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jamie king on Thu, 22 May 2003 18:49:48 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> [Fwd: Rallying cry for Republicans]


Difficult to tell if this bit of spam is 'for real' or a deliberate
attempt at detournement. I suspect the latter, but either way, it's
interesting, especially since it arrived to me via an unusual channel...



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Subject: 	Rallying cry for Republicans
Date: 	Thu, 22 May 2003 13:26:16 +0500
From: 	<patcitdav {AT} digiverse.net>
Reply-To: 	<patcitdav {AT} digiverse.net>
To: 	ConcernedCitizens

Dear Fellow Republican,

Because claims continue to grow that Vice President Cheney knew about and
allowed the September 11, 2001 attacks for political and strategic gain,
the Republican Party needs your moral and financial support more than

Liberals are spreading over a hundred accusations that our Vice President
of the United States of America knew about and allowed the 9/11 attacks.

Fellow Republicans, we recommend not directly addressing all the details
spouted by liberals and their bleeding heart press.  During a recent
prayer meeting here at Patriotic Citizens for the Defense of American
Values, deep inspiration and humility moved us to develop a special answer
to the mounting liberal propaganda.  We call our answer the "Daisy Cutter
Moab Rebuttal."

Here it is: "Even if Vice President Cheney allowed the attacks on the WTC
and Pentagon, he did so for the good of the nation.  Franklin Roosevelt
did this when he allowed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor so the United
States could join the war against the axis of evil of that era."  (Use in
#13 below.)

Because liberals love Franklin Roosevelt so much, this answer shuts them
up quickly.

Only a true leader can make the toughest decisions in order to lead his
nation to its destined greatness.  Even if our President allowed the
attacks of 9/11, this proves Bush is an even bigger hero for allowing Vice
President Cheney to make such a tough, necessary decision.  We elect our
leaders to lead, not flirt and carry on with interns.  It was President
Bush's amazing post-9/11 leadership that unleashed the American people to
free others around the world, including oppressed women in Afghanistan and
Iraqi victims of Saddam Hussein.

You can help.  Our views will win over liberal propaganda regardless of
their so-called evidence.

Please donate to the Republican party to protect the truth from the
snooping eyes of the unrighteous (liberals).

Thank you,
Patriotic Citizens for the Defense of American Values

Liberal Lie #1: In October 24-26, 2000, detailed drills were held in the
Pentagon practicing response in case an airliner crashed into the Pentagon

FACT: If God inspired the planners at the Pentagon to prepare for an attack
on their building nearly one year before the September 11, 2001 attacks,
they should be commended, not cast into suspicion.  
Liberal Lie #2: Field FBI agents in Arizona notified their superiors of
information about hijackers using planes as suicide bombs, but the superiors
didn't act on this information.  

FACT: The FBI management can not act on every wild claim made by field
Liberal Lie #3:  In 1995 the FBI under Clinton's administration raided
flight schools looking for potential hijackers.  The FBI and other gov't
agencies already knew of this specific real danger.

FACT:  In government, six years is a long time and with all the FBI
personnel changes, the agency was unaware of its past diligence.  It is
impossible a few high-ranking members of Herbert Hoover's esteemed FBI along
with other high-ranking officers from other U.S. intelligencies would betray
their own country by blindly following heinous orders to allow a mass attack
on their own country's civilians. Some agents would be truly patriotic
enough to risk even their own lives to uncover such a high-level crime
against the people of the United States of America.
Liberal Lie #4:  A United States Air Force Intelligence Colonel at the
Monterey Language Institute U.S. Intelligence School told his class, "Bush
is a joke.  He knew about 911 and let it happen."  He was forced to resign.

FACT: Though this did happen, similar outbursts by military personnel about
gays in the military occurred under President Clinton.  Those critical
officers also resigned.
Liberal Lie #5: Before 9-11 a con-man working for Navy Intelligence fled to
Canada with a sealed document showing the impending attacks by suicide

FACT: This person is clearly a con-man, and though he worked for the U.S.
Navy, he is unreliable and has a long criminal history during his entire
service in the United States Navy.  This exposes him:
Liberal Lie #6: Russian and other foreign intelligence agencies warned the
Bush administration in the summer prior to the 9-11 attacks that hijackers
intended to use planes as suicide bombs and were soon going to attack.

FACT: Foreign intelligence sources frequently notify the United States
about many so-called impending attacks, most of which never happen.
Liberal Lie #7:  Ashcroft and some other government officials did not fly
commercial flights in the weeks leading up to 9-11 for fear of being on a
hijacked plane.

FACT: Ashcroft and others as citizens of the United States of America are
free to choose any method of transportation within their means and legal
rights.  They stopped flying commercial for scheduling reasons and their
heavy workload.
Liberal Lie #8: Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco was warned a few days
before 9-11 not to fly to New York on a commercial aircraft as he had

FACT: It is illogical a so-called Republican conspirator would call a
liberal Democrat Mayor to help him.
Liberal Lie #9: Vice President Cheney wanted to take over parts of the
Middle East and boost the his administration's sagging popularity.  An
attack would fulfill both.  

FACT:  This accusation of treason against the Vice President should not
even be dignified with a answer.
Liberal Lie #10:  U.S. armed forces were massing in the Middle East in the
weeks and months before the 9-11 attacks. 

FACT: Though true, the forces were involved in a large military exercise. 
Such U.S. military exercises occur regularly throughout the world.  This was
only a routine military exercise.  
Liberal Lie #11:  The head of Pakistan's Intelligence agency (the ISI) was
in the United States meeting with Condaleeza Rice and others in the Bush
administration in the week before the 9-11 attacks.  During that week this
Pakistani General wired $100,000 to hijacker Atta.

FACT:  Pakistan is our ally, not our enemy.  Iraq was our enemy, but we
liberated them and rid them of weapons of mass destruction and thwarted evil
in God's name. 
Liberal Lie #12:  A few years prior to September 11, 2001, Philippine
police discovered a document outlining suicide attacks with hijacked planes
in the United States.  The Philippine police officer who found the document
gave it to police commanders who passed it to U.S. intelligence.

FACT: It is completely understandable and expected that such a document
would get lost on its way from a Philippine police officer through the
Philippine government then to the United States then through the US
Intelligence community.  This happens all the time.
Liberal Lie #13:  Families of 9-11 victims threatened the Bush
administration with going public with their questions about 9-11 after the
Bush administration stonewalled an independent 9-11 inquiry.  The
Administration responded by backing an investigation led by Henry Kissinger
and by stalling the whole process.  President Bush is terrified of an
independent inquiry into 9-11.

FACT:  Use the "Daisy Cutter Moab rebuttal," which we feel is more
effective than diving into liberal-minded detail: "Even if Vice President
Cheney allowed the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, he did so for the good
of the nation.  Franklin Roosevelt did this when he allowed the Japanese
attack on Pearl Harbor so the United States could join the war against the
axis of evil of that era." 
Liberal Lie #14:  Attorney General Ashcroft is secretly using the powers of
the Patriot Act to investigate Vice President Cheney and others in the Bush
Administration for treasonous actions against the citizens of the United
States of America regarding the 9/11 attacks.  Some members of Congress and
the Senate are also being secretly probed under the Patriot Act.  

FACT:  Completely false.  Attorney General Ashcroft is an honest Christian
and loyal Republican committed to the cause of anti-abortion.  To suggest
the Attorney General of United States would secretly investigate treasonous
crimes perpetrated by his Republican superiors is ridiculous regardless of
so-called liberal evidence.  True Christians follow orders and are always
loyal to their bosses.  The rumors regarding this are just that: rumors.  
This is completely false.

To waken you and your friends to action, please rebut the liberal
propaganda.  To view the details of their plot, study the following, but
only if you're over 30 years old (the age of Jesus when he started his
mission) and a committed Republican. Do not view otherwise!



WE SALUTE the brave men and women behind the scenes in the ONI, FBI, NSC,
NSA, CIA, MCIA, AIA, OIG, DIA, USAIC, USSS, OFAC so willing to risk their
lives for their country and every bit as brave as single and married combat
soldiers on the front lines. Their courage to serve the U.S. Constitution
and U.S. citizens even when their superiors command otherwise protects our
democracy.  This commitment prevents our agents from serving evil by
covering up internal high-level crimes against their country and fellow
citizens.  Only athiests and the guilty fear the truth.  God is Truth.  Life
is short, and our agents are committed to doing the right thing.  They are
part of the solution, not the problem.  To paraphrase Jesus Christ in modern
language,  "Real psychopathy is not the snapping, it's the ability to
maintain a calm presence and give plausible explanations to implausible
events." Matthew 23:27-28

* Warning:  Do not be fooled by liberal hoaxes trying to stop this message
by claiming it is a virus. 
* Neither this email nor the Patriotic Citizens for the Defense of American
Values are authorized by or affiliated with the Republican Party, but the
Republican party needs your financial help and prayers more than ever.
* "Daisy Cutter Moab Rebuttal" is not a trademark of Patriotic Citizens for
the Defense of American Values, but can be used by Republicans only. 

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