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<nettime> [Nettime] Terrorists or Hostages?
Lachlan Brown on Sun, 1 Jun 2003 22:25:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> [Nettime] Terrorists or Hostages?

   Any moderation worth its salt is one thats
   not afraid to go to jail, and so I suppose
   Nettime did fail post 911.
   Personally, I don't think Nettime moderators
   knew whether they were terrorists or hostages
   and they certainly couldn't create, articulate, mediate
   or moderate the ample ground for debate between the
   two positions. The list membership is a valuable one, it is
   connected, but you really underestimated the connectivity
   of Bolders especially during the year after 911.
   What it did do during this time was show that there was
   the possibility of alternatives to America's fascist future
   and it may have helped a little to supply argument to
   people elsewhere to deter and refuse that future.
   I doubt the original list imagined it might be called into
   such a role, so I suppose you did alright.Though you did
   tend to refuse people who were more active in this regard than
   others. Nettime might also have provided mediation between
   net culture and the rest of us in the big wide world a little more
   than it did teaching people about 'the dark arts' and allowing people
   to teach 'the dark artists' what's appropriate (god hate that word ..)
   and what's just not on...
   I like the idea of employing another format (wiki or similar)
   though this sounds like more work. I'd be interested in knowing
   more about collaborative formats for a list or two I have planned....
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