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Re: <nettime> Fascism in the USA?
Michael H Goldhaber on Sun, 1 Jun 2003 14:41:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Fascism in the USA?

Brian Holmes's list of  trends of the Bush regime and public reaction to it 
a list that most of us could add to  is certainly disturbing. But what
exactly is the benefit of deciding whether these disturbing trends deserve
the label "fascist" or not?

One can certainly find elements of 1920's and 30's European fascism that
don't apply to 21st c. US, such as actions by uniformed armed militias that
helped seize power, the complete suppression of opposition parties, etc.
Likewise,  current things such as theoretically independent but war-favoring
television news has no exact parallel.

But Bush's war-mongering resembles earlier periods in our own history  the
19thc wars against Native Americans, the Mexican War, the Spanish American
war and the subsequent campaign against Philippine independence, and the
Viet-Nam war with its phony Tonkin Gulf incident. In the case of the last,
the term fascist was much bandied about, but the use of the term arguably
alienated possible converts to the anti-war position.

The question  has to be: would adopting the label help build opposition now?
If you think the answer is yes, then do so. If you are not sure, or think no,
then don't get enmeshed or sidetracked with the issue.


Michael H. Goldhaber

Brian Holmes wrote:

> What does it mean for the average citizen to be a fascist?

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