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<nettime> Janos Sugar: Time Patrol

Time Patrol, a project by Janos Sugar.

On Moszkva tér, a central square in Budapest, everybody who can dictate
uninterruptedly by heart for 10 minutes to a typist in a caravan receives
4.000 forints. The texts are transcribed and published in a paper,
entitled Time Patrol, which can be purchased exclusively at the
newsagent's on Moszkva tér for 400 forints (almost two US dollars).

My aim is to produce a documentary whose future value is incalculable
-exactly because it does not seem to be of any significance in the
present. What we wouldn't give for an accurate transcription of a random
conversation that took place in a mail-coach at the beginning of the 19th

As the result of technological developments, the private sphere has become
constantly sacrificed; the price of effective communication, collaboration
and co-ordination is that we can less and less make certain that nobody
has access to our privacy and our secrets. On the level of possibilities,
anything (post, phone, e-mail, credit cards, etc.) can be controlled (spy
satellites, surveillance cameras, face recognition systems, automatic
search and filter software on the Internet, etc.), so because of all this,
in our everyday communication, it is easier to assume that we are
constantly in public.

(go to the site if you want to see picture of caravan parked on the

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