and partition not as event but as sign. Taking 
this land-art-like unintentional "monument" as its hub, this project 
refuses to be partitioned within the territory of "art." Instead, 
using art-related skills to refocus attention on an otherwise 
invisible symbol, it foregrounds arts use-value in negotiating the 
shift from a piece of land to a land of peace.
|   Destinations: A Palestinian-Israeli Audio-Visual Installation
|   Galia Shapira, Aref Nammari, Haggai Kupermintz, Phil Shane

     The "Destinations" installation makes use of photographic images 
collected from Palestinians and Israelis that convey their profound 
connection to their shared land and its history. Sound recordings 
capture personal stories of love, hope and pain that the images 
document. A multiple slide projection, the large photographic images 
are projected onto the gallery walls in a continuous sequence and are 
accompanied by Arabic and Hebrew audio narratives  including poetry 
and literary pieces by Israeli and Palestinian writers. Surrounded by 
images of the shared land, as seen through Israeli and Palestinian 
eyes, viewers are invited to re-examine conventional perceptions of 
the conflict. Collection and dissemination of images and stories 
continue as the artists constitute a growing archive of hope and 
struggle towards a common destiny.
|   Farah  In Search for Joy
|   Rami a.k.a. Jaromil

     The "Farah" project documents my three-week trip, in August, 
2002, through the occupied territories of Palestine. During this time 
I crossed East Jerusalem, Gaza, Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah. This 
was while Bethlehem and Gaza were still under siege and Ramallah was 
experiencing another full-time curfew after the assassination of 
Ahmad Saadat. I set out for this trip independently, but, once in 
Palestine, I had the chance to collaborate with some valuable people 
of the Palestinian Progressive Youth Union, Tactical Media Crew, 
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, International 
Solidarity Movement and Indymedia Palestine. Farah is an effort to 
document the life and culture of the Palestinian population in zones 
of war, without actually mentioning the war itself. It is a net-art 
project in the way that it tries to use the net as a privileged 
medium to unveil a beauty usually made far by war. It is the content 
that counts in Farah, the medium only provides the necessary means 
for the message to be conveyed. The project is born from the need to 
discover and document that which remains untouched by war: everything 
in the tales of children and older folks that pervades in the 
identity of a people in spite of dispossession, humiliation and 
violence. Farah is a search for joy and for a resistance that 
organizes itself in thousands of forms in the imagination. It is to 
recognize the millenary Palestine in the untouchable dreams of its 
children. http://farah.dyne.org/
|   Dance
|   Alexandra Handal in collaboration with poets Karen Alkalay-Gut 
and Nathalie Handal

     Alexandra Handals multimedia installation, "Dance," is based on 
a joint poem written by Israeli poet Karen Alkalay-Gut and 
Palestinian poet, Nathalie Handal. A digital animation of the poem, 
which becomes entirely legible only at the end, is projected onto the 
floor. While watching the projection, the viewer experiences the 
words of the poem transform into abstract shapes that resemble 
lightning, needles, feathers, and webs. As they are colliding, moving 
past and against each other, the words begin to emerge as lines of a 
poem, then stanzas, breaking the fear of sharing the same space in 
order to dance together. Dance is a space which invites the viewer to 
gather round and experience - through movement, color, and rhythm - 
the pain, frustration, fear and joy involved in taking the first 
steps towards negotiating our present, ourselves. Dance compels the 
viewer to ask: how can we not dance together?
|   Squares in the Pavement & Beau temps, mauvais temps
|   Shahrzad Arshadi and Jose Lambert

     "Squares in the Pavement & Beau temps, mauvais temps" is a 
photo-documentary project created by two artists: one from the East, 
the other from the West. Every Friday since September 14, 2001, these 
two artists have met each other in front of the Israeli Consulate in 
Montreal to stand vigil for peace and justice in Palestine. For a 
period of one full year, rain or shine, Jose and Shahrzad have 
documented the participants at these vigils as a testimony to their 
collective hopes and fears. The collaboration between the two artists 
is an installation of 104 black and white photographs. While Joses 
contribution symbolizes time, season and continuity, Shahrzad 
captures portraits of people wearing the most immediately 
recognizable symbol of Palestine  the "keffia"  people of all walks 
of life, teachers, workers, artists and students; young and old from 
all races and origins, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist and 
|   Video Petition Project
|   Artist Emergency Response

     The "Video Petition Project" is a visual testimony of North 
Americans voicing their opposition to the Israeli Occupation. Despite 
their large and growing numbers, these voices are significantly 
underrepresented by the mainstream North American media. They are 
comprised of Jews and non-Jews alike whose sincere, thoughtful, and 
eloquent speech cannot be dismissed as self-loathing or anti-Semitic 
simply due to their criticism of the Israeli government and its 
policies. Some participants present their own statements and others 
use one or another among a variety of statements prepared by AER and 
imbue these with their own sincerity. Our ultimate goal is to present 
the project at schools, community organizations, art venues, museums, 
public access television, radio, and internet sites, and also to 
public officials and leaders, thus helping to further aid the 
acknowledgement and rightful consideration of this growing movement. 
The 80-min video premiered in September 2002 at the Piece Process 
exhibit at Chicagos ARC gallery and was recently (April/May 2003) on 
display at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the 
exhibit War (What Is It Good For?).
|   Olive Fair
|   Negotiations Working Group

     "Olive Fair" renders visible the material conditions and the 
strategies of survival and resistance in occupied Palestine. The 
installation displays olive products by Palestinian producers  
obtained through Sindyanna, a fair-trade company based in Jaffa  
side-by-side with video documentation of a direct action by the 
International Solidarity Movement in support of a group of 
Palestinian growers in the West Bank who were resisting the uprooting 
of their olive trees by Israeli soldiers and bulldozers. Olive Fair 
invites gallery visitors to take product samples in exchange for 
contributing personal responses to a website, thus enabling networked 
consciousness and informed dialogue. As the olive products in the 
gallery diminish, what remains in the physical space  transmitted 
through the ISM video  is the reality of the struggle in Palestine 
cultivating a growing public awareness and solidarity in the virtual 
space. http://olivefair.net
|   A R T I S T S '   B I O S
|   The collaboration between ILANA SALAMA ORTAR and STEPHEN WRIGHT 
on Inadvertent Monuments is based on an extra-disciplinary approach 
to art: contrary to trendy inter-disciplinary approaches (which 
accept disciplinary partitioning as a precondition for association) 
and the apparent lack of discipline characterising so much 
contemporary art, they seek to mirror the disciplinary 
extraterritoriality and non-situatedness of their practice in the 
issues that they focus. Using art-related methodologies, they seek to 
draw the sort of sustained and thoughtful attention to inadvertent 
symbols and monuments  particularly in situations of social urgency, 
suppressed memory and identity loss  that art-specific proposals 
often enjoy. Stephen Wright is a Paris-based theorist of art-related 
practice. Ilana Salama Ortar is a Haifa-based artist, working 
extensively on the development of "civic art" (city + civitas), 
investigating the visible and invisible traces of the erasure of 
individual and collective memory in the urban fabric. They previously 
collaborated in the exhibition LIncurable Mmoire des Corps.
|   Since November 2002, a group of activists has been meeting in an 
effort to explore a new vision and discourse to deal honestly and 
courageously with the Palestinian and Israeli experiences. We 
emphasize recognition of common destiny, mutual acknowledgement of 
pain and suffering, and the embracement of the humanity of each other 
as keys to reconciliation. Group members are: GALIA SHAPIRA, an 
Israeli visual artist; AREF NAMMARI, a Palestinian electronics 
engineer and activist; HAGGAI KUPERMINTZ, an Israeli assistant 
professor of education; and PHIL SHANE, an American associate 
professor of accounting. The Destinations group aims to promote the 
co-existence of historical, cultural, and spiritual Palestinian and 
Israeli narratives, through collaborative intellectual and artistic 
expressions. By braiding together the stories of peoples' love for 
their land, their struggles, pain and hopes, we strive to develop a 
new understanding of reality. Our work stems from the realization 
that a great responsibility for promoting an alternative vision lies 
with the intellectual, spiritual, and arts communities in developing 
new images of co-existence that resist self-serving political and 
economic dictates. We hope to give voice to a grassroots movement, 
expressing Israeli and Palestinian deep yearnings to transcend their 
tragic destiny as eternal communities of suffering.
|   RAMI a.k.a. JAROMIL (http://korova.dyne.org) is a free software 
programmer and streaming media pioneer, media artist and activist, 
performer and emigrant. Wired to the matrix since 1991 (point of 
NeuromanteBBS on Cybernet 65:1500/3.13), Jaromil co-founded (1994) 
the non-profit organization Metro Olografix for the diffusion of 
information technology, and in 2000 founded the free software lab 
dyne.org; sub-root for the autistici.org / inventati.org community. 
Jaromil is active in the Italy Indymedia Collective, and is currently 
the software analyst and developer for PUBLIC VOICE Lab (Vienna). He 
recently co-curated I LOVE YOU , an exposition about software viruses 
at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt. His past collaborations 
include, among others: Giardini Pensili, digitalcraft.org, 01001.org, 
August Black, [epidemiC], Florian Cramer, 92v2.0, LOA hacklab, Lobo, 
Freaknet Medialab, CandidaTV, the Mitocondri, the HackMeeting 
community. Jaromil's most recent online piece is Farah: a 
documentation of his travel through the occupied territories of 
Palestine, in search for joy.
|   ALEXANDRA HANDAL is a Santo Domingo-NYC based Palestinian artist 
whose installations, drawings and digital media focus on issues of 
transnationality, cultural migration/displacement, representation, 
and memory. Her work has been represented in exhibitions in NYC, 
Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Sydney, Australia. Currently, she 
is a Visiting Artist Lecturer at the Escuela de Diseno in the 
Dominican Republic, affiliated with Parsons School of Design. KAREN 
ALKALAY-GUT was born on the last night of the Blitz in London to 
refugee parents who brought her to the United States after the war. 
She has spent her adult life teaching poetry at Tel Aviv University, 
writing, and trying to get people to listen to each other through 
poetry. Her 20 books include five poetry books in Hebrew, a biography 
of the American poet, Adelaide Crapsey, an e-book of magic poems 
called Avracadivra (2002). NATHALIE HANDAL is a Palestinian poet, 
playwright and writer who has lived in the United States, Europe, the 
Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East. She is the author of 
the poetry book, The NeverField, the poetry CD, Traveling Rooms, and 
the editor of The Poetry of Arab Women: A Contemporary Anthology, an 
Academy of American Poets bestseller and winner of the Pen 
Oakland/Josephine Miles award. Nathalie Handal currently teaches at 
Hunter College in NYC.
|   JOSE LAMBERT is a freelance photographer in the cultural domain. 
Twelve years ago, she began documentary work in the Middle-East. 
Often associating herself with humanitarian organizations, Joses 
work primarily focused on the impact of sanctions on the Iraqi 
people. She also produced, in collaboration with Amnesty 
International, an important documentary with prisoners of Khiam 
Detention Centre, south of Lebanon. For her exhibition Ils taient 
absents sur la photo, she was awarded artiste pour la paix in 1998. 
SHAHRZAD ARSHADI, a human rights activist and Montral-based 
Canadian/Iranian artist, came to Canada as a political refugee on 
December 24,1983. In the past ten years, Shahrzad has ventured into 
different fields of photography, painting and video, enabling her 
focus on issues of memory, culture and human rights. Shahrzad has 
exhibited her work in various locations across North America.
|   ARTIST EMERGENCY RESPONSE (AER) is a Chicago-based collective of 
artists and activists  including many Jews and Palestinians  
working for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 
We seek a just and lasting peace through the minimal, general 
framework of the implementation of the Palestinian peoples right to 
self-determination, an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank 
and Gaza Strip, a just solution to the status of Jerusalem, and a 
just solution to the Palestinian refugee crisis. We strongly condemn 
the escalating violence against civilians on both sides of the 
conflict and demand that the United States end its economic, 
military, and political support of Israel until the illegal 
occupation ends. We are dedicated to fostering dialogue between 
communities and combating anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian, 
and anti-Jewish rhetoric and violence.
|   NEGOTIATIONS WORKING GROUP: We are women of diverse cultural 
background (Anglo-Canadian, Iranian, Italian, Jewish and Palestinian) 
and with different skills and experiences (some are artists, some 
academics, and most full-time activists). Our differences have 
constituted the productive and pragmatic spaces of our 
'negotiations', and our work together has been the shared experience 
of learning our ethical accountability to one another and to a larger 
political project that touches our everyday lives in different and 
not always readily acknowledged or immediately visible ways. In spite 
of all the difficulties and uncertainties inherent in working towards 
social transformation, months of intense volunteer labour have taught 
us how to be allies and friends while navigating through politically 
contentious, socially complex and historically painful grounds. This 
work has made us more determined: negotiations cannot be channeled by 
any prescribed roadmaps; they demand complete openness, transparency 
and good will. We started as a small formation with dynamic 
membership  by choice, chance or guile  within Creative Response. 
For records of other CR initiatives, visit 

| Negotiations: From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace
| info {AT} negotiations2003.net
| http://negotiations2003.net
| Negotiations is a Creative Response initiative:
| http://creativeresponseweb.net


Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 15:04:41 -0700
From: 2000list {AT} planetwork.net
Subject: Excuses for missing Planetwork Conference:  Advance registration discount

What are you going to tell your grandchildren when they ask,
 Where were you at Planetwork in 2003?
...but you missed out on advance registration...

Multiple guess:

1. The network was down
2. The dog ate my wireless card
3. I was afraid of getting sniffed by Ashcroft & Poindexter
4. I thought it was just for geeks

With outrageous Activist Discounts, Workexchange, and *Bush Economy* Advance
Discounts, there really is no good excuse to miss it.

Advance Registration Discount Prices go up June 1st.


Wes Boyd, Paul Hawken, Michael Linton, Marc Cantor, Reid Hoffman,
and a number of other additional presenters have just joined the roster.

Networking a Sustainable Future
at the Presidio in San Francisco
A Planetwork Conference
June 6-8, 2003

Come participate in the second international Planetwork Conference: expand
your networks, forge new models, share resources and help implement the
creative solutions we need to build a peaceful and sustainable future.

Join One Hundred Presenters, for three very full days, including:

Joan Blades & Wes Boyd,  cofounders of the online phenomenon
       MoveOn.org  in their first live appearance in California.

Hazel Henderson, world renowned syndicated columnist, author and advocate
for ecologically sustainable human development.

Douglas Engelbart, who invented the mouse, hypertext, and much of the modern
computer interface, out of his recognition of humanitys need to get
collectively smarter to address the real challenges we face on this planet.

Paul Hawken, business leader, environmentalist, best selling author, and
leading  proponent for reform of corporate ecological practices.

Jeff Gates, author of Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street from Wall

David Dill, Stanford University computer scientist challenging touch screen

Michael Linton, one of the worlds leading authorities on complementary
currency, founder of the first LETSystem, designer of new systems for an
open society. 

Tom Matzzie, National Interactive Campaign Manager for the AFL-CIO.

Marc Canter as founder of MacroMind, which became Macromedia, he helped
invent Director and the concept of cross-platform multimedia authoring.

Stephan Smith, renowned peace activist, singer, songwriter - performing
Saturday evening.

and many more innovators from the world of information technology,
environmental visionaries, peace and social justice activists, and
independent media pioneers, to explore how social networks, information
technologies and the Internet can play a key role in accelerating positive
global change.

Panel Topics include:
* Networking On-line Independent News
* Blogs, Blogs, Blogs
* Networking Power: Struggle and Transformation of MediaSpace
* LinkTank White Paper on the Augmented Social Network
* What Works: Nonprofit Needs for Tech Tools
* Immersive Earth - Global Collaboration & Geocommunication
* Digital Identity: Digital Rights
* Mobilizing the Masses: Organizing Online
* Complementary Currencies:International Perspectives
* Sustainable Media Networks: Why Not Now
* Real Virtual Communities
* Internet Exchange
* Mobilizing on a Dime
* Digital Bill of Right
* Online Communities
* Geo Storytelling 
* Messaging Equity 
* Social Network Software
* 3D Geo Browsers  
* Radical Philanthropy: New Approaches to Giving
* Solari:Transparent Government Finance
* Social Entrepreneurs: Incubating Social Change

Collaboratory: The entire building will support wired and wireless
networking inside and out, all sessions will be streamed, and an extensive
Collaboratory process facilitated On-line by Blue Oxen Associates, and
On-site by the Knowhere Store, will begin before the event and continue well
beyond.  The whole event is designed to provide a stellar opportunity for
forging entrepreneurial partnerships, finding employment and recruiting
staff and support.

On behalf of the presenters, staff and a small army of workexchange
we invite you to join us for this unique event,
Jim Fournier & Elizabeth Thompson

Register at the advance discount on-line.  Full conference registration and
single day passes also available on-site.  Registration opens 8:00 a.m.
Program starts 9:00 a.m. each day.  Special Session with Douglas Engelbart
Friday night.  


Full program, presenter and registration info on-line,
or for registration info call 415-459-4866
and mail registration to:

1230 Market St   #517
San Francisco  CA  94102

Planetwork, Inc. is a California 501c3 non-profit corporation
all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.


Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 17:47:01 -0700
From: Robert Atkins <robert {AT} robertatkins.net>
Subject: Censorship Panel NYC June 10

7 pm at the New School, on June 10, 66 W. 12th St. This panel is the third
in the multi-year series, Censorship in Camouflage (described below), about
free expression in the digital age. Last years' panels were lively and

Panel 1, June 10, 2003 Permission to Speak: Who Owns Identity & History?

This panel focuses on case-studies to deepen the debate about
representations of identity and the pitfalls of political correctness,
whether from the Right or Left. Does anybody "own" the Holocaust? Or the
World Trade Center Site? Is there a prescribed way to speak about slavery
and racial relations? Are arts-world denizens just as ready to jettison the
Bill of Rights as, polls suggest, the majority of Americans are?

Moderator: Robert Atkins, writer and activist
Mary Miss, artist
Leslie Camhi, writer
Jill Scott, artist (Zurich)
Somi Roy, film and new media curator

Panel 2 June 17, 2003 McDonalds or McDocumenta: Artistic Freedom in a Global

Globalization has transformed more than political and economic organization;
its impact extends to cultural traffic as well. American museums send
exhibitions abroad and censor them in accordance with local norms. The
Internets global outreach is testing local laws determined to ban certain
artistic or political content. International trade agreements mandate
restrictions on cultural imports, while once marginalized, non-Western art
is more visible than ever before, as in last years Documenta 11. In the
weakening nation state, economic deregulation encounters both the
re-emergence of religious fundamentalisms and ethnic concerns. In this clash
of forces, does artistic freedom still matter and how has its meaning
changed? What role do local context and local culture play for the globally
mobile artist?



The Censorship in Camouflage Project consist of a series of discussions and
publications exploring structural, economic, political and cultural
factorsin addition to the more frequently debated legal issuesconstraining
artistic expression. The project is conceived as a laboratory of ideas,
where problems will be investigated in depth and from a variety of
disciplinary perspectives. Our focus will remain on presenting the issues in
all their complexity, rather than providing simple (and simplistic)

Censorship is widely understood as governmental denial of freedom of
speech. Speech is suppressed, however, through far more varied and indirect
means. Artists voices can be silenced through economic means even more
effectively than through old-style political or ideological suppression.
Ultimately, economic pressures join political and ideological demands to
produce the subtlest censor of all: the internalized voice of
self-censorship. The value attributed to free speech frequently clashesor
is perceived to clashwith other societal values including the desire to
protect children from inappropriate materials, the imperatives of
community standards and political correctness, and intellectual property.
The Censorship in Camouflage Project operates from a multi-disciplinary
perspective that aims at redefining censorship as the result of systemic
repression rather than a legal issue limited to the governmental suppression
of particular works. The initial panels focused on the visual arts, but
ultimately the project will expand to include other art media, like rap
music and film.

In June of 2002 we held two panels sponsored by the New Schools Vera List
Center of Art and Politicsone about censorship through economic means, the
other on self-censorshipinaugurating lively discussions of these
under-explored issues. The proceedings of these panels have published as an
in-house New School publication. They are also available in electronic form
on the web site of the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC).


Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 16:24:31 +0200
From: "ersatzmedia" <info {AT} ersatzmedia.info>
Subject: Raumkontrolle am 3.Juni / Das Programm

Programmankndigung Dienstag, 3. Juni



7 Tage Raumkontrolle auf 104,1 UKW

So 1. - Sa 7. Juni tgl. 24h

Live-Stream: www.ersatzmedia.info




8:00 Uhr Morgenstern: Exerzitien zur Austreibung der Nacht im Hrer. 

Hrspiel von Ren Pollesch: Heidi Hoh arbeitet hier nicht mehr


9:00 Uhr Der Morgen Danach. Ein Berlin Surrogat in sechs Sendungen 

von Holger Schulze mit Hanna Buhl


11:00 Uhr Vom Durchqueren der Rume. Hrstcke: Spencer Tracey ist nicht

Sam Shepard/Herbert Fritsch/Sir Henry.

12:00 Uhr  18.00 Uhr Das Magazin

Moderation: David Gieselmann, Ronald Kukulis und Lilo Wanders

Interviews u.a.: mit Nicola Duric, Ines Kappert, Thomas Lehmen, Geert
Lovink, Jelka Plate 

Beitrge u.a. von: Livesendung mit dem Chaos Computer Club zur
berwachung ffentlicher Rume/ Ligna interventionistisches
Radiohren/Residenzpflicht - Flchtlinge sprechen ber Bewegungsfreiheit
in Deutschland von Siginificans

Musik: Radio Orchester feat. Marc Weise, spread

ca. 17:00 Uhr Look, Listen and Repeat Seiichi Motohasi: Nadyas
Village nacherzhlt von Katja Potapeijko. Am 4. Juni um 17.15 Uhr im
Arsenal Kino.


18:00 Uhr Dialoge aus dem KIOSK fr ntzliches Wissen: Amos Gitai und
Friedemann Bttner

 Arabische und israelische Routen, politische Landschaften und
Traumata. Das Verhltnis von Orten zu Identitten im permanenten

20:00 Uhr Superschool: Kongress des Halbwissens zum Thema: Migration

21:00 Uhr Twen FM mit moFM, bad kleinen DJ Team

23:00 Uhr Sound of the City Gesprche zur Stadt und Musik. Mit Christoph

ab 24:00 Uhr Twen FM mit Marke B, inspector freeze hiphop und Rinse FM
from London

ERSATZRADIO ist eine Produktion der ErsatzStadt  ein Initiativprojekt
der Kulturstiftung des Bundes in Kooperation mit der Volksbhne am

- ------------------------------------------------------------------


ErsatzStadt ist ein Initiativprojekt der Kulturstiftung des Bundes 

in Kooperation mit der Volksbhne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz



Jochen Becker/Stephan Lanz (metroZones) 

Hannah Hurtzig/Anselm Franke (Tulip House) 

Bettina Masuch/Christoph Gurk (Dramaturgie, Volksbhne am

Ersatzbro im Prater der Volksbhne: 

Ellen Hofmann (Organisationsleitung)

Katharina von Wilcke (Produktionsleitung Tulip House)

Kirsten Herkenrath (ffentlichkeitsarbeit ErsatzStadt) 

Jenny Helch (Assistenz)

Kastanienallee 7-9, 10437 Berlin 

Tel.: 030-44 03 73 62 oder 030-44 23 78 19

info {AT} ersatzmedia.info 

www.ersatzmedia.info <http://www.ersatzmedia.info/> 


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